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September 9 is International Beauty Day. 8037 Zurich CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy is inviting its schools, members and the general public to join in the celebrations for CIDESCO’s International Beauty Day on Saturday 9th September 2017. CIDESCO is inviting its schools and members to join in the celebrations for its International Beauty Day on Monday September 9, 2019. Focus on healthy choices, quality sleep, natural products, spending time with loved ones, and doing things you enjoy. We strive to be the preferred distributor for the leaders of the professional salon industry. By continuing to use our site you are giving your consent for us to use cookies. Give yourself permission to have some little treats, and spend time doing the things you love. Make someone else feel beautiful. Find a reason to compliment someone else, or many other people, and try to use the word beautiful. International Beauty Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate how CIDESCO has affected the lives of our schools, students and members worldwide.’ Join in on Saturday 9 th September by sharing ‘what beauty means to you’ on social media using the hashtag #InternationalBeautyDay. Start making your life more beautiful by focusing on the little miracles that happen around you every day. You’re beautiful, and you deserve it. The day shown for 'National Beauty Day' is based off how much chitter-chatter and buzz there was on Oct. 29, 2015 across social media making references to 'Beauty Day'. This will then be collated into CIDESCO’s exclusive ‘International Beauty Dictionary’, providing insight into the beauty industry worldwide and bringing together the collaborative ideas from its students and clients in countries far and wide. While that is important, and those of us who enjoy a good spa day appreciate their efforts, International Beauty Day can mean so much more. Find physical beauty in yourself. Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie. ©2020 Simple Beauty. A few extra pounds here, a wrinkle there, a crooked tooth–all of these little things become exaggerated in our minds, and we never stop criticizing. Beauty is all around us and inside of us if we just know where to look. Take a break from the negatives today and fill your head with the positives. CIDESCO Waidstrasse 4a There’s a beautiful simplicity to nature and the cycle of things. This day was established by the Russian section of the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology to set the standards in beauty and spa therapy. International Beauty Day is designed to celebrate inner and outer beauty, as well as emphasize the importance of the beauty industry. All Rights Reserved. Twitter & Instagram: @CIDESCO1, CIDESCO Supports Ban on Glitter That Contains Micro-Plastics. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in today’s culture of acceptance and a drive toward being your authentic self, beauty has a broader meaning than ever before. International Beauty Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate how CIDESCO has affected the lives of our schools, students and members worldwide.’, Join in on Saturday 9th September by sharing ‘what beauty means to you’ on social media using the hashtag #InternationalBeautyDay. CIDESCO was founded in 1946 in Brussels, Belgium, but its head office is currently located in Zurich, Switzerland. Create a healthy lifestyle goal, and then work toward it with a strong focus on connecting with nature and natural products. This year, make international beauty day about more than physical beauty, make it about you. There has to be something you love about the way you look; is it your eye color, the curl of your hair, the strength of your legs? Image: 123rf. “That dress is beautiful.” Or, “I think it’s just beautiful the way you helped that person.” Spread the love and brighten someone else’s day. Is it a young, physically fit person with classic features, or is it an octogenarian working in their garden with a smile on their face? Learning to embrace it, and your role in it, expands your capacity to exude beauty. Try rewarding yourself for simply being you. Skip the negative internal dialogue and create a positive one, then spread that positivity around to others by complimenting them. We operate in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. Treat yourself to something that you feel is tied to beauty. Don’t get too caught up in what the latest influencers are telling you is beautiful, define it for yourself, and then go out and live that beautiful life you dream of. Introduce yourself to nature. On this day, look for beauty everywhere. Create a plan for future beauty. It was created by Roma Newton, founder and CEO of the connoisseur brand promotion and talent management agency 6Degrees Management, in partnership with National Day … Enjoy free shipping on all orders today! In addition, local sections of CIDESCO organize various events in their respective countries. International Beauty Services & Supplies is a full service, professional only, wholesale beauty supplier. Developing a life plan that boosts your health and happiness will instantly make you feel more beautiful, and you’ll appear more beautiful to others. A password recovery email was sent to your email address. Influencer Marketing For Beauty Brands: The Complete Guide The main goals of CIDESCO are to establish and uphold the highest beauty and spa therapy standards, promote aesthetics throughout the world, facilitate the exchange of professional knowledge and information, and create certified training centers. How do you define beauty? The special day, which was started by CIDESCO Section Russia, will celebrate inner and outer beauty around the world and raise awareness for the importance of the beauty industry as a whole. It may be a new scarf, an all-natural beauty product, an orchid, or it might be spending time working on an art project. The Complete List Of 2020 Social Media Hashtag Holidays 2. This International Beauty Day, we take a look at all the trends that changed the game and revolutionised the concept of beauty for the needs of the present day. Announcing CIDESCO’s celebration of International Beauty Day, Anna-Cari Gund, CIDESCO International’s President says; ‘The beauty industry is extremely valuable as it helps people across the world look and feel good, inside and out. International Beauty Day Date in the current year: September 9, 2020 International Beauty Day is an annual observance held on September 9 in many countries across the world. We use cookies on our website to improve your user experience while respecting your privacy. Originally started by CIDESCO Section Russia in 2015, the day recognizes inspirational beauty industry leaders and visionaries.

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