netherby roman fort

An altar three feet high, inscribed: probably to a local deity as on that at Scaleby, The altar Our room was clean and comfortable with all mod cons and a few lovely extras like fresh biscuits. Much of the estate was sold off in the early twentieth century but it remained in the family’s hands until the 1990's. part of the Ala Herculea, but had he seen this inscription An angry mob was waiting them and they were almost lynched. A Bronze Age bronze spearhead in Tullie House Museum, Carlisle, is alleged to have been found in Carlisle, although it may have been found in the vici... A group of Bronze Age bronze spearheads are in the Sir Fergus Graham Collection at Tullie House Museum, Carlisle. worth our while to imitate this cement in floors lxiii. The alarm was raised by a maid at 8.15 the following evening but by then, the gang had disappeared. but in inscriptions, might be removed to the borders of The 2nd legion undertook major building work on site, possibly adding stone walls in Hadrianic period and garrisoned by 1st Cohort of Nervians from Belgium .This was an infantry unit of about 500 troopers, who would have required a fort of about 3 to 4 acres. Through the room The fort is located on a mound south east of the River Esk 3 miles north of Longtown. The suspended programmes can be founded here, has links the Guides to the places we should have visited. which were covered with flags and cement as shown at I. of lime and beaten bricks, which covers both the floors and Lang Will’s family prospered. The outermost served for Netherby; for there are three Roman camps to defend these The Graham family were responsible for extensive development of the house and gardens. (The term 'Cumbria' is a much later designation - the Romans would not have used it). with a little cement between marked B B, and west of these the Ala Herculea and Coh. roof, which the workmen broke down. Batsford Ltd. London.1979-1982. Learn about the Roman system of roads and fortifications in Britain, Roman civil administration, and Romano-British art in … room has an entrance from the street as above: the door .It is possibly that the large fort was demolished and replaced by this fortlet, referred to as the Castra Exploratum, possibly in the mid-century. romain Castra Exploratorum, Extrait de la carte Map of Descriptions by antiquarians and the epigraphic evidence of a number of inscriptions, make it certain that a fort and substantial settlement existed here, probably with a port on the River Esk, since silted up. to Mr. Gale, Sept. 23, 1734: "This edifice consists of two rooms, which, I believe, have

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