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I have a 22 and it’s my favourite bit of outdoor kit that I own. I’m not a huge Osprey fan. There are many ways you can get back on track with Fanatik. I have a 22l and the wife has an 11l which get used mainly for walking . ... finishing got Payson out of his comfort zone and back in touch with the inner child that first fell in love with the bike. What’s the deal with the Atherton Bikes Ltd share issue CrowdCube campaign? Osprey Talon 33: Hiking vs. When he's not not out hammering kit for us or racing the UK Gravity Enduro, Ben is in the Gym in Bristol training mountain bikers to ride stronger and faster. The main storage compartment is big enough for a light weight waterproof jacket, a mini pump and a few spares, whilst the smaller front compartment features a clip for the van key and space for wallet, phone and some snacks. What we don’t: Limited support for bulky and heavy loads. Fresh Goods 523 | Cars, Guitars, Beer and Women, This topic has 19 replies, 16 voices, and was last updated. Also use it for walking. Given its size, it is very stable and I preferred using it over a pack of similar size. Traveling. The Osprey Tournament Talon Top Hook has been responsible for some big paydays for tournament pro's and should account for many more. To be fair, waist packs like this have lost a lot of their stigma, as more and more people adopt them as a way to ride without the restrictions of a back pack. I’ve not really got particularly light/small wild camping gear. Rated 4 out of 5 by Reno Runner from Good pack for a short hike! If you are like me, you like to hike when you travel. It also works as a great every day commuter on the train, pavement or even on the bike. Atherton Bikes Smash Through Their Crowdcube Target. 100% Launches Second Generation Racecraft, Accuri and Strata Goggles. Bought a new Osprey bladder on a deal when I bought the bag. Only the hydration packs come with bladders. Osprey are fantastic, love them. Osprey Talon 22. My only slight niggle is I wish it had a built in rain cover, but they can be purchased separately. Wild Country Zephyros 2 etc, It was a bit of squeeze but manageable…..I actually found the same load more comfortable in a bigger rucksack though. Tested : Ben’s EThirteen Vario Infinite Dropper Post Review. Latest is a stratos 36 for hill walking, it’s so well made, they do some great wee touches. Ben is part of our Enduro test team and the owner of MTBStrengthFactory. It is worth noting that I wore the bag just above my hips rather than on my waist and I felt it was both comfier and more stable when positioned here. All are very well made and serve their purposes well. Tested : Lewis’ Canyon Torque CF 7.0 Review. @daveash I’ve used my 33 for wild camping. Tested : Joe’s Endura Singletrack II Helmet Review. I also have a 33l which I use for full day hikes. Premier Club One more thing, someone above mentioned £50 Talon 11s !? Feel free to give us a call if none of the previous options are being helpful . My son’s have Scott, Evoc and Dakine of similar size to my Escapist 18. See the Osprey Talon 22 See the Women's Tempest 20 Výrobce kvalitních batohů, tašek a příslušenství. I think it would be too big for riding. So comfortable in use, nicely laid out. IMHO Osprey bladders are far superior to Camelback bladders in every way. Contact Us The bottles are specifically shaped to work with the Talon 6 and between them offer over a litre of water that should see you hydrated for an hour or two depending on the weather. My gf has the female version in a 22l, and again it’s been faultless. I use a Camelback bladder in them (I already have about half a dozen of them from old Camelbaks). It appears that your cart is currently empty! I have the Talon 11 (and the 6 waistpack). Premier Partners for Singletrack issues & exclusive subscriber perks, Metcheck MTB Weather Forecasts At A Glance, Singletrack Cycle Of Good Inner Tube Belt. Covid-19 Update: Click here for more info, Free Standard Shipping for Bikes and Wheels*, #dropdown-cart .mini-products-list li.bold-hidden{display:none;} If you typed the URL directly, please make sure the spelling is correct. This pack is perfect for mountain bikers, trail runners, and hikers - the perfect solution for keeping your urban or wild journey simple so your focus remains on … Not everyone buying a sac wants a bladder. If you clicked on a link to get here, the link is outdated. Very light and well made. As above 33 used for hiking/climbing here….my fav piece of gear I own….used it a LOT around the world. I did buy a 22l as well but found it slightly too small for day hikes and slightly too big for mtb so returned it. It wouldn’t be free it would be added to the price. Osprey Talon Packs – Rider Reviews & why no hydration pack incl. Shop for Osprey Talon at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. I spotted the Osprey pack in our local Cotswold Outdoor store and tried it on for size. The Tournament Talon features a sharp top hook and has a belly ring for rigging a stinger treble or frog hook. I have a Talon 33 – it was perfect for a multi-day hike in the