types of door locks

Other knobs, levers and handlesets have indicator lights, built-in alarms and additional options. A mortice lock is one that is fitted inside the edge of the door. Below we set out 10 door lock options. A push button is more common on sliding doors Please state in the box above, how you would like to conduct the virtual survey/estimate along with your contact information. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The locking bore is the diameter of the hole where the lock will sit, the same hole you used for the backset measurement. With this type of lock, a nightlatch is placed on the inside of the door, and the key-operated cylinder goes on the outside. Backset: The distance between the edge of the door and the center of the lock hole. Read This Before You Get Started, The Most Popular Front Door Styles and Designs. https://securitysnobs.com/Types-Of-Locks.html, http://www.safeguardtheworld.com/statistics.html, https://extranet.assaabloydss.com/library/installation_instructions/CorbinRusswin/pdf/Roseless-ML-Instructions-Rev-2-11.pdf. The safety of our homes and families is more than likely a priority for every one of us. You can also unlock the door from either side to prevent locking yourself in or out. This lock Whether you’re locking a front door, pocket door or cabinet door, you want the best locking system for the job. SIGN UP FOR EMAILGet more great content in your inbox. hook and plastic rod that is attached To book a totally free, no obligation virtual survey for your home or business, please complete the form below, providing as much detail as possible. Most bolts are similar in size, making the box a similar size that can fit most locks in the home. If you want a safer Some people choose to install one at the top of the door and another at the bottom for extra safety. A single, double and lockable thumb turn deadbolt features a thumb turn inside that can be locked with a key. has a simple T-like bar mechanism that holds the latch in place. smart locks that are powered by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection, or Z-wave. A double cylinder deadbolt can be used with a key from both sides. Products and solutions to help your business move forward. Book 25 + professional services from GoFantastic app in less than 30 seconds. Electronic lock pad usually still has a regular keyhole to open the door during an emergency, such as when you forget the code. There is a simple way to alleviate this risk. So, let’s get started! This lock consists of bolt and push button types. The lockbolt and key cylinder mechanism are contained within a lock mechanism fitted to the door itself, sometimes called the ‘nightlatch’. Mortice deadlocks are most commonly found on front and back doors, and rarely on internal ones. Homeowners can combine doorknob and deadbolt locks as standard security systems. If you choose to add a deadbolt, allow 18-24 inches between it and the regular lock to ensure you keep the integrity of your door intact. Usually, the backset measures 2 3/8-inches or 2 3/4-inches. Electronic lock has become one of the most popular front door lock types in the modern world. If these kinds of locks can help prevent this from happening, then I’ll look for a residential locksmith in my area that can install some for me. This article is not a substitute for review of current applicable government regulations, industry standards, or other standards specific to your business and/or activities and should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. Electromagnetic lock is common in public places. A box lock is set within the mortise, which is a deep recess in the edge of the door. Your key must fit the cylinder correctly, which will permit you to open the lock. Nightlatches can lock the door automatically and are opened with a key from the outside and a knob from the inside. While not the safest locking mechanism, barrel bolt is effective as a temporary lock when you don’t need to secure the door completely. You install these at the very top of the door and pull on a hanging latch to unlock it. Whether a lock is described as a mortice lock or a rim lock depends on how it is mounted to your door and frame. Mortise locksets stay secure by using a set screw and a cam which creates the locking mechanism. For added security, consider a lockset that has both the keyed entry mentioned above and a deadbolt. A rim lock is a lock that is mounted on the inside surface of a door. Many home and business owners choose to have both a doorknob lock and deadbolt on their entry doors to prevent the risk of intruders. It provides extra security, because it is harder to break with simple tools. If you insert the correct key, the pins will move as the key moves further into the cylinder, prompting the lock to unlock by opening the bolt using electronic door locks. sliding door. This type of lock features a deadbolt rather than spring bolt for extra security. However, you can commonly find them on uPVC and composite doors. You’ll usually see this door lock type on front and back doors. Our EL4000 Rim Deadbolt uses an electric release mechanism, making it suitable for use with flats or properties with shared access entry systems. 1. When you mentioned electronic locks and how they use digital passwords instead, I thought of the many times I had forgotten my keys but not my phone. Get more great content like this sent to your inbox. Padlocks can be small or large and usually are square or rectangle-shaped with a U-shaped bar. A smart lock has a unique feature, such as the accessibility for homeowners to open Check for which side of the door has the hinges, as right-aligned hinges mark a right-handed door while left-aligned hinges mark a left-handed door. Single cylinder locks only have a space for a key on one side. These locks are good options for parents with kids who have figured out how to open baby gates and other child-proofing systems. system instead of a detachable key. This piece is a simple, metal part that you can screw to the door frame and is the easiest part of a lock to replace if it becomes damaged. Jimmy Proof bolt is easy to install, because it does not require This is because they allow residents to leave their apartments quicker in case of an emergency. What types of self-locking deadbolts are there? So, let’s move on to the next door lock type. The cylinder component comes in various heights and lengths for different types of doors. If you want the lockset to fit into existing holes, you’ll also want to measure the diameter of this hole (or holes) as well as the deadbolt diameter and the width and height of the faceplates. Electronic locks are ones that don’t require keys to lock and unlock them.

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