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Why in the world would i.choose to live filled.with judgement!! When Christians condemn homosexuality they often times get lost on homosexuals themselves and likewise, other Christians who support their gay loved ones, lose focus and come across as though they support homosexuality itself. I am also going to post this anonymously. Regardless of his story, you can see he has a lot of pain in his heart. I am a Christian, and I don't believe the bible condemns homosexuals, it condemns homosexual acts. HEADSTONE TRANSCRIPTION: "Sacred to the memory of Maj. Jonathan Allen who was slain as he was hunting on the 7th day of Jan. 1780 having just entered the 43d year of his age the duties of a son a brother an husband a parent & a faithful & brave officer in the continental service were daily discharged by him. I cannot speak for others, but I dream of the day when being gay is a non-issue and more people are indifferent to who other people are attracted to. I guess that everyone should make a step in the right direction. "I would only take issue with the broadness of your acccusation. You are right Anon, being gay should not define Jonathan, but if I were going to be cynical here, I'd say that maybe the show did see a guy with talent, who has a sad story to tell, and a villain(s). This is not homophobia, it's just being annoyed.Sorry I was probably confusing and long and totally of topic but I really wanted to express. Overall, I wish that I possessed better parenting skills. Well Anonymous #2, I stand by my response to Anon#1. Being gay is NOt a mental disorder, it is NOT a hormonal disorder, it is NO DISORDER at all. Just be yourself, respect other people, and be WHO YOU ARE, with your opinion, your way to see things, your way to behave... And you'll see that acceptance is probably easier than you think. If only the previous Popes had his vision!! The actions of some teenagers - and some of us so-called "grown-ups" too - can be selfish, careless, thoughtless and even heartless acts. If not God has certainly blessed Jonathan with millions of supporters around the world that has brought him great healing. Have you contacted his family and asked if Jonathan's accusations were honest? He used music as a respite from the daily troubles of childhood and grew up liking classical music, especially Pavarotti. The person that might've said this is Kinley Jones. Possible User Ids 66****@linkedin, 57****@facebook, 1a****@linkedin, #6****@linkedin . In this world we all have decisions, opinions, things to account for, etc. He didn't bash his parents he said he loved them very much and just wanted them to accept him. I can be reached at I agree with you, although that would be clearly dealing with the person's addiction/mental instability, and generally has NOTHING to do in dealing with the person's sexuality. And for everyone who.struggles with being gay my phrase is " i am who i am and dont thats your problem " And we need more him to.stand up.and say that i am proud of who i am! i am a mother of an 8 yr old boy and God only knows his future. They generally do not accept or condone it. I have to confess my first post about Jonathan Allen has generated one of the largest responses I have ever gotten on this blog. I just wanted to come on here and say something simple.Whether or not you believe that Jonathan did what is claimed, let's be sure to remember that this was a teenager responding to the irrational, in-compassionate decision of two adults to decide that their child was lesser because of his sexuality.As a gay man who was kicked out of the house several times even before I was 18, I can assure you, teens won't respond like respectable adults when their parents show them hate. He's the greatest gift his father and I ever received. (Smartphones are not always smart!). Love your kids and know how truly blessed you are, if they love you back. if his parents want to keep their privacy and not comment then so be it. From the look of your blog, I can tell you are just trying to show how wonderful you are & what is best for those of us who haven't 'risen to your level of consciousness'. Ask any straight people about gay, and even the more tolerant will probably mention someone closer to the birdcage than just the average guy. People don't make me feel different, because I don't ACT different. If they've got one to tell, they should step out and tell it now because their silence only lends credibility to their son's version of events. Seems a bit contrived, but I have to admit that I'd love to see Jonathan reunited with his family and a happily ever after ending. But go ahead & write some more self-serving aggrandizing statements & repeat accusations without proof or any attempt at being 'fair' balance. I love this boys voice !! His parents have supported him and paid for Rehab, gotten him jobs, lived as prisoners in their own home, all to try to help him, but he will not help himself. What I see infront of me and listen to him sing, makes me realize he has become a stronger person and will learn from the lessons and mistakes he has made. His parents kicked him out for being gay3. He said "I'm not gay", the other one insisted, he tried to kiss him ! But we fail to ever hear both sides of any story. He can singCan anyone see the problem here?Being Gay should not define you - no more than being hetero should. Every fetus is asexual. A heterosexual who commits fornication has no space to judge a homosexual who does the same. look him straight in the eye and say this, or are you to much of a coward?Thanks: John. One would think Christians don't falsify events. You state in your posted comment that you are not the perfect mom, but I would take exception to that. I hope they will one day come to realize that, although religion may be flawed at times, God is not. There are a few reasons this might happen: To request an unblock, please fill out the form below and we will review it as soon as