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While it has a few minor problems, they are dwarfed by the sheer amount of enjoyment the game will undoubtedly offer to anyone who enjoys a good RPG. There's also a minor but incredibly obvious control issue that causes problems in three or four locations if you keep holding the directional stick in the same direction when moving into a room or the next segment of field--the orientation of the new area places the border you just walked across in the same direction you pushed to walk across it, so if you continue to hold the stick as you enter, you just walk right back out. So while the combat system isn't necessarily flawed, issuing only three orders for six characters may take a little getting used to. Yet Konami's entry, Suikoden III, rates at the top of the heap, thanks to an incredibly fleshed-out setting and a huge cast of characters in a tightly woven and relatively contrivance-free plot. Items and such will also give bonuses to skills. The gameworld is rich with history, politics, and culture, and Suikoden III just does a great job of showing instead of telling, inspiring the imagination of the player to round out the detail. While it has a few minor problems, they are dwarfed by the sheer amount of enjoyment the game will undoubtedly offer to anyone who enjoys a good RPG. Genso Suikoden TIERKREIS: Castle of Stardust, Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century. Beyond acting as a headquarters and a place to rearm, rest, and organize supplies, it also provides minigames and lots of other interesting little distractions. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. 108 Stars! This is a list of how to get each recipe, and the name, cost, and battle effect of each variation. Rated 4 out of 5 by illyahr from A solid game. Sometimes an actor will ad-lib a line related to their real job, break character completely, or knock a part of the set over. While it has a few minor problems, they are dwarfed by the sheer amount of enjoyment the game will undoubtedly offer to anyone who enjoys a good RPG. Leaderboard Guides Resources Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. Though the exteriors of some buildings have an unnatural, undermodeled look, for the most part the environments are detailed and stylish. A lot of the stars are just fighters, but there are others who have special roles like shopkeeper, cook, farmer, nurse, librarian, and even theater director. This chance to see a few plot points from different perspectives is grandiosely named the "trinity sight system," but thankfully, the mechanic works much better than its gimmicky name, as each character's story is fairly independent of the others. Suikoden III begins on the verge of a peace agreement between the upstart Zexen Federation and the Grassland's Six Clans, with both of the warring factions lying in the shadow of the Harmonian Empire. Three lives from opposing forces in the Grassland War hold the fate of all living things. Company: Konami Release: 2002 Songtitel: " Transcending Love" It's a must-buy for RPG fans, even those new to the series. Suikoden III Suikoden series. At least there is a meter at the bottom of the screen that will show you if your partner is going to move before you can finish casting. Suikoden III: Gameplay Guides: Recipe Guide by KoRnholio and genso710 "YP" are "yummy points." Suikoden III is a little rough in spots, but it has the makings of a classic: The characters are both numerous and memorable, the setting and back story are amazingly well thought out and original for all of their classic fantasy trappings, and the plot is more mature than that of the average "bad guy threatens to destroy the world" RPG. Besides endowing you with experience and treasure, winning in combat will also give you points that can be used toward advancing combat and magic skills. The only time this is really a problem is if you're using one of the spells that has a wide area of effect, as your teammate may wander into the blast while charging the enemy. PS5 Review: Sony Sets The Stage Excellently, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review, Astro's Playroom Review: PS5 Welcome Wagon, By Moving about the world and through dungeons will inevitably put you in a series of random encounters with the local monsters, as well as scripted fights against boss monsters. The writing otherwise does an excellent job of couching back story in the dialogue and avoiding blatant and lengthy exposition. Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate, Vol. Each character has an aptitude for each skill that governs not only how quickly the skill can be improved, but also the maximum level of improvement. For every small shortcoming, there are two or three little extra touches that give Suikoden III a depth beyond that of its peers. Combat is conducted in pairs--that is, a full party of six will act as three separate pairs. 2002. Suikoden III: Gameplay Guides: Recipe Guide. While it's only a montage of unrelated scenes featuring some of the game's more prominent characters, each scene is evocative of a larger story. This installment in the Suikoden series takes place 15 years after Suikoden II, though in a neighboring region of the continent. Their storylines are interrelated and even have a few points of intersection. Orders are issued at the start of a round, and each pair is issued a command. Each is unique and stylishly designed as well, with perhaps a handful of exceptions. The 108 characters that make up the stars in Suikoden III include the three main characters and a variety of others. At any rate, area-effect spells are so powerful that they need to be balanced this way, forcing you to team up your spellcaster with a slow character or wait to use area-effect spells until your character has more experience and can cast them before your partner can run off. It's been a little crowded in the PlayStation 2's role-playing game market this October, what with the release of no fewer than four such games. Thomas' quest is to keep the castle financially solvent, and he does this by recruiting the first few stars and turning the castle into a trade hub that's open to all--a particularly egalitarian move that flies in the face of the current political tensions and causes a lot of problems. For instance, once the theater director is recruited, you can spend a surprising amount of time mangling the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet or a few other dramatic scenes. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. NOTE: I had a number of problems with the save transfer on PS3. It's a good system, and it allows you to decide whether you want to field a team of specialists, a team of jacks-of-all-trades, or a team featuring little of both. Apart from the striking theme accompanying the opening movie, the music is largely unremarkable. Thomas' side story is very entertaining (though somewhat cloying), but the castle itself is also a great source of entertainment. Suikoden III is a little rough in spots, but it has the makings of a classic: The characters are both numerous and memorable, the setting and back … info) is a role-playing video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo and published by Konami exclusively for the PlayStation 2 video game console, and the third installment in the Suikoden video game series. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Sure, the peace of the land is in the balance, but there's always time for fun. The gorgeous opening movie is illustrative of that. Suikoden III Review. Suikoden III Fifteen years after the events of "Suikoden II," follow the intertwining stories of Hugo, the son of a village chief, Chris, the virtuous Knight of Zexen, and Geddoe, the rebellious unit commander, as their fates bring them together in order to gather the 108 Stars of Destiny. All you do is select the cast from the stars you have recruited up to that point and watch. Assemble Genso Suikoden Radio! 3.9 out of 5 stars 11. on October 31, 2002 at 5:43PM PST. Just the prologues for the main characters. While most scenes are scored, the few that aren't are few and far between, and none of them have any dramatic reason for being silent. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate, Vol. Gathering them all will require some work, though it is by no means an impossible task. The shifts in viewpoint help make things very interesting, as political intrigue renews the Zexen-Grassland conflict and new threats arise. Paperback $7.98 $ 7. Moderated by: Seiglance Seiglance. Early on in the game, you'll open up two chapters devoted to the character Thomas, a bastard child of a Zexen official who is sent off to become the master of the dilapidated castle because it's out of the way and unimportant. The only really jarring problem is the game's music. In battle versus Sarah in Ceremonial site, if you use a party of 2 characters(main character included) with one equipped with Fortune rune, they can jump from level 55 to 75. The concept of the 108 stars of destiny is based on the Chinese legend that gives Suikoden its name--a story about 36 heavenly heroes and 72 earthly heroes regarded as outlaws by their governments and heroes by the people. $3.99 shipping. PS2, PS3. It's not necessary to have played Suikoden II to understand the unfolding plot in the game, though one scene late in the game will not have as much of an impact on newcomers.

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