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Berlin, Hamburg, Stop by and take a dip at Müller’sches Volksbad. This Chocobo strives to do just that - take you to all hard to reach places, doing so sustainably and ethically, while always hitting pause for nerdy city breaks. maybe I have to get on over to a new part of Deutschland. The Chocobo is a mythical bird from a video game series. There are three main sledding hills in Munich. There are also many other Christmas markets. Read my full detailed guide to plan your winter holiday around the Christmas markets. Deep-sea inhabitants swim through the aquariums - from zebra sharks to octopuses. Small disclaimer: I rode this and it was crowded and so steamy you couldn’t really see out the windows. Find out more information about several ways to get out and ski the Alps with my comprehensive guide, here. That is just to mention a few. It is so hauntingly breathtaking with a fresh coat of snow. I even include loads of German and Bavarian NYE traditions and culture. If the weather is too dang cold to do anything than hop on a heated bus for a quick tour of Munich. You can also find some cheaper name brand and German brand stores around the Marienhof and Marienplatz. The first is in the Englischergarten at Monopteros – this is on Google maps. The city center of Munich transforms into a skating rink from November to January. So, It’s not my top recommendation of things to do in Munich in the Winter, but it might be right up someone’s alley. What a lovely list! I’ll be hitting up Munich later this summer! Plan the trip yourself or book a guided tour. Not only is it picture perfect, but winter sees an increase in cultural events from fantastic concerts, spirit and beer events, and great outdoor activities. I appreciate it. If you are in Munich for the New Year then don’t miss my ultimate guide to Munich’s best NYE parties and events. I realize their entire website is in German. BMW does a great job keeping things interesting and engaging. Munich is the picture perfect European city in the Winter, especially after a snowfall. But my Deutsch is Non-existent at the moment. Find the best markets, food, drink, alternative markets and learn some Christmas phrases in German! Stadtwerke München GmbH. In the cold weather, the Nymphenburg Palace canal turns into Munich's longest curling track. Personally, that tour with a local searching for GLUWEIN and cookies sounds right up my alley. Munich is host to everything from the Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest science and technology museum, that’s right I said largest in the WORLD, to neoclassic art and ancient civilization museums. You can even train in the warm outdoor pool at Dantebad during the winter. Read a detailed post about how to get to Zugspitze, here. Many animals are much less finicky than people when it comes to temperatures. You can swing by a drug store and get the makeup for a simple cat face. You can read it here. So, pack your warm gear and Los Gehts! Starting on the 7th of January this event continues until Faschingsdienstag or Fat Tuesday as it is commonly known. In winter, of course! Munich is located just 45 minutes, by train or bus, from the Alps. 3 Euro will grant you access to the long and zigzagging staircase that leads up to the top. Feel free to send me an email if you need any more tips! You’re welcome, let me know if you need any other local tips! Get your tickets, here. There are no winter breaks at the museums. The website is partially in German, but you should be able to manage, if not you can show up early and buy tickets there. Stop by Viktualienmarkt for food, drinks, costumes and scheduled events on stage. Lilienstraße 2, 81669 München. Most places have an English section. Whether you are an outdoor snow loving adventurer or enjoy a quiet day curled up in a cafe with a good book, Munich has a winter activity for everyone. Just find your ideal activity and click on it below! Bring a hat, gloves and a scarf and you should be ready to beat the cold with these fun winter activities. There is a great traditional Bavarian restaurant at the top for lunch and an area to walk around and explore on foot. At the very top of the peak you can actually walk across the German Austrian border as many times as you want, how cool is that? Zugspitze is a glacier area, so you can return home and tell your friends you’ve walked on a glacier. Answer 1 of 10: We are considering going to Munich in December and I would like to know what the weather will be, will there be snow and also are the Christmas markets any different to other places? Please stay healthy and be a responsible traveler. The tram picks up from the Sendlinger Tor Tram stop and you can’t miss it with all the Christmas lights and decorations. Hiking to Jachenau Waterfall and Scenic Drive Near Munich, Exploring Murnauer Moos Marshland and Nature Reserve Near Munich, Survival Guide to Starkbierfest 2020 in Munich, Munich’s Best Breweries, Beer, and Beer Culture: Ultimate Guide for Beer Lovers, Celebrate New Year’s Eve or Silvester in Munich, Exploring Lake Constance and Mainau with Nobel Laureates,, Sustainable Travel Guide to Seward, Alaska with Local Things to Do, How to See and Travel Around Alaska Without a Big Cruise Ship. Please note that if you want a tour that includes entrance to the castle, you will need to book the Premium Tour. Or book a guided tour, including transportation to and from Zugspitze, a cogwheel train, and a gondola ride! Krampus is St. Nikolas’ evil assistant. Munich can be quite moody in the winter. Many people come for the Christmas markets, but there are so many more things to do in Munich in the winter. From Germany to Italy, Dresden was the first city I had been to outside o, read my German winter essentials packing guide. No trip to Munich in the winter is complete without experiencing the iconic Christmas markets, which are open from late November into January. Pack a winter coat or one you can layer underneath. With regular sauna visits, steam and masks, you won't be needing that trip to a spa resort. At