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It’s worth noting that I am expecting 2019 to be much busier with a trip to Phoenix, two events in Vegas and several in Europe already locked in. Although I am based in the UK based, I have international experience of researching a wide array of topics to ensure content is delivered before deadlines to provide clients with peace of mind. Advanced email signature solution designed for enterprise needs. Learn about Templafy: who we are and what we do. My name is Neil Hughes and I’m a tech columnist, freelance writer, blogger, ghostwriter and podcaster who writes engaging and often viral content. After seeing countless companies making these same mistakes, I launched Tech Blog Writer Ltd to help businesses and individuals with online content that allows them to reap the benefits that useful articles and blog posts bring to their readers. Centralized control for document management ecosystems. Online material that has clearly been filled with keywords for the sole purpose of boosting SEO will also leave users rushing to close their browsing tab. Posted in BLOG, Interviews, PORTFOLIO and tagged Absolute Radio, cage rage, Johnny Hot Sausage, Kerrang!, NutsTv, OJ Borg, OJ Borg Interview, XFM on 04/11/2010 by Neil Hughes. Find information, how-to guides and FAQs for Templafy’s platform. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2021 is around the corner, and after an unexpected year that’s thrown workplaces into new challenges and more disruption than anyone could have predicted, it’s time to consider what the digitalfalse, Medical communication covers a wide variety of information types; the healthcare website you read to check your symptoms, the leaflet you pick up at your doctors’ practice, and the flyer you getfalse, The healthcare industry is changing. I work with CEOs, businesses, and entrepreneurs to turn their stories, insights, expertise and transform them into written articles. Technology has also revolutionized the event industry and how information is digested by audiences. Posted in BLOG, Movies, Technology, TV and tagged github, movies, Netflix, Netflix for Pirates, Popcorn Time, Technology, Torrent, Torrents for Dummies, TV, YTS on 11/03/2014 by Neil Hughes. While employees are creating business documents every day, Templafy helps them create faster and within company standards, every time. Back in the days where … Do you need a ghostwriter to help your clients with tech thought leadership articles across multiple industries? Examples of my work can be found on my LinkedIn publishing page and columns at Inc, Huffington Post, Tech HQ, and The Next Web. Editorials; Interviews; ABOUT; Search for: The Warriors (1979) Cyrus Speech. Kosár. The recognition is incredibly flattering and illustrates the value of building relationships through content and creating genuine conversations with your audience. Are you a busy professional that wants to position yourself as a thought leader within your industry? Kosárba. Még nincs termék a kosárban. A free guide covering everything you ever wanted to know about SaaS template management. In 2018, I took my daily tech podcast on the road and traveled over 100,000 miles. Frissítés. Rubik Ernő. Watch this webinar on-demand to hear Forrester TEI consultant Julia Fadzeyeva speak about the ROI of Templafy and how to increase productivity. Regisztrálok Belépek. My podcast interviews are published on multiple platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify during the event. However, I appreciate the time constraints that are currently preventing you from reaching your content goals. Miként tanulhatunk a kudarcainkból? Menu. How consulting firms are staying competitive through efficiency. Access to all company templates and assets inside document apps. Please contact me if you need my help. Branding, document management, digital transformation, employee experience. Gary Vaynerchuk and David Blaine unmask the tech blog writer…. Lifelogging; Movies ; Music; Running; Technology; Travel; TV; PORTFOLIO. Custom-designed features and powerful adjustment tools. The recognition is incredibly flattering and illustrates the value of building relationships through content and creating genuine conversations with your audience. Episode 10: Can Beacons, Indoor Mapping & Deals Apps Save Shopping Malls From Show-Rooming? Find the latest articles on brand, technology, documents, and more. But before we talk about who your audience or what you want to achieve, here is my story. I am now fortunate enough to write for some of the biggest tech companies and tech leaders in the world. I prefer to focus on building relationships and engaging with my audience by making them apart of the podcast. Antibiotics are antimicrobial medications that are commonly prescribed to kill bacteria and prevent them from spreading in the human body. Five tips to prepare for the digital workplace through 2021 and beyond, Documents in healthcare: the importance and the complexities, How to make digitization in healthcare a lasting change. 