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Answer: Bounce, Question: Where are 40,000 Americans injured each year? Let us know which brain teaser stumped you in the comments below! She kicked it up. I think the poster who took on this question answered it perfectly. I don’t really consider myself a mean person but come on – you know what they say about asking a stupid question. Regardless, when I saw this question had been posed, I knew for certain at least one of the answers would be “I’ll tell you later”. And then give the fifth orange together with the basket to the last person. Maybe why people say we don’t use toilet paper, hmm I don’t know, we don’t want to chop our Maple trees perhaps? You’re in an interview, expecting to be asked intelligent questions so you can show off your excellent preparation that you spent the past three days doing, and all-night rehearsing to deliver the perfect answer. We can’t see you. Here are the answers. There was just no way this guy was going to ask this question and get any useful answers. Distribute 1 orange each to the four people. A good read, Wanda , I don’t want to ask yahoo questions because they have too many to answer… so. Isn’t it the right time to beat it? What is a Blue Whale’s heart the same size as? Are part-time band leaders semi-conductors? I have the meat, just bring the buns. 1. If cats and dogs didn’t have fur would we still pet them? Using the vocabulary above, write out the first stanza of the poem in a more standardized version of English. Remember earlier when I posted the rather angry answer from a poster who was a wee bit upset with the number of “Am I pregnant” questions on Yahoo Answers? Do Roman paramedics refer to IV’s as “4’s”? Answer: Ever heard of gravity? Why … Does killing time damage eternity? If you’re looking for the definition of a word, there are perhaps better places to look than Yahoo Answers. Are you present minded person who can tackle with every question in mini seconds? Answer: An Alligator, Question: It is illegal in Alaska to look at a moose from where? What color is the bear? Ignorance VS. Apathy: A Philosophical Debate. Which ones is your favorite? Do stars clean themselves with meteor showers? Most of the times, few questions simply require your presence of mind and common sense but you go blank. We’re not all overly polite. This one amuses me to no end and not just because someone actually thought that the “dun dun dun dun” thing would get them an answer. Barr tells DOJ to probe voter fraud claims if they exist, 'Attacks on experts are going to haunt us,' doctor says, Rapinoe: White male athletes not affected by 'isms', Boy band singer with terminal cancer welcomes baby, Evangelicals wonder what's next under Biden, McDonald's unveils its own meatless burger, Putin mum on Biden's win, foreshadowing tension, Experts weigh in on Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, Report: White Sox coach charged with DUI before hiring, St. Louis couple sues journalist for pic showing them with guns. A: Laughs . I’m actually on Yahoo Answers and I ABSOLUTELY love the loony stuff people post on dere. Answer: No time at all it is already built. If there are fifteen crows on the fence and the farmer shoots a third of them, how many are left? Is it wrong that I want to make my own “Saw” movie and full it with a cast of yahoo Answers members?. Come on, guys – haven’t a lot of you wanted that at one point or another? Answer: Small Car. But, how about you, can't you stop asking it? I mean, come on – don’t tell her it just takes longer for boys. Actually, 11 or 12 is a perfectly appropriate and average age for a period. Is someone is saying meow to you, it’s important to consider the context. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. The fishing party consisted of three people – a grandmother, a mother and a daughter. This poor guy just wants to make his penis bigger. LOVE THIS LIST! Yes, it just need the basic knowledge and accurate answers. Do you think Y/A should take away our ability to report questions? Heck, I still hear odd rumors about myself going around on a regular basis. Answer: Right here at!

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