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King John and Prince Arthur are buried there. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Once inside the cathedral you quickly get an idea of the sheer size of the building. This page was last edited on 16 November 2019, at 13:12. Media in category "Interior of Worcester Cathedral" The following 123 files are in this category, out of 123 total. King John and Prince Arthur are buried there. We have always received a very warm welcome. My local Cathedral - walk in, look upwards and admire the wonderful roof! Calming inside, the detail of the features and even basic architecture was stunning. Worcester Cathedral has been a place of Christian worship and prayer for fourteen centuries. The present building was begun in 1084. Prince Arthur's Chantry Chapel is a rare delight of astonishing stone-carving. Worcester Cathedral Interior, A view of the South Aisle in Worcester Cathedral showing Prince Arther's Chantry (circa 1502 - 1504) The Cathedral's first and foremost purpose, of offering worship day by day, goes on. Please be patient while the image loads. Entrance to Worcester Cathedral is free I bought a guide book for £5 and a photography pass for £3. Above the vault - Worcester Cathedral - geograph.org.uk - 1608656.jpg 640 × 426; 70 KB We live-stream an act of worship daily on the Worcester Cathedral Facebook page, and are open for individual silent prayer and reflection during the national lockdown (11am-1pm). The present building was begun in 1084. The Worcester Cathedral was not the largest I visited in England, but it was lovely none-the-less. Interior buttress.https://digital.kenyon.edu/peregphotos/2855/thumbnail.jp This set features the interior of Worcester Cathedral (The Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary). The Cathedral has been a place of prayer and worship since 680 AD. No #25 on Explore, 18/09/2018 You are in: Hereford and Worcester > In Pictures > 360 > Buildings > Worcester cathedral - interior. This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total. Watch our Service of Remembrance on our Facebook page here from 10.30am on Sunday and leave your own message of Remembrance, or alternatively you can watch online here. The history of the connection with King John is fascinating. Worcester Cathedral Interior, Worcester, Sep 2018. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The Cathedral has been a place of prayer and worship since 680 AD. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. For the latest information on opening times, public worship and visiting, please, Sign up for our latest news, events and fundraising, Christmas Trees at Worcester Cathedral 2020. last updated: 07/02/2008 at 11:05created: 07/02/2008, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites, Some the most interesting buildings in the two counties, The Battle of Worcester 1651 - the last act of the Civil War, BBC Hereford and Worcester website, Hylton Rd, Worcester, WR2 5WW: 43 Broad Street, Hereford, HR4 9HH. This is the second time we have visited Worcester Cathedral as there is so much to take in on one visit. Worcester Cathedral has been a place of prayer and worship since 680 AD. The 1662 Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship of the Church of England are used daily. Worcester cathedral - interior. There is plenty to see here I was here for about an hour it was very interesting. Worcester Cathedral, Worcester Picture: Interior - Check out Tripadvisor members' 3,461 candid photos and videos of Worcester Cathedral We live-stream an act of worship daily on the Worcester Cathedral Facebook page, and are open for individual silent prayer and reflection during the national lockdown (11am-1pm). The present building was begun in 1084. To move around in the image, hold down your left mouse button and drag, or use cursor keys. Its many attractions include: King John's Tomb, Prince Arthur's Chantry, the early 12th century Chapter House and St Wulstan's Crypt. Use "A" to zoom in and "Z" to zoom out. The Cathedral's first and foremost purpose, of offering worship day by day, goes on. Surrounded by some lovely and large trees, the Cathedral was beautifully detailed. This video was recorded earlier this week before the nationwide lockdown with all participants following Government guidelines. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, Category:Interior of Worcester Cathedral (en) categoría de Wikimedia (es); Wikimedia category (en-gb); категория на Уикимедия (bg); categorie a unui proiect Wikimedia (ro); 維基媒體分類 (zh-hk); kategória projektov Wikimedia (sk); категорія в проекті Вікімедіа (uk); kawan Wikimèdia (ace); 維基媒體分類 (zh-hant); 维基媒体分类 (zh-cn); Wikimedia-Kategorie (gsw); 위키미디어 분류 (ko); kategorio en Vikimedio (eo); kategorie na projektech Wikimedia (cs); kategorija na Wikimediji (bs); विकिपीडिया:श्रेणी (bho); উইকিমিডিয়া বিষয়শ্রেণী (bn); page de catégorie de Wikimedia (fr); kategorija na Wikimediji (hr); 维基媒体分类 (zh-my); וויקימעדיע קאַטעגאָריע (yi); thể loại Wikimedia (vi); Wikimedia projekta kategorija (lv); kategoria ti Wikimedia (ilo); категорија на Викимедији (sr); categoria de um projeto da Wikimedia (pt-br); Wikimedia category (sco); Wikimedia-Kategorie (lb); Wikimedia-kategori (nn); Wikimedia-kategori (nb); پۆلی ویکیمیدیا (ckb); Wikimedia category (en); تصنيف ويكيميديا (ar); 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Katedralen i Worcester (sv); Katedra w Worcester (pl); קתדרלת ווסטר (he); Ecclesia cathedralis Wigorniensis (la); Worcesteri székesegyház (hu); ウスター大聖堂 (ja); Вустэрскі сабор (be); Worcesterin tuomiokirkko (fi); Worcester Cathedral (en); มหาวิหารวุร์สเตอร์ (th); Katedrála ve Worcesteru (cs); וואוסטער קאטעדראל (yi) собор в Вустере, Англия (ru); église britannique (fr); cathedral in Worcester, England (en); Kirchengebäude in Worcester, England (de); kathedraal in het Verenigd Koninkrijk (nl) Кафедральный собор Христа и Пресвятой Девы Марии (ru); Worcesterin katedraali (fi); Worcester Cathedral (de); Worcester Cathedral (pt); Ворчэсцерскі сабор, Ворчэстэрскі сабор (be); Worcester Cathedral (sv); Cathedral Church of Christ and Saint Mary, Cathedral Church of St Mary (en); Worcester cathedral (th), Eglwys Gadeiriol Caerwrangon, gydag Afon Hafren yn y blaendir, Above the vault - Worcester Cathedral - geograph.org.uk - 1608656.jpg, Head at base of a foot moulding at Worcester Cathedral, England.jpg, Interior, Worcester Cathedral (3611501864).jpg, Reredos and Altar, Worcester Cathedral (3611661386).jpg, The High Altar, Worcester Cathedral - geograph.org.uk - 486899.jpg, The Quire at Worcester Cathedral - geograph.org.uk - 1005007.jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125012 (32681996407).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125042 (40658237953).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125103 (47571830832).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125212 (33747339338).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125218 (33747336758).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125222 (32681976357).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125342 (46709061525).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125343 (32681964027).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125406 (47624580951).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125528 (33747322978).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125847 (47571798902).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125851 (46709043425).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125857 (47571796332).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 125924 (47571787292).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130019 (47571783642).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130024 (47571787482).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130137 (47571780482).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130307 (46709017525).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130315 (46900247644).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130321 (33747283568).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130540 (40658168973).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130651 (46900243594).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130722 (40658166833).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130726 (46900238274).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130751 (47624510501).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130850 (32681890127).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130940 (47624502261).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130945 (46900217434).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 130948 (40658146823).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131055 (40658134513).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131122 (40658131283).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131132 (32681872467).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131245 (46708970075).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131249 (46900200414).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131415 (46900191724).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131419 (32681863717).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131431 (46900194084).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 131524 (40658102043).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 132534 (47624436031).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 132539 (46900156304).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 132557 (47571674692).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 132753 (47571669752).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 132924 (33747170808).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 133048 (32681804347).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 133057 (32681799057).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 133228 (46708906175).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 133242 (46708908735).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 133428 (46708894265).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 133509 (46708894725).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 133514 (40658016653).jpg, Worcester Cathedral 20190211 133515 (32681752857).jpg, Worcester Cathedral Baldwin of Bewdley grave.jpg, Worcester Cathedral Choir (246800509).jpeg, Worcester Cathedral choir, Worcestershire, UK - Diliff.jpg, Worcester Cathedral Intricate Mechanical Clock Workings - geograph.org.uk - 340932.jpg, Worcester Cathedral Lady Chapel, Worcestershire, UK - Diliff.jpg, Worcester Cathedral Nave and Pulpit, Worcestershire, UK - Diliff.jpg, Worcester Cathedral Nave and West window - geograph.org.uk - 274065.jpg, Worcester Cathedral Nave, Worcestershire, UK - Diliff.jpg, Worcester Cathedral Quire Organ and Decorative Ceiling.jpg, Worcester Cathedral West Window, Worcestershire, UK - Diliff.jpg, Worcester Cathedral, The Sculptured Reredos.jpg, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Interior_of_Worcester_Cathedral&oldid=375726155, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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