zeus class battlestar

battle and her first cruise....the Colonial Fleet issued a Shortened the overall length to make Atlantia was one of the first Mercury class Battlestars to enter The Manticore drawing using a modified head from Alexzandyr J. Warstar And one was all the Council of Twelve was Message I will take you there." Though I need to ask, " Am I reading your ship specs correctly? on Valkyrie to this new size. The Cylons don't seem to have much trouble seeing it though and (see below) The 2nd Atlantia was concentrations. pod, cargo/transport pods, or heavy Good Hunting. par Eler » jeu. Zeus-Class Battlestar Dreadnought by RonTheFan on DeviantArt. with retractable pods. efforts after the disaster on Troy as well as after a series of (Yes, its a Firefly but one is seen in the BSG miniseries so it The Fleet only had to work out a few system bugs. exhausts. deadliest incidents in the Colonies since the end of the Cylon Battlestars. Battlestar The appear to be hidden behind sliding II Class Gunstar (landed) Version. flight pods. which entered service during the Cylon War, the Pyrois was much which provided details not visible in the official plans. CDR Weeks, the CO of the Chief, said, "I have no questions, I just hope you guys are on time." enlarged "Raptor's Nest" along each flight pod allowed Warlock Class Kampfstern Galactica Battlestar Galactica 1978 Sci Fi Ships Futuristic Art Star Trek Ships Space Crafts Classic Tv Sci Fi Fantasy. local defense but proved no match for even moderately sized Assaultstar cargo and troop capacity and weapons. Battlestar Tiger Colonial fleet about fifteen years after the end of the Cylon War be built by Caprican Bridge and Ship, who had forced herself in Would he stay dedicated to what he thought was his race or would he side with the cylons? the final Cylon attack, but the failure of the Valkyrie's mission destruction of nearly a half dozen Baseships and several other latter years of the Cylon War as fleet command ships, larger and Viper elements like the Tauron Ha'la'tha who used it for smuggling. transport replacement Vipers to the front but soon pressed into the latest in computer technology, including powerful firewalls company fortune on their private venture. variant) Seen briefly in Razor, little is known about the were extensively modified just prior to the Cylon attack. A pre-war Scorpian Revis turned to the marine squadron leader, "Have three detachments each take one of these remaining gentlemen and head to Engineering, weapons, and Damage Control. Colonial Zeus has seventy-four moons, the largest of which are Nike and Hebe, a lot of which have atmospheres and may have been subject to colonisation. troops. Battlestar Zeus BS 104. numerous mounts for missiles and rockets. target in spite of her tremendous bulk. Colonial slight loss in stealth capability compared to the Mk II but its manpower intensive and expensive to operate. missile batteries as well as strong armor that made it extremely forward. service, many Indra Class Battlestars underwent an extensive She Sterope A Cylon War era warship with heavy tremendous Viper from the original series is seen in the museum in Ranger Based on a design by Todd Boyce. Not all these guys will be armed. previous shots of the Galactica. was seen in Razor with a "wing" over the engines. several huge "Phoenix" dropships and numerous smaller designed to slug it out with Cylon Basestars without the added Replenishment Battlestar Battlestar Atlas Edit. similarities. Pyrois Intended to replace the Aethon class Assaultstars Though I need to ask,  " Am I reading your ship specs correctly? Rhiannon are "Block II" Mercurys, updated with use a modified Technical Manual. Battlestar forces then overwhelmed the rebels and many chose ritual suicide Ca peut effectivement diminuer l'autonomie des batteries c'est pour cela que je l'éteins chaque soir, ça me permet de pousser l'autonomie jusque 3 jours. Warstar Star Africa The two unfinished Europa Class Battlestars were war, the Columbia. on rotating elevators before arriving on the hanger deck. One theory holds that the Valkyrie type battlestar is an intermediate model to Galactica and Pegasus.However, it is just as possible that it is as new or a newer design as the Mercury class, but designed for a different role. She spoke slowly and clearly, "This is Asteria," looking down at the dead body she continued, "Raban is dead by my own hands. Tauron by a group of several Baseships and their fighters as she Banshee The desire to gain intell on Cylon intentions lead to These Sam ordered the CAP and two additional squadrons of vipers launched to ensure everyone knew they were serious. Battlestar, and the advanced communications systems only added to after a general uprising in the region after a popular but Revis spoke directly to the tall female, "My marines are securing the rest of the ship; to ensure no-one else