plantagenet family tree

© 2020 Elizabethan Era. to see details about a particular source. See the Sources button, above, You may also notice considerable mangling of titles. Henry II and his sons Richard I and John were followed by Edward I, Edward II and Edward III. • JOINVILLE JULICH He was the son of Earlier authorities say The war was brought to a close by the death of the last Yorkist king, Richard III. Left to right: Katharine of Aragon: a crowned Pomangranate, native of Spain. [Brian Tompsett]. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Henry claimed the throne and was crowned Henry VII, the two houses were finally united when Henry took a wife, he chose Elizabeth of York. • SALISBURY SCOTLAND SHAFTESBURY SOMERIE SPENCER ST STAFFORD(3) • [PLANTAGENET](49) [nsn](11), Heinrich V "the Lion", Duke Saxony & Bavaria, PLANTAGENET, Geoffrey II of Bretagne, Duke Brittany, PLANTAGENET, Eleanor, Princess of England, TAILLEFER, Queen of England Isabella, of Angoulême, CLARE, Gilbert de, Earl Gloucester & Hertford, [PLANTAGENET], Princess Elizabeth (Isabel), BOHUN, Earl Humphrey VIII {18-5} de, E/Hereford, COURCY, Inguerrand de Brun de, 7° Earl Bedford, PLANTAGENET, Lionel of Antwerp, Duke Clarence, BURGH, Elisabeth (Isabella) de, Countess Ulster, CLARENCE, Philippa of, Countess Ulster, Duchess Clarence, LANCASTER, Lady Blanche of, Countess Derby, HOLLAND, John, 1° Duke Exeter, Earl Huntingdon, CORNWALL, Sir John of Burford, 1° Baron Fanhope, NEVILLE, Lady Anne Beauchamp, Queen Consort England, PLANTAGENET, Thomas of Clarence, Duke Clarence. Use the book icon link Though he was also known to favour the planting of the broom to disguise and protect his hunting covers. In fact, the royal family was without a hereditary surname for around two hundred and fifty years. Jane Seymour: a crowned pheonix, mythical creature representing immortality, Anna of Cleves: The badge of Cleves. He was killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 by the forces of Lancastrian Henry Tudor. These are the surnames found in this page. Henry II was the founder of the Plantagenet dynasty which split into two branches – the House of Lancaster and the House of York. This house ruled England from 1154 – 1485. • WAKE WARREN(3) WAYTE WELLS WOODVILLE In fact, the royal family was without a hereditary surname for around two hundred and fifty years. This house includes the PLANTAGENET kings of England, especially the first three: The name Plantagenet, according to

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