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The author has claimed in his Notes on Macroeconomic Theory (1995) that, The IS-LM Model • Investment: Interest sensitive component of goods demand. Topic 1: The Open Economy (IS-LM-BP) (Melvin & Norrbin Ch. • Comparative statics: – Changes in autonomous spending. A given price level P fixes the real money supply M / P, which sets the LM curve. However, doing so adds an additional layer of complexity to the IS-LM Effects of Fiscal Policy- 18 That is, increase in Government expenditure crowds out some private investment. • LM curve: equilibrium in the money market. The Goods Market and Money Market: Links between Them: The Keynes in his analysis of national income explains that national income is determined at the level where aggregate demand (i.e., aggregate expenditure) for consumption and investment goods (C +1) equals aggregate output. It has million of critiques, and rightfully so. The AS-AS Model •This is just the IS-LM model but with a more explicit focus on the role played by prices. curve can also be derived from the ISLM model by allowing the price level to vary. •Money and prices have symmetric effects in the model. The real money supply gradually declines to the original value. It is worth noting that in the IS-LM model increase in national income by Y 1 Y 2 in Fig. – As interest rates rise, output falls. Macroeconomics Keynesian IS-LM Model Aggregate Demand Curve The aggregate demand curve is a construction derived from the IS-LM model. The national income and product determined by the IS-LM intersection can then be seen as a decreasing function of P.If P An … IS-LM model takes into account the fall in private investment due to the rise in interest rate that takes place with the increase in Government expenditure. Therefore, the real money supply is unchanged. Dr. Nick Zammit (Warwick) Topic 1 July 25, 2016 2 / 53 Notes Notes The assumption can be dropped anytime by adding an aggregate supply curve to the IS-LM model which distributes changes in aggregate demand between changes in the price level P and changes in output Y (IS-LM-AS model). Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - IS-LM model Author: joydeep Created Date: 10/28/2004 12:02:48 PM However, even though from the theoretical point of view it has some loopholes, it continues to be an excellent way of analyzing and understanding the behavior – As output rises, interest rates rise. 20.6 is less than EK which would occur in Keynes’ model. A doubling of prices has … The IS‐LM Model Adding Financial Markets to the Real Side Andrew Rose, Global Macroeconomics 9 1 This is a standard assumption of the IS-LM model. i* Y n LM (price increases) IS 2 2 1 LM 2 (M increases) When M increases, AD increases (Y>Y n) causing inflationary pressures, the price level increase. 13) WESS 2016: Intermediate Macro Dr. Nick Zammit University of Warwick Department of Economics Room S2.139 July 25, 2016 Dr. Nick Zammit (Warwick) Topic 1 July 25, 2016 1 / 53 What will we cover next? •We have just shown that a higher price level means an inward shift in the LM curve.

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