ozark trail 2 person tent review

Overall really nice and we are pleased with our purchase. It takes longer to take down because the poles hang up in sleeves, plus the usual nuisance of getting it folded, squinching the air out and smooshing it back in the bag. Well, it's six feet long at the longest point, and five feet wide at the widest point, but the floor is diamond-shaped!!!!! June 11, 2015. First of all, it comes in a two-pole design which guarantees smooth and easy assembly. Just be sure to bring the duct tape. Design: 5x6 three season? With a little patience you can find a good value used or on sale. December 17, 2012. For days when you and your partner want to explore the outdoors by yourselves, Ozark Trail offers you this 4-Season tent which comfortably sleeps two people and is amazingly light for easy transport. It's not made for 6 foot people though it can be use for them. It's not some super awesome backpacking tent that's wut i use it for but like some others say stick a tarp on it. I do note that if the temperature gets low enough you get a lot of condensation. EH This is useless now. Four different colors are available from different sellers! The advantages: Low price, small pack weight, quick setup/break down, and small thermal space; add up pretty quickly. In today’s article, let’s take a look at some of the best Ozark Trail Tent you will find in the market. Plenty of headroom. I was checking tents at Walmart. It is very small and would be best suited for one person and their gear. I loved this tent. It may be small but it does not lack the fancy features you will find in Ozark Trail’s big tents. Ozark 3 Person Tent is ideal for a family camping trip. I used the new one just this weekend, and even compared it side-by-side with my Coleman 3-pole 6" igloo tent, sleeping the first night in the bigger Coleman tent, and the second in the Ozark Trail junior tent. If you are very tall, you will need to sleep diagonally. The bottom of the tent is made of a tougher tarp-like woven nylon material and the seams that connect the bottom footprint to the walls are waterproof. This was the fifth or sixth time using the Ozark Trail Junior Dome Tent for a -SERIOUS- camping trip, and it's held up exceptionally well. Ease of Setup: very easy Price Paid: $18, jkippin This versatile, big tent is perfect for your big family too and will work as your main basecamp. Sleeps: 1 The tent is pretty smothering - it has no windows except for the top-half of the door, and a small screen on the top (covered by the rain-fly). I sent a message to Goose asking for assistance. Sometimes it helps he you can warm the poles up in the sun or on your dash defroster if it is cold. It was not a two minute set up as advertised and one of the poles busted during set up but we were able to rig it with our own screws. There are even small buffers to prevent the water from getting into the front door and seep into the ground. I don't normally comment on Ozark Trail reviews, but yours cracked me up! It’s an instant cabin tent, so it’s so putting it up and taking it down is a breeze. Ease of Setup: Extremely easy It is only 5x6 which is alright but remember you need a place to put you pillow and you don't really want your feet and head touching the walls. I am going to rain proof this thing after reading other reviews. Browse Ozark Trail's top-rated hiking and camping gear and more. Easy set up tent and huge. I'm a gear head, so I love looking to make sure I've got all the gear I could possibly need (despite knowing this from having been on the trail many times). It can easily occupy 3 people at a time leaving no scope of uneasiness. +2 Price Paid: $19, Brian Lesyk One can find the plastic survival tube-tent for around $5, but it does not close at the ends, so it offers no protection from cold nor critters, and tears easily. Price Paid: $29.99, colormyworld4me@... However, I TAKE CARE of my tent. It was $17 and came in a handy carrying case. I used purchased-at-Wal-Mart seam sealer. Two adults can fit, if you cuddle. Source: bought it new I liked this tent so much, I bought a second one! And the fly is very small, but if you can improvise this will work on thru hikes such as the AT, CDT, and the Pacific Coast Trail. Luckily, Ozark Trail Tent offers has different tent capacity so you can choose one according to the people you are going with. Check Today’s Price On Amazon. Could use a little bit better ventilation. It was $17 and came in a handy carrying case. So let me walk you through the most important features you need to find in a tent that would suit your needs. September 3, 2003. But that's not all; it will also allow you to take a peek at the gorgeous view outside. After almost 15 years of abuse, motorcycle trips, camping, kids playing, weeks living out of the tent and some drunken tomfoolery the tent is showing its age. Sleeps: 2 For $20 bucks you can't beat the Junior Dome. To make sure that your tent will be as comfortable as possible, you need to check out if it has good ventilation and air circulation. | updated Apr 26, 2017. One split and I can't find a replacement. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. -heavy duty floor Full collaspe. That being said, it is very small and would be best suited for one person and their gear. It may have such a huge space, but it only has a few pockets. This tent was very easy and quick to set up and is extremely lightweight. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this tent! They are still usable, but they don't snap into shape like they are originally designed to do. This tent is garbage. This one is of the same size as the Ozark Trail tent, about 14’ x 10’ with a 78’’ center height. She had a Sierra Designs tent, with footprint and rainfly, and the floor of her tent was swampy. No one over 5' will fit lengthwise in this tent. Before I was ever able to use it, a neighbor borrowed it for a slumber party.   It is also very light. This tent stands out from the crowd; thanks to its design, space, specifications that steal the whole show. That is annoying, but Price Paid: $20, Kat Amundsen It is designed to fit your needs as an avid camper. The bottom section prevents moisture from getting you and your equipment wet. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent #3. Great tent. I am so sorry. The door zips 180 degrees all the way around the bottom, for ease of getting in and out. I woke up in the middle of the night to find that my sleeping bag over my torso was completely soaked! I am disappointed in this product! It is very comfortable and a person can set it up within 60 seconds. Its floor is not well protected against rain. This is because it has been innovatively designed with poles pre-attached to its entire system. My older tent had, as advertised, a 5-by-6 foot square floor.   Price Paid: $25, OutDoor_Wierdo Two people in under 5 minutes the second time we set it up. The traditional dome design worked fine. Super sad to report this, because when it's up, I love this tent. It reached 30 degrees (freezing) both nights, which is VERY cold for Florida. Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Straight Wall Family Cabin Tent. +1 The first time I used it, it rained and the rain came through the walls of the tent which leaked down and completely soaked my sleeping bag. Toss them and get some heavier replacements. Add your own review » It is perfect for one person. This tent is garbage and I wouldn't use it if it were given to me for free. The poles are very lightweight and I was a bit concerned, however, they did hold up. Stability is great, the style of the tent is a dome which is good for rain and wind. It can roll around back of the truck and doesn't take up any room. July 21, 2013. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room at Amazon.com. I hike parts of the AT and it works perfect. Have you used this? Adults should consider a real tent with serious brand names (North Face, REI, Marmot, etc.). Weight: 4 lbs approx. Okay, so I was in Wal-Mart the other day and thought it might be kinda cool to buy a new tent. However, if you are gentle they won't break. And if you’re afraid things can get crowded inside, well don’t fret! Some of theses reviewers are 2 hared on it. But the material used in this tent is of high-quality so it is durable and a bit heavy. Not only does it leak--in a high wind or two it will stretch the fabric--causing the material to lose its tension. The less water that HITS your tent, the less water you'll find INSIDE it. ALL OZARK PRODUCT are now crap to me. This is why tents are undoubtedly worth investing. BUYER BEWARE: This tent is a great size and was easy to put up BUT, the first (and only) time we used it a gust of wind knocked it down and one of the PLASTIC elbows broke!

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