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The size was arrived at by the observation that Ikazuchi carriers were attached to the missiles during the early stages of launch. Designation: Seron Thoun class Border Fleet battlecruiser: Name and disposition: Approximately 400,000 Seron Thoun battlecruisers were commisioned in the Tirolian Border Fleets and the Tirolian Special Forces. Transport/Electronics Shuttles SC-32 Gossamer Transport Shuttle; EC-32 Eyrie EWACS Shuttle. The only information about this craft is wehat we can glean from the footage. To make him a spacecraft engineer as well seemed absurd. vessels in episode #1 ("Boobytrap"); though no Hence, the description (beyond mecha complement and physical appearance) is mainly speculative. There is a clear picture of a twin barreled main turret with other single turrets with protruding barrels. suitable hull and engine designs it could copy in the archives of the Robotech Factory Satellite and there It is the corvette in the episode 'Clone Chamber' blown up as the last act in the fighting. To the sides are the two shoulders which mount the side bodies. The This is Animation Special Rob is uncertain as to whether those weapons are all available on a single version. vessels. Station Equality, the former Robotech Robotech outright and crippled the FTL capability of the Valivarre. We disagree with the RPG about the "cannon arms" Forward of the engine is the center part of the hull, with a command citadel The 'Tiluvosen' is an intended Zentraedi version that the Masters never got into production because their protoculture was running out on them. limited source material that the submerge Arms") we have concluded that the only ship with a Reflex Cannon is the Monitor name ship of the class was so severe that complete repair was considered The addition of turrets on the ventral hull and a main gun in the nose for later refits of this vessel are purely speculative. Source material indicates a size of 150m and the ability to transport 480 boostered Iigaa. This led Pieter to speculate its use as a fleet tender and tanker. The rest is speculation on our part. We were not overwhelmed with data on the Macross life support and recycling system is based on a smaller version of that of the. It is widely supposed that the Macross was unique and that it was designed by Zor himself. We invented the name for the second subclass of the vessel because the two examples of names we had were both women from literature, and we have followed this trend with the other vessels of this class. their entry To cut down on the design effort, the Spacy design bureaus looked for Robotech Technical Files - Naval Vessels - Tirolian - Seron Thoun. The missiles launchers fired at the invid, and a tube on the fore deck can be seen that suggests torpedo tubes. A medical team, one doctor, two paramedics and two nurses, along with a mecha team of three bio-maintenance engineers, two mechanical engineers, two electrical engineers and eight assistants, are also part of the regular crew, plus a kitchen crew of eight. Assault Shuttles ASC-33 Predator-class Sublight Transorbital Shuttle; Horizont-class Dropship. The Valivarre class appears at first sight to be a mixture of the SDF-3, a Nupetiet-Vergnitz Little data exists for this vessel, aside from its appearance in the footage. An additional 4 or 5 mecha or vehicles can be squeezed in with the carrier's usual forces. Monitor. These sensors form the FTL sensor suite of the ship, The Japanese source material gives the length of this ship to be 180 meters. Go to Dolza's Command Base Technical Polaris remained in the Earth system and survived the intial Invid Invasion, appearing like the Macross did prior to its arrival on Earth. administrative offices and the crew quarters, while the ship is directed from supposed to be based upon it. These three versions are complete speculation, but they sound plausible. Since the Southern Cross has little need for space-borne landing ships, this class is considered REF-only. We have also boosted the numbers built from Hence, these entries are largely speculative. Each side body mounts four large 'horn' antenna and Virtually no data exists for this vessel, save for the RP5 Star Drive Class. but was Yet, despite its size, the Garfish is the fastest, most manoeuvrable ship in the fleet. Episode #53 displays a very full chin for the Tristar, while later footage indicates other vessels that the peak of the nose is not vertically centered. and not Macross: Perfect Memory, which neglects the 'g' in The class is however modeled on the Seron Thoun class, a Border Rob was the dissenting vote feeling it was probably just a Tristar variant with reduced long-range capabilities to support local system defense, instead of the additional features that would have been included in a ship designed to help scout for the Robotech Masters homeworld, but was overruled. The B-Club Special#9: ARTMIC Design Works (virtually identical to the citadel on the SDF-3) The Predator-class is based on very brief footage of Transport Squadron 85 landing on the moon base seen in episode #54 ("Mind Game"), when a fleet arrives from hyperspace (originally, from Glory's sister colony of Liberty) to aid the Southern Cross. complement. forcing us to base almost all of our entry on speculation from animation footage and The Border fleet was generated in an attempt to find a parallel to an Inspection Army that oversees the Zentraedi troops. At lower power levels, these thrusts are commensurately smaller. As such, we used the size most consistent with the number of fighters that seem to be operating from the ships as well as the mission profile we think they use. moment when Earth's capital ship building capacity was still limited and the internal arrangements of the class are redesigned to cater to the micronian Game system. Army's equivalent of the Thuverl Salan). Page. Little data exists for this vessel, aside from the pictures of it in _M:PM_ and a length listed in a comparative chart of the RDF and Zentraedi vessels. This is the proposed vessel upon which the Pioneer class SDF was based. one animation sheet with two views of this craft (one with an external fuel tank). File. A single animation sheet has been unearthed which provides a better view of the vessel. The bridge of the vessel is located in the nose, with a crew consisting of a captain, pilot, three copilots, and four communications engineers. The names of all and the armament of the 'Lihinal' variant are speculation only. No data exists for these ships, aside from what can be seen in the footage. room for an additional heavy cannon in the nose of the ship, and the Robotech Factory Satellite in a 1730 onwards. Based on episode #27 This would be inefficient for the REF whom would have to make repeated landings and take back off, so we decided the Pegasus would be restricted to the Southern Cross. adaptation of this vessel (it was made into a fighter, not a destroyer), we have ignored this source altogether. All we can see is that five of the tugs are capable of lifting a Battle-class cruiser. Go to the Robotech Reference Guide Home level of the ships' systems is on par with that of the Sian Macross design, which is almost 200

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