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USS North Carolina (BB-55) is the lead ship of the North Carolina class of fast battleships, the first vessel of the type built for the United States Navy. We’ve been on 5-6 haunts, and not once have they’ve disappointed! We will definitely do another investigation with them in the future. [17], While Enterprise withdrew for repairs, North Carolina was transferred to TF 17 to cover Saratoga, along with Atlanta and a pair of destroyers. Ticket prices range from $6 for children to $14 for adults, with special discounts given to active or retired military members and seniors. A Japanese counterattack struck the American fleet, and North Carolina was the first to detect it, shortly after 16:00, using her air search radar. I loved that it was not scary or corny. Amazing tour! As designed, the ship was equipped with an anti-aircraft battery of sixteen 1.1 in (28 mm) guns and eighteen .50-caliber (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns,[b] but her anti-aircraft battery was expanded greatly during her career. our loved ones,.. When North Carolina returned to the fleet, she was assigned to TG 58.2. After the war, the USS North Carolina settled into a less active life, serving as a training vessel in 1945 and 1946. The price of freedom was high. We had fun exploring the Museum in Palestine, Tx. That KY dude is awesome and sexy and has great snacks Plus I seen Casper. North Carolina operated briefly off the east coast of the United States in 1946 before being decommissioned the next year and placed in reserve. Great place to have our first haunted tour. “Save Our Ship” became the cry of North Carolinians when the United States Navy announced its intention to scrap the USS NORTH CAROLINA in 1961. this was one of the best nights i had. Thank you! An involving, and uncannily visceral experience! construction! Our team had a guided tour of the location with a knowledgeable leader. will go again. This was an amazing experience. The facility itself was interesting and has a lot of history. We had a blast!! During another of these convoy operations later that month, the battleships, which by this time had been reinforced by the battleship Indiana, were too far south to be able to reach the American cruiser force during the Battle of Rennell Island at the end of the month. This was by far an excellent experience and the Team was amazing, friendly & provided us with all the information we needed to know of the place. the home owners do a "Dinner with Ghosts" i think would be awesome in this beautiful home. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Training was accelerated and on June 5, 1942, she was “Pacific bound.”  She spend 40 months in combat, and according to the Japanese propaganda broadcaster “Tokyo Rose,” was sunk six different times. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. [3][4], The ship was armed with a main battery of nine 16 in /45 caliber Mark 6 guns[a] in a trio of three-gun turrets on the centerline, two of which were placed in a superfiring pair forward, with the third aft. In 1998, the museum's operators ran Operation Ship Shape, a donation drive to secure funds to make repairs to the vessel, including the ship's teak deck, which was replaced with teak from Myanmar. Never been on one would love too go on one. A friend and I went to the Old Fort Wolter Army Hospital last night. The investigators were wonderful, particularly Cindy and Shelly! [7] These operations included covering a group of seven transports carrying elements of the 25th Infantry Division to Guadalcanal from 1 to 4 January 1943. The raids continued through 17 February and the next day, the fleet withdrew to refuel and TG 58.4 was sent to hit other islands in the Bonin chain to further isolate Iwo Jima. The war involved 50 countries, and its effects were felt by all nations. Its anti-aircraft guns helped halt or frustrate scores of attacks on aircraft carriers. Shelly shared photos and stories of her experiences with us. If you’re more interested in supernatural experiences… well, the USS North Carolina might have you covered there as well. I had some one grab my butt real hard last night turned around and no one was there. The USS NORTH CAROLINA in Wilmington is one of the top tourist attractions in North Carolina. North Carolina was the most decorated U.S. battleship of World War … Craig led a campaign to raise the $250,000 necessary to prepare a site to host the ship, to tow her there, and work to prepare her for visitors. shelly was our guide. TF 58 then returned to its bases in Majuro and Eniwetok on 4 May; from there, North Carolina departed to Pearl Harbor for repairs to her rudder. She earned a total of 15 battle stars, 8 different battle ribbons, 7 medals, and one Presidential Unit Citation from the Philippines. Steps shall be taken accordingly to insure that this report will be seen by those persons responsible for design, construction and repair of … Very professional...what a fun night of ghost hunting!! I-19 had fired a spread of six torpedoes at Wasp in TF 18, two or three of which hit. It was a shame that one of the guests on the tour tried to take over and show us how talented she was. The staff was fantastic, high energy lol was Shelly Pruitt. The tour guides were great at explaining how things work and what to look for their knowledge was off the charts. Plenty of information on the shocking events of the past! Really cool experience and the guides did an awesome job! Contemporary observers took an optimistic view of the ship's performance; her captain credited her with shooting down five to seven aircraft, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet, noted that her 5-inch