richardson's collared lemming

A curated database of genes associated with dietary restriction in model organisms either from genetic manipulation experiments or gene expression profiling. Dicrostonyx groenlandicus - Northern Collared Lemming 2. This discrepancy simply may be a function of the small number of scars collected from years further back in time and thus uncertainty in our estimates. We cut a cross section of the scar using plant clippers and soaked it in warm water for 5 min. This animal was named after Sir John Richardson, a Scottish naturalist who explored the Canadian Arctic. Collared lemming remains have been recovered from localities as far south and east as West Virginia and Pennsylvania and as far south and west as central Idaho, as well as from the front range of Wyoming, southern Montana, north central Nebraska, northeastern Iowa and southwestern Wisconsin. A Praying Mantis with spider riding nymphs?! Hypotheses of mechanisms generating regular cycles include predator-prey interactions, limitation of food resources, and migration or dispersal, as well as abiotic factors such as cyclic climatic variation and environmental stochasticity. Appearance: Short-tail rodent somewhat similar to hamsters. Our modeling technique incorporated several simplifying assumptions. Fulton, T. L., Norris, R. W., Graham, R. W., Semken, H. A., & Shapiro, B. Along the coastal tundra regions of the Hudson Bay Lowlands near Cape Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, Richardson's collared lemmings (Dicrostonyx richardsoni) are the most common small mammal. We examined the parameter estimates from the model with the most support to evaluate both the decay rate of scars and indirectly, the periodicity and amplitude of the population cycles of lemmings. Seven species of willow occur at Nestor One including Salix lanata, S. reticulata, S. brachycarpa, S. candida, S. pedicellaris, S. arctophila, and S. planifolia (Brook 2001). Multiannual population cycles have been observed near the town of Churchill, Manitoba, and may be influenced by fall and winter weather conditions ( Scott 1993 ; Shelford 1943 ). This species has a short, chunky body covered with grizzled brown fur, which varies from red-brown to grey-brown, with a thin dark stripe along its back and a reddish-grey belly. Some sources believe that they are a subspecies of the Northern Collared Lemming , Dicrostonyx groenlandicus . Although synchrony in arvicoline population cycles can occur across a broad spatial scale (200–1,000 km—Erlinge et al. If population cycles were asynchronous, we expected that the Separate or Trend model would have been the best-supported model in the set of models we evaluated. We cleaned the surface of the softened cross section with a scalpel, and placed the samples into a drying oven at 50–60°C for ≥48 h (Predavec et al. Parameters in the best-supported (Common) model (E(Y/X) = × exp[ln(0.5) × X/α0] × {α1 + α2 x sin[27π (X − α3)/α4]}) of willow (Salix spp.) Although growth of plants in the arctic may cycle, it is not clear whether such cycles are (Elmqvist et al. Common = common trend and decay terms fit to both Nestor One (NO) and Broad River (BR) study areas; Decay = common trend but separate decay terms fit to NO and BR; Trend = separate trend but common decay terms fit to NO and BR; Separate = separate trend and separate decay terms fit to NO and BR.

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