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Required fields are marked *, Hi there! There is a printable packing list perfect for whatever type of trip you are planning. I don't like to get on the road and worry about whether we might have any car problems or worse, run out of snacks before we reach our destination (heavens no!! We went to the Auto Care Center at Walmart to get out oil changed because it's so awesomely convenient to be able to take care of car maintenance while also getting some of the items you need for the trip. Most importantly, make sure you and your family are safe on your next road trip. So my motto -- it's always good to be prepared! – What's changed in these pictures? Print out the picture sheets before your trip and have your child color in the picture as they see it on the drive! We can plug in both cell phones and still have the GPS plugged into the second outlet in the car -- so convenient! Atlantic to Sahara – A Moroccan Road Trip Itinerary, Why We Think These Are The Best Driving Roads in Europe, How to Spend a Merry Christmas in a Motorhome (& love it! That's just a special effect.). Your personal day bag, wallet or purse with money and credit cards. Then click download. Ava worked in the insurance industry as an agent for four-plus years. Your diary or journal to record your trip. © 2020 KC Edventures. Road Trip Checklist Tip: Assign your kids 'jobs' for the trip (great life skills here)! If purchases are made using these links, we may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you! Now, what if you forget a major item, such as the Pack 'N Play that your toddler sleeps in? (Unless I have given you permission.). These essential road trip checklists will help you plan, organise and pack all the essentials you need for the ultimate road trip. Trying to keep track of your road trip plans on a tiny phone screen is no fun. When we began creating The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist for our readers here at This HAS to be first on your checklist -- I mean, how does all that stuff get into the car in the first place?! All Rights Reserved. – This is a great way to get the kids excited for a camping trip! License Plate Game– Spot a license plate for all 50 states (bonus points for hawaii)! for the car, with handy spaces for your own special items too. Crayola | 3 Boys and a Dog | Free Printable Coloring Pages | Housing a Forest | Education | Krazydad | The Balance Every Day. So I wasn't able to download any new apps which was a bummer because they had a great park app we wanted to look at before we arrived. Before you hit the road, take the time print off these checklists, road trip games or camping menus so you can be prepared. Every time you see a group of cows, yell out “my cows!” Keep track of how many herds of cattle you have and see who can get the most! We always make sure to stock up on some of our favorite snacks. Road trips are a classic American pastime. Not cool! – One of the best ways to be safe on a road trip is to let people know where you’re going, when you’ll get there, and when you’ll be back. – Take turns connecting the dots. – Three in a row! We are Phil and Izzy. 30 Things You Might Want to Pack for your Disney Cruise. The Gap Decaders are participants in a number of affiliate programmes. Remember, it's a FAMILY road trip so everyone should pitch in to help get ready. Another place the kids might want to help ;). No spam calls. The list you're about to download contains about 80 items in 10 categories. Keep a first-aid kit nearby, let others know where you’re going and prepare your car for the drive by having it serviced andinsured. Once you've finished playing the blame game with your spouse, you have two options: Technically, there's a third option: drive off the nearest cliff. In fact, a road trip can be an excellent opportunity to share new experiences with friends and family, see landmarks and historical sites you may not have seen otherwise, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Step 1: Read the Core Road Trip Packing List. « Sea Glass Craft: Make Lanterns from Old Jars, How to Remove Labels from Wine Bottles the Easy Way ». – Driving through the countryside? Picture Clue I Spy – Here’s a fun twist on a classic game, perfect for toddlers and young children. All rights reserved. – This fill-out sheet is handy for keeping important accommodations information at your fingertips. ), • Small travel games/items and these Magnetic Tin playsets (which are AWESOME for travel!). The Zebra doesn't support your browser version, so please give us a call or upgrade your browser to the latest version. Use of Insurance Zebra Insurance Services (DBA is subject to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Licenses. I have a box on our doorstep with snacks for the trip! Often, the best road trips are the ones where spontaneity abounds. – Everyone loves a good game of Mad-Libs! And here’s some exciting news: share your summer road trip, and have a chance to win #RoadTripTreats this summer! Need more games to keep your kiddos (and other rowdy passengers) busy? © 2020 Insurance Zebra. Grab a chamois towel & microfiber duster while you're there -- kids LOVE these things and won't mind helping to clean the car with cool tools! Help spread the word. – With so many to choose from, your child will never get tired of coloring these scenes! That means DO NOT try and sell them or use them as your own. Sitemap, The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist. to help you plan your journey from start to finish. Delicious OREO cookie pieces mixed in rich vanilla creme and coated in European Milka chocolate candy. But road trips — with proper preparation — don’t need to be stressful at all. We're waiting to hear about college acceptances, looking into a few new attractions and counting the days until vacation (less than a month away for us!). Road Trip Checklist: Never Forget Your Dental Floss Again! All your essential road trip travel checklists and the best road trip planner in one place #roadtripchecklists #roadtripplanner ls#roadtrippackinglist #roadtrip #roadtripessentials, Road trip printables, travel packing lists and tips on things to take on a roadtrip #roadtripchecklists #roadtripplanner #roadtrippackinglist #roadtrip #roadtripessentials, Your email address will not be published.

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