Alps, staying in refuges. Classifieds Rules Love my 22. I wouldn’t use it on a bike, it’s too tall. 0. You may want a lightweight travel bag that can also handle a fair bit of backcountry hiking. They are excellent packs, we use them walking mainly, not MTB specific. Yes, really handy, but they snag and get small holes in them quite quickly, I can see that being the thing which retires mine. All I need now is a tube and a banana taped to my top tube, goggles with my open face lid and I will be, Full Enduro. To continue the section above, the Osprey Talon 33 is built for hiking, but handles traveling great too. The Osprey Talon 6 hydration waistpack for men is perfect for those quick outdoor excursions that are light on gear. Right size, good back system if you hate the ‘mesh frame’ rubbish like I do, useful features, incredibly comfortable and can be found for £50, Only thing wrong with it is its as waterproof as as teabag and has no raincover as per above, oh and the blue colour gets dirty quickly and is difficult to clean. Privacy Massive Osprey fan here, good company, good people. Vyzkoušeli jsme je za vás, ať můžete snadno vybrat ten pravý! My Escapist isn’t a bad pack, just not great. One main drawback of a bum bag is that is is right in the firing line of the mud on your back wheel, and I found the bottles got blasted with crap on muddy rides. I’ve got a fair few of them – Talons 6, 11, 33 and 44, plus a carryon/rucksack thing. If you are looking to ride without a back pack then the Osprey Talon 6 is really worth a look. A rain cover that’s badly made. On the bike I tend to use the smaller lighter Katari ( poss sp.) My only reservation for MTB use would be the mesh side pockets could catch on stuff and get knackered pretty quickly. Osprey are known for their quality riding packs, amongst other disciplines, and their Talon 6 branches out into the bum bag/fanny pack market as a more catchily-titled ‘Lumbar Pack’. Strange thing is no hydration pack included which is tbh bugging me a tad. They sit securely in their holsters and have little elastic loops that hold them in place. The Stif Squatch | Everything You Need to Know. If you know any folks in emergency services, they get 40% off with bluelightcard. The Osprey Talon 11 is the the smallest backpack in the Talon line. I have used the Talon 6 on a wide range of trails including some pretty gnarly sections and have never felt distracted or annoyed by it.   I’ve got a Talon 22 for days out and bigger days on the bike (Raptor for smaller pack requirement days). I’d rather choose a bladder myself. Although the strap is pretty small, I found that the bag stayed very still on my hips throughout my time testing it. At a price that is hard to beat, this is a bait that should be in every anglers tackle box. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Nejnovější recenze Osprey Talon 33 Univerzální batoh pro různorodé aktivity. I’ve got compression straps that don’t compress much, and leaves the top flapping around. The Osprey Talon 6 Waistpack is a streamlined lumbar pack complete with 2x 570mL bottles for when you want your hands free on day hikes, trail races and mountain bike rides.. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Nukeproof Urchin Kids’ Components | Everything You Need to Know. The only Osprey I bought and didn’t like was the Mutant 40l (IIRC) it had a detachable top section which just annoyed the hell out of me when I was using it hut to hut in the Alps, stuff kept falling out the gap between the two bits. The 44 has a frame to it that the 33 does not, so it’s very good for carrying heavier loads in the hills. Any and so there must be a fair few here that have them in some size / another have any feedback and opinions on how they are for every use over time? Sold it on Ebay as soon as I got back. I never felt them move or lost a bottle on a ride, even when crashing over the bars! My only gripe is that the mesh side pockets are made of tissue paper so they tear easily. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for your products. Featured pack from the Talon/Tempest + Transporter Series #ospreypacks #giveaway "Summer has come to an end but your adventure shouldn’t. A few bits of lightweight mesh or elastic doesn’t last in my experience too. As someone said above, it makes a great overnight bag if you are staying in a refuge and just take a very light sleeping bag but it’s too small for bivvying. It features two main compartments with a combined total of 6 litres of storage, 2 x 570ml water bottles that sit in holsters either side of the storage, and a pair of mesh pockets on the waist straps for bars and bits and bobs. Sign up for the latest videos, news, & products. Two zips covered by train flaps, one not – all within a few cm of each other! The Talon 6 from Osprey is a generously-sized model designed for running and hiking, although as you will read, it is a great option for trail riding too. Whilst storage is important, the most important thing to consider is how the bag sits when you are riding, particularly when you are riding down rough trails.

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