list of ethnic groups

Ba Na A group can have several names (e.g., names in English language and in native language, obsolete names, versions of spelling, etc.) La Chi People of this ethnic group practice that Roman Catholic religious culture apart from the Protestantism, Islam, Spiritism and Afro Brazilian religion. These people have also been known to believe in the triple religion theories that exist among them. Guajajara Some people in this group also practice the Shaiva and the atheistic tradition. Hakka When people of German ancestry from the rest of the world are added, the number is roughly 150 million. Kazakh - Turkic/Mongol people of central Asia The 2001 Indian census records two figures, 258 million and 422 million "Hindi" speakers. Washoe Havasupai Pa Then Toltec - Central America Tulutni Enxet Tibetan - currently under Chinese rule, Central Asia This Historyplex article will give an overview of the meaning of ethnicity, and how it has flourished in different parts of the world. Piegan This is one of the largest ethnic groups in the world only after the Indo Aryan people. Assiniboine Their working and different living standards are same as the other, Top 10 Countries that have Best Relations with USA, 10 Countries that Receive Highest Foreign Aid, Top 10 Must Read Holy Religious Books in the World, Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mahabharata, Top 10 Reasons why you must not Waste Food ever, The Crystal Goblet Sixteen Essays On Typography, Top 10 Batsman To Look Out in T20 World Cup 2012, Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phones 2012-2013, Top 10 Most Haunted Places of India that you should avoid Visiting, Top 10 Reasons why Women Are Better Than Men, 10 Things about Area 51 That No One Knows, Top 10 Countries with Largest Armies in the World 2012. Tolowa Russian - Slavic people of eastern Europe, originally of Moscow, Kiev area, now widespread through Siberia and the Urals to the Pacific Ocean Roma - one of the two groups more commonly known as Gypsies This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Australian aborigine - natives of Australia Basic Books. Uighur - large Muslim minority in China Chumash African-American - Descendants of African slaves brought to North America Co Ho Hope this article has given you a fair idea of the various groups that form a major part of the world’s heritage.          Political / Social. Isleta - Natives from New Mexico Laguna Pamunkey Bonan Yang 37,5 - 38 million in Poland and 21 - 22 million ethnic Poles or people of ethnic Polish extraction elsewhere. Shoalwater Bay Tribe Singmun Seneca - Native Americans of the New York area Betammaribe Dakota These are grouped into 5 ethnic groups, each with an ‘Any other’ option where people can write in their ethnicity using their own words. Nisqually Pueblo people - Native Americans of the Rocky Mountains-area Cherokee - Eastern United States Native American Qiang Wolof - Senegal and elsewhere in western Africa Oromos have their calendar that is based on astronomical observations. The CIA Factbook does not report any French ethnicity (considering it a nationality), giving the ethnic composition of France as "Celtic and Latin with Teutonic". See statistics on the population Semitic B Klallam Herero Mono Tswana Some of them are also believed to be practicing the Roman Catholics as well as the many other faiths. Gia Rai Kraho - Natives of northwestern Brazil Afan Oromo language has an estimated 45 million native speakers. Persian - modern-day Iran There are over 1, 652 different languages spoken in India. Danish - Scandinavian country in northern Europe Sorbic - concentrated Slavic minority in Germany Thes..., and to face challenges. Lahu samvakt... ...arcissistic ( ) Personality Disorder NPD The Narcissist's Entitlement of Routine – Pathological Narcissism A Dysfunction or a Blessing? Chepang Apinaje Tamil - of Sri Lanka, an island south of India All Consuming Images: The Politics of Style in Contemporary Culture. Fang - Western Africa Yupik Aruban - Dutch-colonized island in the Caribbean Amungme А могло б??? They practice subsistence farming and lead a nomadic pastoralist life. Chinookan ...Instead of fame, God has blessed me through my publishing houses and writers groups with some of the dearest friends I’ve ever known. Hopi - Native American, of the southwest United States Indigenous people of Brazil Atikamekw Bo Y Thin Klamath - Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest She Garifuna Passamaquoddy Panoan Related topics Oromo - Ethiopia Kavango Tujia] The languages that they speak are the Arabic, South Arabian and various others which have been originated from the ancient Arab language. Wa Full Text Search Details...ry Printed and published in the U.S.A. by MountainView Publishing A division of Treble Heart Books Sierra Vista, AZ Th... This is a non-fiction work. Lakota - Native Americans of the Great Plains of the United States and Canada C Bajau - Sea Gypsies of Borneo, Malaysia; touch land only to bury their dead. There are many groups in America that include people coming and settling on American soils from all over the world. Dinka The Iranian people are on the seventh spot in our list of the top ten largest ethnic groups in the world. Aymara Oglala - Native Americans of the central United States Wasco Katuquina E-mail :, Ethnic group is that group of people who are known for having a common characteristic. When entire collectives (nations, groups, organizations, firms) project, Freud calls it the Narcis... ...sufficiency that continues to enhance his narcissism. Lavi Icelandic - North Atlantic island Chemehuevi - Southwest US Native Americans People from all over the world have migrated to European countries as also there are many groups that belong to Europe since the Medieval ages. Keresan Slovak - Slavic people of central Europe In this book, we hear the voices of local people, villagers. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Lithuanian - Baltic people of northeastern Europe Membership of an ethnic group tends to be associated with shared cultural heritage, ancestry, history, homeland, language or dialect, the term culture specifically including aspects such as religion, mythology and ritual, cuisine, dressing style, etc. Du Montenegrin - Slavic people of southeastern Europe Yakama This is a list of names of ethnic groupss. Dongxiang Polish - Slavic people of central-northern Europe Hupa Greek - southeastern Europe Funding for and content contributors is made possible from the U.S. Congress, E-Government Act of 2002. Kwakiutl - of the Washington/British Columbia area Caprivian Nepalese - south Asia, between India and China These people live in the parts of the countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey Iraq and Caucasus. Many great personalities have originated from the Brazilian ethnic group.

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