night they turn on neon lights and it turns into an all-out party. If you are looking to spend much under 100 EUR per night, do check out some hotels in the city. However, I like to shop locally, so I recommend skipping the over-crowded over-priced tourist areas and stopping by the neighborhoods of Gartnerplatz/Glockenbach or near Universität – start on Schellingstraße and meander the streets from around there for great local boutiques and gift shops. Or maybe you’ve arrived in Munich after the cheerful holiday season and it just seems cold, dark and empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. VOTE. Buy tickets, here! Only travel when it is safe to do so and you are not putting your destination or home country at risk. GettyImages / Konrad Wothe. What is your favorite thing to do in Munich in the winter? Of course I have some local insider tips on the best places to watch fireworks as well. The other two are located at Olympiaberg and Luitpoldhügel. Indulge in a fancy night out on the town! Mathäser Filmpalast , Cinemaxx , the cinemas on Münchner Freiheit and other big cinemas always show the latest blockbusters from Hollywood, while smaller cinemas like the Neues Rottmann , the ABC Kino or the Theatiner Filmtheater focus on independent productions. Awesome. There's a high concentration of cinemas in the center of Munich - which is particularly good when it is below zero degrees outside, as most cinemas are easy to reach with public transport. The snow dusts the churches and charming red roofs of the old city with a fairytale white. That's why, though fewer people may visit the Hellabrunn Zoo in winter than in summer, there is still a lot going on. The Museum is ticketed and you can go anytime during opening hours and it covers the history of BMW. There is a charming theater in Munich that shows only English or (original language) movies in a historic theater. Munich. They will literally grab and scared children in the street and it is a sight to see. If you catch it, it will take you to all the hard to reach places. This is a great tour for a group or friends or a family. Find things to do in Munich, Germany in December. Our guide spoke great English and was happy to engage and answer questions. Check out the new post I just published on the Christmas markets to help you visit some of the best markets and learn some German Christmas phrases. If you like aquariums then head over to Sea Life Munich. Munich Tourism Munich Hotels Munich Bed and Breakfast Munich Vacation Rentals We bundled up and piled into a classic red VW bus and toured street art, sledding hills, Christmas markets and other oddities. Stop by any bakery and order a Krapfen, which is the German pastry to eat before Lent. Approximately 2,500 lights luminate the huge Christmas tree in front of the Town Hall every year. Find the best option for you, here. Read it here. This view can be reached from Peterskirche or St. Peter’s Church right in the center of Munich at Marienplatz. The best part about coming in winter (other than Christmas time) is that it is usually not as crowded, so you can take your time and get a good photo! Think nudity on stage and abstract art that is so abstract you’re not sure if it is even art anymore. I’ve never been curling, but my dad used to play, so I thought it might be fun for you all to get outdoors and try something new! Sleds are not provided at these locations, but you can buy a cheap butt seat for sledding at any sporting goods store, just make sure to give it to a family on the hill if you’re only in town visiting and plan on throwing it away. Thanks for that list! Müller’sches Volksbad Therma Erding Most attractions in Munich, including the museums, remain open throughout the year, so you get to enjoy them without the need to jostle with crowds. Munich in Winter: Things to Do in December Zugspitze is also the highest point in Germany and it borders with Austria. Thanks to the shallow water, an icy cover quickly forms across the 500 meters between Gerner Bridge and Hubertusstraße. Germans are weird about wifi, so it’s hard to find wifi, so whenever I find a cafe that serves good coffee and has wifi I basically move in. Typically the weekend before Fat Tuesday you’ll see events, but the entire downtown area turns into a party on this particular Tuesday. My favorite place with wifi AND coffee is Coffee Mammas or Aroma Cafe Bar. When else (other than in winter) do you have the time to go see the various fantastic artefacts these museums have to offer? This means even in the dead of winter, no one has to go without seeing orchids, cacti and palms. At the Olympiapark, the Sea Life center offers "experience of nature" in a completely different way. While Munich is a fabulous city to visit when it is basking in summer sun, there are several advantages to heading there in November. Beginners and experts in curling are both welcome here. Find out more about this winter day trip from Munich in my full detailed post. The historic graveyard has graves dating back to the late 1700s and is a large park-like area to walk around get some fresh air. If you want a scenic view of the German Alps in Winter, but you’re not a skier or snowboarder, this trip is for you. Either way, there is something for everyone, no matter your taste in film. There is something for everyone. In winter, the beer benches are cleared and replaced with two long ice rinks. Munich has dozens of Christmas markets from traditional markets, to hippy markets and even LBGTQI markets and Medieval markets. If Rocky Horror is your thing, it plays every Friday and Saturday at 11:00 pm. Find out more information about several ways to get out and ski the Alps with my comprehensive guide, here. Even if you’re not a car lover this experience is great for everyone. © 2020 Portal München Betriebs-GmbH & Co. KG - Ein Service der Landeshauptstadt München und der. Thanks to its central location, the Christmas Market at  Marienplatz is always a great to visit. Ohh I’ll be keeping this guide very close to hand!!

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