silent hill: shattered memories endings

How To Get It: In the last frame, Mary's boss form can be seen in the upper left corner, the Flauros is seen on a shelf, the Dog House note is seen on a table, James is seen behind the alien's chair watching with curiosity (or perhaps hiding in fear of Mary's boss form), and the flashlight, radio and a health drink are seen on the table. TL;DR. Game » consists of 10 releases. This is why Dr. K hasn't seen her. In order to receive the Bad ending, the player must not trigger the pissed off Kaufmann scene at the motel and must not save Cybil. Silent Hill Memories Even though the ending has no true requirements, the following should be done to begin with: -Do not save Kaufmann at Annie's Bar in the Silent Hill Resort Area FIRST: I'm going to discuss Shattered Memories' ending. ... Silent Hill Memories Unofficial fan … It wasn't my fault. His beer spills on the ground. Don't read unless you've finished the game. © "Silent Hill" is a registered trademark of Konami Digital Entertainment Co. This is the usual joke ending. The first time through the game, four of these endings can be achieved, the fifth being a secret joke ending. "Nope," Harry declines, "dedications are always to my wife and daughter. When we talk about guilt we meet Lisa, who is basically the most self-destructing person you can meet in the story. On the second playthrough, call the phone number on the billboard above Theresa's Threads (United Fruitcake Outlet 555-3825). 11) Sewer Access - Through some bars in the sewer. "You think your crap is Shakespeare? They join each other in laughter before falling back on the bed. The Psych Profile operates concurrently with in-game decision making and character profiling, in which the game will monitor the player's actions and change as it is played. - Give Lisa the wrong pills ", Requirement: 4 Blood final notes before the final battle. - Stare at women's chests/behinds while around them She turns and sits at Harry's side, wrapping her arm behind him. In order to get the best ending, the player must generally be patient, curious, and explorative. Psychiatrist Michael Kaufmann is preparing for a new patient. And Harry, "I always will be.". If not, you'll get a Bad ending. Your piece of shit novels... no one even reads them!" If Kaufmann doesn't get the glass vial from Harry or isn't even saved, you will get one of the two Bad endings (Bad, Bad+). As the UFOs land, the cutscene changes style to a roughly animated picture show. Cheryl doesn't accept that as she shakes her head in disagreement. For a moment he looks at her, ashamed of himself. You're all I have. " - In the tree outside the entrance to the Midwich High School gym. In order to save Cybil, the Plastic Bottle and Unknown Liquid must be procured at Alchemilla Hospital, and this Unknown Liquid must be used to save Cybil, however, it can only be used after Cybil drops her weapon. c1:2, Dahlia towers over him, glaring down at the weak man before her. Major PI: The art style is that of a manga comic, much like that of Origins, which was also developed by Climax Studios. 1) Streets - Under a street light in the alley near the playground. The ending you get depends on the ratio of the final notes (Blood/Light) you have before entering the final battle and thus how you get 5 normal endings of the game. First, you have to acquire 3 artifacts with no actual effects: ", Requirement: 5 or 6 Light final notes before the final battle. Someone has to take the blame." Underwater, down the shore from the Lighthouse Clinic. The UFO ending in this title rolls as a simple interplay of crudely drawn pictures. Harry and the alien share a thumbs up as the screen fades. Throughout the walkthrough section, I've noted each of the UFOs' location, but here's a list of them anyway. Simply said, whether Cybil lives or dies in this battle is what determines the ending. Harry meets with his grown daughter now. There are a total of five endings in Silent Hill, but only four can be achieved the first time through the game. There are 3 endings in the game with different outcomes: Broken Ending: Cheryl says "You've been with me for so long." Dahlia screams at Harry, "When're you gonna bring in some real money?" There are some codes needed mixed along in this process, and the walkthrough clearly expresses everything regarding the whole Kaufmann ordeal, including the codes and what's inside Indian Runner. Description: Lucky numbers: 3 7 18 23 41, Silent Hill Memories But I want to know what you think: are you playing with the real Harry during the game OR you are playing with Harry who exists in Cheryl's head?

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