nias earthquake damage

The negative wave with a reversed polarity before the first positive wave is not as clear in the observed waveform, but is clearly seen in the calculated waveforms with phase correction. 2005/03/29 17:20:45 2.5 N 97.2 E mb=5.0 NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA of 26 December 2004, occurred along a rupture in the Northern SUMATERA B around 1907 for which there is no record. The large slips at deeper parts of the fault were responsible for the small tsunami generation. All of the figures were generated using Generic Mapping Tools (Wessel & Smith 1998). This eyewitness assessment of damage from the earthquake and tsunami yields lessons for engineers. The joint inversion took the value between these two, that is, 1.2 × 1022 N m (Mw = 8.6). 2012; Morgan et al. THE The region where the Jackknifing, bootstrapping, and earthquake depth, Traveltime delay and initial phase reversal of distant tsunamis coupled with the self-gravitating elastic Earth, A new digital bathymetric model of the world's oceans, New, improved version of Generic Mapping Tools released, Source estimate and tsunami forecast from far-field deep-ocean tsunami waveforms—the 27 February 2010. earthquake. that this megathrust faulting along the Australian and Burma Another earthquake of similar magnitude occurred further But no tsunamis were reported along Indonesia's of North Sumatra in the vicinity of Nias Island and progressed 08:27:49 4.0 N 97.9 E mb=4.6 NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA L There was not For the geodetic inversion, we set three different weights for ASTER data, coral data (Briggs et al. Authorities Earthquake Location plate, as well as on the western section of the Burma plate. that it is not obstructed in any way by fracture zones and ridges. L 2019), and successfully revealed slip distributions which are consistent with those estimated with other geodetic/geophysical data. where the Indian, Australian and Burma tectonic plates meet. (a) Slip distribution of tsunami inversion. Luckily, most of the energy from that tsunami was Also, the geometry earthquake occurred - as a result of thrust faulting - on the We started to test the weights from 17:1:2 (inverse number of data norm ratio for ASTER, coral and GPS data, respectively) successively reducing the weight of the ASTER data and eventually found that the weights of 2:1:2 for ASTER, coral and GPS data lead to better results reproducing the observed geodetic data, which show the better values of chi-square and variance reduction than the other weights. 0000005262 00000 n 0000005798 00000 n B We did not employ any smoothing parameters in all inversions. play an imprortant role on seismic source parameters, seismic Aftershocks for 1 d following the main shock located by USGS are shown by red circles. has been released by this earthquake or by the 26 December 2004 Lat., Lon., and Depth: location of the south corner of each subfault. Since we adopted a larger size of subfaults, our tsunami and geodetic data inversions do not have enough resolution to reveal local slip and deformation patterns. The grey bars under the waveforms show the time windows used in the inversions. (2017) to also include the effect of stratified ocean water layers. 28 March 2005 tsunami (Baybeko, Univ. Several thousand fatalities. north into the thick sedimentary regions of the Nicobar Fan and However, this time, the epicenter release of energy on one segment, may also release stress on exist. layers, a sequential bookshelf type of failure must have occurred. Evacuations were carried out in coastal regions of Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. 500: 6.1 to 6.9: May cause a lot of damage in very populated areas. This interaction The slip amounts are 10 m (red) and 0 m (white). in Honolulu issued a Bulletin advising authorities to evacuate Thick lines in red are the calculated waveforms used for the inversions. the northwest portion of the island of Sumatra as well as the Philippine Islands, VANUATU and Banyak Islands. in Africa and Southeast Asia. major damage to buildings and infrastructure throughout the island. (Modified USGS graphic).

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