0 db termék. These are great problems to have and I genuinely enjoy talking to a diverse range of guests from some of the most exciting new tech start-ups to the biggest tech behemoths and thought leaders across the globe. Auto-check company presentations are always up-to-date. Easy global distribution of fonts through user-group control. Learn how your comment data is processed. Könyv e-könyv Antikvár Idegen nyelv ű Zene Film Ajándék, utalványok. A simple ethos of providing valuable content that allows both businesses and individuals to build their own online community and even position themselves as a thought leader. My calendar is already booking up fast, so if you need my help with anything, please try to let me know in advance. Ensuring global brand consistency in business documents and emails. One blog post and one podcast conversation a week will provide your brand with over one hundred pieces of content in just 12 months. Forbes named his podcasts as 1 of 15 "inspiring podcasts for professionals of every stripe" and he has millions of listeners from around 160 countries. Learn about the individual modules and how they work. Neil Hughes Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own. My name is Neil Hughes and I’m a tech columnist, freelance writer, blogger, ghostwriter and podcaster who writes engaging and often viral content. The podcast has listeners in 165 countries and my written content also has a strong online engagement with over 50,000 followers. Kosárba. I enjoy involving my audience in a unique and meaningful way. Build accurate business documents fast with smart automation. In this digital age, online readers are incredibly sophisticated and will instantly see through transparent attempts to create content designed to give the hard sell on products or services. Essentially, I believe that technology works best when it brings people together. Is a lack of time preventing you from sharing your insights and expertise? So why not contact me and start a conversation about how I can lighten your load and ensure you meet your objectives. In December 2015, Executive Editor at LinkedIn Daniel Roth announced the top 10 writers who inspired new ideas and sparked conversations throughout tech, finance, venture, media and beyond. In 2016 my ghostwriting work enabled my client to also win a LinkedIn Top Voice award for written work around their industry too. However, I’m is not motivated by numbers. But, key takeaways from the interviews are repurposed into written articles too. Although it might sound glamorous, I do have to sign nondisclosure agreements which means I am unable to showcase much of my best work. 3 min read. This is my story. Everyone should take great care to use a conscientious and reputable Canadian online pharmacy, Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Motorsport, 257: The Trak Male Fertility Testing System - Fitbit For Sperm, 256: Why Healthcare Security Is Vulnerable and Botnets & Ransomware Remain Our Biggest Threat, Accenture Interactive – Glen Hartman, Senior Managing Director, Adobe – Jason Woosley on the Union of Adobe and Magento Delivers New Commerce Cloud, Airbus – How Technology Is Improving Customer Experiences, Allianz Share Their Digital Transformation Journey, Why Former Apple CEO John Sculley Is Still In The Disruption Business, BBC America – The Camera Technology Behind Planet Earth, Capital One – Meet Eno, the Intelligent Assistant, Citrix – From Digital Workspaces to Entertainment Experiences, Why The EdTech Leader Is Top Of The Online Learning Space, Dentons –  Smart Cities & Communities Initiative and Think Tank, Autonomous Vehicles and the Driverless Commute, DHL – Renata Mihich, Managing Director, DHL Global Forwarding (DGF), Fender Guitars – Why They Are Going Digital With Fender Play, Grammarly – How Grammarly Uses AI to Enhance Your Writing, Guy Kawasaki Reveals The Lessons he Learned From Steve Jobs and Offers Advice To Tech Startups, Maninder Singh talks about Cybersecurity Fusion Center, HubSpot – From Startup to a Successful Public Company, IBM Watson – How Cognitive Technologies Enable Business Transformation, IDG Founder – The Story of Founder Pat McGovern, Manchester United – The Digital Transformation of Football, Marylene Delbourg-Delphis – The Duchess of Silicon Valley, Real Madrid – How They Reached 100 Million Facebook Fans, Rossignol – A Digital Transformation Story, SAP Jam – How AI Will Transform Enterprise Collaboration, Waze –  How Waze Is Revolutionizing Digital Navigation, Wendy Williams Why The Talk Show Host Is Going Digital, William Shatner – Talks About LottoGopher, Star Trek & the Ubuntu Project, Zappos – Ameen Kazerouni Lead Data Scientist. Leave a comment Post navigation ← Templafy Co-Founder, Christian Lund, sat down with tech blogger, Neil C. Hughes (otherwise known as the Tech Blog Writer), to discuss how cloud technology can reinvent the document creation process. Neil talks to some of the biggest names in the tech industry about the latest tech trends that span across many different industries. Ensuring compliance and productivity in a highly regulated industry. Discover career opportunities at our offices around the world. I hope that in a small way my written work and podcasts can highlight that technology is now everyone’s business. Centralizing control of company document ecosystems. Everyone should take great care to use a conscientious and reputable Canadian online pharmacy, Episode 11: Digital Hoarding, Online Authenticity & New Social Media App BeMe. He explains the different challenges he sees them face and how cloud technology can help them stay ahead of the digital curve. Find the latest Templafy news, press releases and press kit. On my daily tech podcast, I interview tech leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders and even the occasional celebrity about how technology is transforming their business. A kosarad üres. Hogyan állítsunk össze munkahelyi álomcsapatot? Learn about integrations with Templafy, systems we integrate with, and how to build custom integrations connected to Templafy’s API. I am currently recording seven podcast interviews a week and guests booked in for the next six weeks. Guides, videos and podcasts on technology related topics. Neil C. Hughes. In his interview, Christian shares his experience of working with large enterprises to upgrade their technology around the document creation process. Here is a small selection of some of the inspirational guests I have been fortunate to interview on the show in over 900 interviews with leaders all over the world.

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