possible. I will remain anonymous aswell to avoid drama. The most common one used is the KING JAMES version. Their 'Trash' has turned out to be our treasure... we win, they lose. !!! Jonathan Allen (born January 16, 1995) is an American football defensive tackle for the Washington Football Team of the National Football League (NFL). But I am glad you are clarifying. I came out after I was out of my families control, which is probably a good thing. i read every comment and i have to say i believe him. We are all different and should ALL be accepted no matter our colour, race, or sexual preference ..... Jonathan: YOU ARE AWESOME !!! BUT if he were my son, I would not have kicked him out. I refused to give her solace in this last moment because she still insisted her belief in what she did as "Right".Before you go and judge me for my actions concerning my Mother, I must state I am an Atheist. Have you seen anyone there ever with him? You are deflecting from the story as to why his parents disowned him. I'm not going to say That his actions were wrong seeing as it takes a pretty worthless family to do that to their own son, and although I am not gay nor have been persecuted by my own family, I can say I would have done that or worse out of rebellion and anger. I recently had a conversation with a 'Christian' woman who made horrible uncouth remarks about the LGBT community saying it was a disgusting lifestyle to choose, so I asked her when in her life did she choose to be straight ? The Lawrenceburgs and Tope as (as in Westboro Baptist Church) of the world have soured me to "the church," or at the VERY least, have only succeeded in making me even more distrustful and even more jaded towards other Christians. Does not matter anymore what he did in his past. Many of us view these people as the beautiful creations they are. If y'all want to know more ask I have information!! Being gay doesn't mean that you have to wear gayness like a suit. no matter what he did in the past, stealing or whatever? "Too straight for the gays and too gay for the straights"? After coming out as gay to his family, Jonathan sadly learned that they would not support him, so he hopes that his "AGT" family and fans will appreciate him as a unique, standout talent. I don't agree with the gay lifestyle. Romeo and Juliet is a fictional story with many life lessons just as i feel as this guys story is filled with life lessons!! But I "am" straight. Life was just normal, being gay was not a shame, but it wasn't something that defined me ! And gay who are "clichés" are just a LARGE minority. NOT what you judge or expect them to be in life. I refused. Soo i understand his mindset! I spent my 17th birthday on the streets of the small town of Aiken South Carolina. We had youth Bible studies in our home. I know Jonathan well I live in the small town of lawrenceburg tn where Jonathan grew up Jonathan spent the night at my house many times!! And shouldn’t churches be loving and supporting children not disowning them?That is WJWD. wow Timothy, you are pretty angry. These words have been hijacked and used so much in very ugly ways that I just naturally go on the offensive when I hear them. We should people for who they are!! If you want to defend gay people you should defend every kind of differences.If you defend paedophilia is a disease, why don't you say the same about gifted people, gay people, or any other kind of difference?People are not good or bad because they are different or not.People are good or bad because of the way they act.So, if Jonathan Allen did stole things from his parents he might be a bad person either he's gay or not. It is a problem, and leads to some totally unacceptable behavior in our eyes. I find it curious how lost people get on the subject of the Christianity vs homosexuality; and it's on both sides. Apex, Greensboro, and Cary, NC.. Email ca****@a****.com jo****@g****.net . Sometimes, people just don't "fit in," yet - as I now see it - some people are MADE to "not fit in," by agendas, or just plain ignorance and fear (truth be told). Or yes, you're a christian and are convinced homosexual acts are immoral, but do you really condemn homosexuals themselves? So it wasn't hard for me to believe that Jonathan's story was true. You want to disown your son you can own up to it. If the person's addiction is that out of control, it would be well-advised to kick them out for a while, or permanently for those whose relative is that FAR out there/out of control. I will add that as she left with her belongings and a boyfriend that witnessed her appalling behavior I stated several times as they got into the car to leave that I love her but not her actions with me. Before we get technically and picky, I would like to remain anonymous for various reasons.This summer I turned 18, and due to my parents' religious beliefs, they couldn't accept the fact that I was gay. Every single night you will cry and regret leaving your in rebel gifted son. Hello Elna from South Africa! I'm proud of you. Not everyone mistreats those who are different. Phone (615) 7 14-7000, (615) 5 87-1000, (615) 7 14-3000, (615) 2 18-9660, (615) 7 90-9000. He was adopted at birth by my first wife and me. It is stories like yours coupled with the fact that my husband and I have a gay son we dearly love that I started this blog. I'm sure you will attempt to call me on this too, and I don't care. I repeat what I have said earlier, if it turns out that Jonathan has not been honest and his parents have been unfairly maligned, I will repost on the front page and include a huge apology to Jonathan's parents.And to those getting the vapors because I was so angry when I originally posted, please take a minute to familiarize yourself with my blog. 1. You are so right. Until u have been in that situation, of not feeling safe and secure in your own home, do not say that under absoltely no circumstances would you ever kick your child out.

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