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Later, through video messaging, Brady tries to convince Boomer's "girlfriend" Rebecca to leave Chicago and visit the island for an upcoming luau. Brady, Mikayla, and Mason chase after Boomer, while Lanny follows them, trying to kill the kings. When the kings make Jason head guard, Mason quits and drowns his sorrows in eating. Hibachi then runs away. In an effort to bring their holiday traditions to Kinkow, the kings promise the islanders a Super Christmas and enlist Kinkow's, When an advance copy of their high school yearbook arrives, the kings realize they are going to be remembered back in Chicago for throwing the worst party ever. But when his new landlord Charlotte turns out to be a former Tarantula person and transforms Mason into a cold-blooded terminator, Boomer must turn to his brother for help. Boz comes along and searches for a safe place to hide the Bat Medallion. To impress her, Brady joins school and tries to do extreme sports. Boomer convinces Uhngela to be with her boyfriend, who then releases Rebecca. While Mason is out of town, the twins hang out with a bunch of mermaids and Mikayla turns into one herself. Trump Speaks on Getting America’s Children Safely Back to … Boz decides to address Boomer's lack of survival skills and forces him to go camping. Mason and Mikayla walk into their room again, but Boomer orders Mason to get out. Mason reveals that the boy is Brady and Boomer's long-lost triplet brother, Boz, who was raised by monkeys after being lost in a storm and presumed dead. Agence France-Presse. The Kings learn that secrets have been kept from them as they watch "Mysteries of Kinkow" on TV. Boz's coronation then takes place. But things get worse when Mason tries to save them, but ends up harming himself as well by turning into an infant. Boomer gets mad and then throws out the watch. When Mason arrives, he and King Brady are captured by tarantula people. Following Lanny's advice, the kings journey to the dark side to the evil king's castle to sit on the evil throne and learn the truth. The clones fill in for Brady and Boomer so that they can go surfing, However, clones want to replace Brady and Boomer forever. And the fight is on. When Brady accidentally goes on a date with Mikayla's fight school rival Sabrina and Mikayla refuses to duel, Sabrina takes Brady prisoner. He is part sasquatch. After being banned from the beach, they return and make a bet with Hibachi that they will beat him in a surf competition and take back the beach. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. It reveals that the boy is Brady and Boomer's long lost triplet brother, Boz. The New King (2) The Brofessor and Mary Ann. Mikayla comes down with a fever and starts to turn into a Waka Waka Bug. Lanny lures the kings into the domain of the Nanju Warrior tribe, which are beautiful young women who have mastered the areas magnetic fields and appear to nearly fly. Brady and Boomer learn being king of the island does not meaning being king of the beach when a punk surfer tells them they can't be on is beach. After learning of that, Boomer intends to follow Brady, but a storm keeps Boomer on Kinkow. In the morning they go back to the Kingdom and Brady asks Mikayla out but she says no, because he humiliated Mason in front of the people of Kinkow. Lanny hands the throne back to Brady and Boomer. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Boz wishes for him and Boomer to be closer, but the wish is granted literally when they become magnetically attached. But, his goal is hampered when Tito, a twelve-year-old boy, shows up and threatens to reveal that Boz was accidentally responsible for sinking Mindu. This causes things to come between the kings … (Tarantula People invading Kinkow). Boomer, jealous of the attention Boz is getting, enters the Jikki Kiki dance contest, and picks Boz as the second dancer, believing it an easy win, but when Boomer discovers that Boz is a great dancer, a rivalry develops between the two. But when Boomer finds that the land he wants to build his resort on is occupied by. Boomer and Brady's efforts are often aided by Mikayla, Mason's teenage daughter and hindered by Lanny, a disgruntled cousin, who's out to sabotage the boys and take the throne for himself. While the two girls battle on land, tree and air, Boomer rescues his brother. Together Brady and Boomer use their special rings to defeat Kalakai. Mikayla in turn tells Brady that the kiss was just to save him and it was for the love of her country, and walks away. When Boomer and Boz tarnish Mikayla’s first chance of beating Mason for "Guard of the Year", they feel guilty and secretly set out to help her win the coveted award by putting themselves in danger. Boomer Parker and Brady Parker: TARANTULA PEOPLE. When Mikayla refuses to duel with her Sabrina kidnaps Brady and cages him high in the trees in a trap that is about to fall to his doom unless Mikayla fights. When the kings' attempts to get her back fail, they buy the restaurant and become her bosses all over again. When Brady performs a new song for the crowd with the lyrics having been provided by Lanny, the club is overrun by zombies that have been awakened by the song. Brady and Boomer get help from Mason who was once a professional surfer himself. Zadoc's minions capture Lanny and try to squish him with a huge rock. The kings make clones of themselves and while they go surfing, they send their doubles to the Kalooki Island Peace Summit. Boomer says they can keep the watch, but only for life-threatening emergencies. The Bat Medallion that Boz in Rebecca's apartment has dragged Rebecca to Kinkow. With a chance to become a pro thumb warrior, Boomer wagers the castle and loses, only to find he's been conned by a Dark Side crook. Pair of Kings is an American television sitcom that premiered on the Disney XD cable channel on September 10, 2010. Boomer teaches Boz about the Ten Bro-Mandments. The series centers on brothers Boomer and Brady (Doc Shaw and Mitchel Musso), a pair of 16-year-old fraternal twins (one African-American and one Caucasian), who were raised by their aunt and uncle in Chicago and live a normal existence. 38:40. Pair Of Kings Full Episodes. To help out his quest to finally date Mikayla, Brady makes Boomer impersonate Lucas and pretend to go through the official ceremony, but the plan backfires. Buying time until they find a better solution to fix the crisis, Brady and Boomer disguise themselves as bandits Sirocco and Sirocco Taco, stealing the kingdom's donations and returning the money to the public. Boomer wishes for the island to be danger-free for a date with his girlfriend Rebecca "Awesome" Dawson (who arrives on Kinkow for a visit). The series revolves around a pair of hapless Chicagoan teens (Mitchel Musso, Doc Shaw) who are the heirs to the throne of a fictitious Pacific island called Kinkow. Boomer, Boz, Mikayla, Mason, and Lanny watch Candace's show revealing the mysteries of Kinkow, causing Boz to have doubts about being Co-King. But when the Tarantula people try to roast Boomer alive, Jason cowardly runs off and it's up to Brady to convince Mason and his pregnant self to come back and save Boomer. Brady and Boomer decide that their island needs some fun, so they decide to pull pranks on everyone. He was very close to the triplet's parents. When the castle mysteriously explodes, Boomer and Brady are taken to court and forced to relive their most embarrassing and heroic moments through video clips when they try to prove to the jury that they are not guilty of the unlikely event. When the kings say no to a pair of goat girls who ask them to a dance, they slowly become ugly. But he takes honesty too far, and insults Mikayla, who gets mad and leaves. He tells him that they have to keep it, bacause they can restart their day when something bad happens. Boomer, sick of Mikayla's awkwardness and overall lack of coolness, decides a summer vacation cruise with the rest of the island's teens could make her more popular. When Boomer and Boz find out Lanny is mad at them, they buy him his own island to rule.

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