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I had to prize them away! There are a few areas that are still under development; one of the outside turrets/gate houses, a section to the west of the castle and a section of tiled garden. He was at Eton for only two years and left at the age of twelve, after which he spent his time playing sport. Shibden Hall, The Lowther State Chariot - From Weaver to Web. From the hub of this wheel the views are almost the equal of the outlook from the Terrace. From this terrace the views over to the mountains beyond are unrivalled. I guess what erks me the most is that they’ve blocked up all the verge access within the park (meaning you cannot park for free) and have forbidden picnicking and various other things. During the 1950s the Castle interior was removed and only the walls were left standing. Its current condition from inside the grounds. I found it a much better route for us than the other way. This castle shaped our history and without it The Lake District may have succumbed to Scottish rule. Originally they told me this was called ‘The Enchanted Walk’ and that kind of stuck with me. Lowther is now once again one of the leading showplaces of Cumbria". I have no idea how this compares to other tourist attractions or cafes. Today, only the walls still stand in a 3,000-acre medieval deer park, which in turn is part of a 75,000 acre agricultural estate. In summer 2016, The Lost Castle - The largest wooden playground in the country was opened at Lowther Castle. [2], William Lowther was born in 1757, and he was about 52 years old when he built Lowther Castle. He bought chestnut horses, carriages and many other extravagances. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Many of these are told in the exhibition, the Story of Lowther (closed at the moment). Built at the turn of the 19th century on the site of two previous houses, the castle was a grand affair boasting a room for every day of the year. In 1878, four years before obtaining his inheritance, Hugh married Lady Grace Gordon, third daughter of the Marquess of Huntly, who was three years his senior. A large auction sale was held in 1947. As we wisked through the Park and the impressive walls of Lowther loomed before us she intimated that the one thing she was most anxious for me to see was the emu strutting about the grass."[19]. A local expert in rock and water garden design, Hayes imported trees from Japan and used pools, curved bridges and statues of water birds to create an authentic feel. A verse he composed about Lowther Castle is as follows: "Lowther! A yearly entrance fee for our family works out at £140 which is a big chunk of a budget if you’re subjected to minimum wage. Round it are carved the lines from Omar Khayyam which commence “O moon of my delight”. When Sir James Lowther died in 1802 and William inherited his fortune he immediately refunded the money to the Wordsworth family with interest. Sheppard Robson RIBA were appointed as architects. From the air to the south east, looking towards Ullswater and Blencathra. I wasn’t in charge of map reading when we were here, instead I left it to the kids. Hugh Cecil Lowther was born in 1857 and was only 25 when he inherited the castle. This is an area not listed on the map but it is worthy of some words as it is picturesque in its own right. There are two miles of these hedges and beds along their foot were planted with many thousands of bedding-out plants – a blaze of glory from early spring to late autumn. I can understand charging that amount for tourists as a one off fee however local residents don’t get any reduction in entrance. He was also a Member of Parliament representing West Cumberland between 1847 and 1872.[16]. Dividing the avenues are beautifully trimmed tall yew hedges worked along the top at intervals into strange shapes. He was rarely seen in the House of Lords. Two of these inherited from him large sums of money on his death. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. “Lady Gladys Herbert and Later Countess of Lonsdale was superbly beautiful, with brilliant colouring and the features and carriage of an ideal Roman Empress. Robert Southey, another famous poet, was also a frequent visitor at the castle and he too wrote in Lady Lonsdale's album. We arrived at 2pm to sunshine and black clouds, We left the courtyard at Lowther Castle just as the sun was starting to set, The courtyard at Lowther Castle just as sun was beginning to set. He had a scientific interest in the sea, and his careful studies of the behaviour of the Gulf Stream were important enough to be published by the American Hydrological Department[clarification needed]. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. All manner of climbing plants trail over rustic arbours and rustic bridges span its water lily ponds. Photo by Tony Rumsey. And when all of you are ready for a rest, you can retreat to the takeaway café and have some delicious food, before taking to the gift shop in admissions and indulging in one last treat. Part of his verse about Lowther Castle is as follows: "Lowther! He saw Lowther Castle as an extravagance. In 2005 the estate formed an informal partnership with the Northwest Development Agency, English Heritage, Cumbria Vision and the Royal Horticultural Society to regenerate the site. The site mentioned one benefit not often covered in news articles, the "adventure playground in the woods ... amazing for the younger visitor".[28]. New Exhibition Charts the Rich and Varied History of Lowther Castle & Gardens When visitors come to Lowther Castle and explore the resplendent romantic ruin, they are full of questions. [21], The forecourt became pig pens; and the concrete on the south lawns that the army had laid he used as a base for a broiler chicken factory. Hugh declared that because of his childlessness he was the last of the Lowthers. He was the nephew of the 2nd Earl of Lonsdale and the eldest son of the Hon. The marriage was not considered to be a success, as St George was constantly away travelling and Gladys was caught up in a social set which did not meet with his approval. Helton To Roe Head Lane, A Short Walk For Kids Over the Lake District Fells.

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