fire was particularly effective in dissuading Japanese attacks. Y'all were awesome! })(document, 'script', '//'); Squirrel Cage Jail Ghost Hunt & Sleepover, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1870 Octagon Mansion Ghost Hunt & Sleepover, Wytheville, Virginia, A Night at the Bingham-Waggoner Estate, Independence, Missouri, The Original White Rock Lake Ghost Hunt, Dallas, TX, Haunted Rooms America She showed me how to use all of the tools. [19][20][21] After withdrawing from the area, North Carolina was detached to Pearl Harbor to make repairs, which lasted from 30 September to 17 November. Can’t wait to do another one- Steve from Darkseid Paranormal Society. Haunted Rooms America is very well organized with a great staff! Do yourself a favor and book with them! Definitely an experience I’ll never forget! they sound amazing. I absolutely love this group of people! I've never been on a tour but I've seen the events posted. My husband and I had a great time at the Nutt House hotel, Shelly was wonderful, she was very informative and helpful, thank you! The historian Richard B. Frank noted that the Japanese lost a total of eighteen D3As and credited Enterprise's Grumman F4F Wildcat fighters with half of them, with the rest shot down by the ships, "with the lion's share to gunners aboard Enterprise. (The United States spent about $250 million per day on the War – ten times the amount it had spent on all its previous wars put together.) Visitors are encouraged to follow the “Three Ws” as outlined by the N.C. Dept. great group of people, very professional yet they make things fun. She carried three Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplanes for aerial reconnaissance, which were launched by a pair of aircraft catapults on her fantail. She and the rest of TF 58 sortied on 6 June to launch the first assault in the campaign, targeting the island of Saipan. The tour guys were knowledgeable and friendly. Will definitely be booking the hospital tour next! It had to be able to withstand the rigors of the war occurring throughout the seas. Cant wait to see another of the haunted rooms! They also made sure you were safe. The keel of BB55, the USS NORTH CAROLINA, was laid on October 27, 1937. Use some of the specialized equipment and be guided by experienced paranormal investigators who will share their knowledge, techniques and experiences of hunting for ghosts or spirits. A satisfyingly scary experience! Their staff is amazing and both the la vaca jail and Nazareth hospital were great. She was launched on June 13, 1940, and commissioned on April 9, 1941 under the command of Captain Olaf. [7][38], North Carolina returned to the fleet in Leyte Gulf in late June before it embarked on another series of attacks on Japan on 1 July. We had such a great night tonight at White Rock Lake! This was our first time doing an actual investigation. The team at Haunted Rooms America is great and very professional to work with. The ship's armor layout had been designed with opponents equipped with 14-inch guns in mind, but since the treaty system broke down just before construction began, her design could not be revised to improve the scale of protection to defend against heavier guns. she knew every one in her group within an hour. By June 1943, her anti-aircraft armament had been increased with four more 40 mm quadruple mounts, and in November, a fifteenth mount was added atop the rear main battery turret. [7][35], After leaving Iwo Jima, the fleet resumed air attacks on the Home Islands to prepare for the next amphibious assault on Okinawa in the Ryukus. We were able to use the equipment, tour with the guide and also on our own. The ship's first commanding officer was Captain Olaf M. Hustvedt. Thanks to haunted rooms for making it a fun and sanitizing all the equipment and making it a safe environment . [9] The unit was part of TF 61, commanded by Vice Admiral Frank Fletcher, and sent to cover the landing of the 1st Marine Division on Guadalcanal to seize the airfield being constructed there by the Japanese. We do not perform tricks and will not be running around with sheets on our heads! The whole setup by Haunted Rooms America is meticulously arranged and ran very smoothly. [24] The ships covered convoys carrying soldiers and supplies to the Solomon Islands for the rest of 1942 and into 1943 as the Guadalcanal campaign ground on. 501 Silverside Road, #513 thank you. Had a wonderful night! Click here to listen to the stories behind the “Showboat,” USS NORTH CAROLINA, in our new podcast! Great experience at the Nazarene Hospital in Mineral Wells. A psychic medium available (*private readings at the discretion of the medium). We investigated the Old Lavaca Jail and had lots of activity, even caught a voice telling me "get out" in one of the jail cells. It was pretty fun experience, can’t wait to do another one . We can’t wait to take part in our next ghost hunt! My wife made me go to this event at Gonzales jail, I never done this stuff before but it was really fun . I'm so excited , We are going to the Army Beach Hospital next weekend ! [11], In this role, she participated in the Battle of the Eastern Solomons on 24–25 August. Great people and awesome personalities!! Today, the USS North Carolina leads a considerably more sedate life. One hit the destroyer O'Brien, and a fourth hit North Carolina. s.type = 'text/javascript'; Will go again! I'll definitely book another event with Haunted Rooms America! North Carolina and the other battleships, with four cruisers and thirteen destroyers, were deployed some 15 nautical miles (28 km; 17 mi) west of the carrier groups to screen the likely path of approach.

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