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Pit Boss vs Traeger Grills: Which one is the best for the money? However, that's still a 75deg variance from set temp to probe temp. From our analysis, we have discovered that Pit Boss is always cheaper than Traeger, especially when we talk of similar-sized grill or smokers. And now you know Pit Boss vs Traeger Grill - Which is the best pellet grill for the money. Because not always will you be in position to acquire both smokers. The difference in the heat management of these two antagonists arises from different locations of the fire pot on both smokers. To help you choose more effectively, we have classified different users best suited for either of the two grills. Comparison of Pit Boss vs Traeger pellet grill is a ball of contention involving two equal antagonists each with its strongholds. Even if there existed a larger difference, your needs are apparently guaranteed by both. My passion for grilling delicacy gradually built during the time I was living with my parents. Plugged it in and it was already on but the switch never would turn off! Just as the entire cooking capacity is large and convenient in both Traeger and Pit Boss, so is the hopper capacity. Confirmed by it not being able to boil water at all. However, by the virtue of the hopper capacity being large does not necessarily imply great smoking results. When you grill with Traeger, the process remains uninterrupted from the beginning to the end. Price is one of the top-most areas of consideration you will want to take into account when buying pellet smoker or grill. With this unit specifically, the temperature is always going to be hotter at the bottom then the top. Pit Boss is somehow limited on this aspect because of its flimsy look. How to Operate the Big Chief Front Load Electric Smoker. So it depends on your needs which smoker you choose. At least, when you are looking for a larger smoker to substitute your old one, here we don’t have a verdict. 1- With the 'burning temp' set to 350 it will not reach higher than 208 on center rack. The sensor status was updated to shipped the following day. Heat is coming direct off bottom of grease tray, funneling up by the probe, thereby giving false temp readings compared to actual cooking areas. Although the difference is not that big, at least a winner must emerge. It is easy to get deceived and imagine that both smokers’ controllers are all the same. Added to this fact, they are both easy to use and user-friendly. Aubrey said: several years. With how your unit is behaving in temperature, that is how it is intended to. This is because most of the sizes available at Pit Boss are also available at Traeger. Most significantly, we rate this grill among the digital models with user-convenience and great BBQ results guaranteed. But is it a worth buying equipment? Because food does not stick on the firebox of the grill made of high quality material. Let’s get down to specific parties who would enjoy using either of the smokers. These include but not limited to the general design, size, ease of use and functionality, portability and convenience, temperature range, and cost. It appears there isn't enough slope to the bin. Called ‘customer service’ and was told the controller was bad and they’d send a new one. Increase visibility and credibility of your review by. Will NOT recommend! SmokeGears is supported by it’s readers. Since we couldn’t get it to turn off we unplugged it and fire finally out! Tried again on Thanksgiving day with similar results. While one enables open flame technology, another one is covered and doesn’t. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com Inc., or its affiliates. In the light of this, when you want to find on market a perfect temperature maintaining smoker, we advise Traeger. Learn more, SMOKEGEARS.COM is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.com. We don't have any modifications for this unit as it is working as intended. The Science of Carryover Cooking: What Is It and Why Is It Important? Hi, I'm Theresa. When you want to smoke instead of grilling, there is a second metal shield which slides over the open slits. Though not explicit of the fact that Traeger in overall is better than Pit Boss, this can be a good weighing scale. If you take advantage of its natural feature, be sure to enjoy the finest world class food. Purchased a pit boss two series Hammerstone finish . I have been using my PitBoss everyday since I bought it back in February.. Never an Issue until the last couple of days.

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