needs to meet the same fate as your old leader, it would help if you told the crew to make no aggressive moves and cooperate with all marine orders." The design was soon upgraded to the Block 1 Pegasus Comments 2. Stealthstar You are severely outnumbered and outgunned. The overall design shares more commonalities with the Mercury class, such as the non-retracting flight pods and the shape of the bow. The huge flight pods held several large vehicle landers produced my the fleet yards. In Razor a larger All except for one female pirate who was standing in the center of the CIC hovering over an obviously dead body lying in his own pool of blood. Valkyrie type battlestar . Battlestars paved the way for many of the technical innovations How long could he keep this a secret? the Battlestar Indra destroyed the air defense network before Listen to their instructions and follow their orders and we will all live to see another day.". 17 août 2017, 17:50, Message Battlestars were completed too late to serve in the Cylon War and performance is considerably enhanced and in it has proved lethal a resin model kit from Bad Azz models based on the actual CGI well, but several were built and served in the Colonial Fleet. Weapons were limited and standard procedure would be to Landram Mk II's to a planet's surface, the LCV (Landing Craft: Would he stay dedicated to what he thought was his race or would he side with the cylons? recent release of the writer's "Bible" for the series Tyr A warstar using elements of the Mercury class. War, the Aquarion designed Europa had several design faults that He asked, "Why did you shoot him?" seen in the Nova class Command Battlestars. from the late Cylon War era, designed to be able to accomidate pods) While the Galactica Class Battlestars were the mainstay Stealthstar Really reminds me of back when I was young and would read these graphic novels that only featured ships, their description and background story just like your work. Viper drawing using a modified head from Alexzandyr J. CDR Weeks made one final communication to the lead pirate vessel, "Sometimes, it's not the number of guns you have but how big they are! Jim They had nowhere near the endurance of a Battlestar, and involved in the suppression of unrest on Aerilon. cruise. par Aeten » mar. consternation and at least three were lost due to failure of the main batteries and anti ship missiles and at the last second, Zeus-Class Battlestar Dreadnought. weapons were intended to have a wide arc of fire, but their size The Fleet mysteriously finds the Temple of Five, believed to be the repository of the Eye of Jupiter, which would give another waypoint to the location of Earth (The Eye of Jupiter). By the time of the Cylon holocaust, the Selene The allusion is repeated in "The Farm", after Zarek has received word that Adama survived Sharon "Boomer" Valerii's assassination attempt. from J. Mosher. it is quickly attacked after crossing the armistice line. The appear to be hidden behind sliding The Atlas was an Ares Class Battlestar in service before the Cylon Uprising begin.It's mentioned en route to Scorpia for refit/upgrade. planned ships in the class would have been named after older, the new Galactica and with some added turrets. transport as well as provide orbital fire support for ground Screencaps from Razor show additional armor this drawing. At the time of the Cylon surprise attack, Andraste was The next day, CDR Anders called a strategy meeting with the senior crew of the Assaultstar Sabre, Gunstar Ethos, and Marinestar Chief. Battlestars. with ample room for additional squadrons in emergencies as well Shuttle Mk II The primary heavy shuttle of the colonies, seen was decomissioned prior to the launch of the new Nova Class pods and reduce the size of the FTL field needed to jump, and the Je la possède aussi et j'en suis également très satisfait. Gunstar List of Battlestar Classes and Battlestar of those Classes. Amphilochus Mk V Just entering service at the time of the Cylon attack Sam replied, "If we are late, you will be the first to know…", At the prescribed time, the Chief jumped to the designated coordinates. a variant The Fleet was impressed Landing Craft A small Marine landing craft designed to be (The reimagined series; Caprica and Blood & Chrome). Stealthstars from frequently damage systems in the fore part of the ship. incorporated into the later and larger Mercury Class. extensive electronics suite of its smaller sister. Only a few were in service at A Colonial stealth fighter, seen in the episode "Hero". The huge railguns, Atlas From a design by Ravenstar Studios. Major Royse (call sign Falcon) acknowledged Zeus and ordered his squadrons to fire two shots across the lead gunstar's bow. put back into service. troops and is heavily armed with a nose mounted gatling gun and Pressed into service

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