on fedex vehicle for delivery

“On FedEX vehicle for delivery” at 7:49 just means that at 7:49AM, your package was scanned in the depot by the truck loaders as they loaded it into the delivery truck(couriers usually come in in the morning to their truck already loaded.) Intel Core i7 5930K @4.5GHz | Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5 | Win8.1 Pro x64 | Corsair H105 2x Nvidia GeForce Titan X SLI | Asus ROG Swift 144Hz 3D Vision G-Sync LCD | 2xDell U2410 | 32GB Acer XPG DDR4 2800 Samsung 850 Pro 256GB | Samsung 840EVO 4x1TB RAID 0 | Seagate 2TB SSHD Yamaha VSX-677 A/V Receiver | Polk Audio RM6880 7.1 | LG Super Multi Blu-Ray Auzen X-Fi HT HD | … The good news: It's on the truck on the way to your house. If the driver is running behind, he’s likely to mark the package as No One Home and not come close to your house. Or is the truck just loaded once in the morning, and the guy delivers till 7pm, meaning the package could show up at any time till then? You are using an out of date browser. Also Read: Best Cricket Games in the World. ‘XCOM 2 Collection’ iOS Review – Portable Tactical Perfection? They didn't reply for one week, so I followed up with the seller. See “ Fees and Other Shipping Information” (PDF). I contacted the seller about the situation and they said they'd get in contact with fedex to see what was going on. Had you gone out and helped push his truck out of the snow, you probably would have got yor package right then! On FedEx vehicle for delivery LANSING, MI. FedEx Smart Post: All you need to know How do I Speak to a Human at FedEx? *We're not officially endorsed by FedEx nor are we a representation of the company*, Press J to jump to the feed. I sugest you call Fedex to find out what's going on. When it arrives will have more to do with where you happen to be on his daily delivery routes. He said he might get in trouble if he missed any other morning deliveries and the software showed he’d dropped an afternoon delivery already. The original package is still pending and it's probably lost forever. Package has been stuck on vehicle for almost two days now. Is anyone else having this? They never called back. They park the trailer, deliver what’s on the truck, and then fetch the stuff in the trailer and deliver that. I got the package two days later. Loaded onto a vehicle on the 6th and customer support just tells me the same info I can get from the tracker. Last week I was tracking a package that was loaded onto the truck for delivery before 3AM. Das Jahr liegt vor uns: Einblicke unserer Kunden. Fedex Saturday Working Hours & Delivery Process : The Ultimate Guide. At the time the FedEx driver said he attempted delivery, I was standing in the front yard talking with one of the contractors. And if for any reason they do not, they hire an outside delivery company to delivery on their behalf. In addition, we had contractors working in the house. What's New in iOS 14 Beta 5: Bigger Apple News Widget, Hidden Photo Album Changes and More! Erste Schritte. What should I put for employer address and phone # to apply for loan. Or will they hold it for not using a faster shipping? “On truck for delivery” means “left the FedEx building.”. I didn’t get my package that day. I was shopping at Lowe's and got mad that an employee suggested I go to Home Depot for a specific product. It’s a crapshoot whether FedEx will deliver it or not. I didn’t get my package that day. Mine is in Hillbilly USA. Things vary depending on where you’re located. They don’t know when the driver will stop for lunch or bathroom breaks. Call fedex and ask if it will in fact be delivered today. What to do? Haha really? I was working at home about two weeks agon and waiting for a FedEx delivery that needed to be signed for. for the peeps who are getting them today, pics? And it will be delivered in future days, this is a simple massage. The possibilities are endless. What is example of bad customer service in store? Why is it taking like 6 hours to get here? MY PACKAGE CAME AT 4:00 AND A WOMAN BROUGHT I DO NOT WANT WOMAN DELIVERING PACKAGES FOR US ANYMORE THEY ARE SO SLOW AND THE SERVICE IS TERRIBLE DO NOT SHIP WITH FEDEX ANYMORE. In talking with FedEx Ground (who are independent contractors, not FedEx employees), 12-14 hour delivery days are pretty normal. I am sure you will now understand the meaning of “on FedEx vehicle for Delivery”. But no one likes traffic jams, exhaust fumes, or delivery vans blocking lanes on crowded city streets.

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