evidence of god's presence

If this would have happened to one person, it would be easy to dismiss it as an illusion or a trick of the brain. This greater cause we call God. This simple prayer is the start of a journey with Jesus Christ to the Fatherheart of God. If you would go to the ministry of Rolland and Heidi Baker in Mozambique you would be absolutely stunned to hear how often people have been rises rom the dead in their ministry among the poor. In science there is a Law of Physics called the 1st Law of Thermodynamics. Don’t be afraid to be REAL with God. However, this theory acknowledges that the universe began to exist, and as such, one can then conclude that its existence is contingent upon a greater cause. My wife and I also have a healing ministry and have seen incredible miracles take place before our eyes, that were afterwards confirmed by doctors. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will come away with a deeper determination to “believe” that it is only in trusting God that you will find the path to peace and contentment in the everyday struggles of life. Please come and save me. But what it can never teach us, that Scripture does teach us, is that the One who holds the universe together is also the Lover of our souls. In the Bible the word ‘angel’ is mentioned over three hundred times. An amazing video documentary called ‘More Than Dreams’ has been made about this phenomenon. He gave us the Bible as His guideline to learn about His plan for mankind and to reveal who He is. This molecular bonding requires just the right amount of electromagnetic force. 46:10, NASB). Perhaps it is a good idea to print this payer and then read it: “God, I know you are real, I give my life to you. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Many books and video’s have been produced the last decade to document the astonishing experiences people have had of heaven or hell. Can you try to image the intellect of a Person capable of creating the universe? Afterwards this lady came to me and said she had been healed of a horrible condition. Discover it here…, Here you see an overview of the miracles of Jesus, In my article about the existence of angels, I share fascinating real life testimonies of angels. He brought his love to us, his truth, his freedom. Evidences of His presence and glimpses of His glory show up in some pretty peculiar places!It's time to wake up our souls to His promise that He indeed is WITH US! Well known healing ministries in the United States are Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn, Curry Blake, Kevin Basconi, Matt Sorger and hundreds more… I live in The Netherlands and even in this tiny nation I know several ministries that see astonishing healing miracles take place. On the other hand, he is not immediately apparent in the data or descriptions of my science. This book is a gem. Some people start to weep when God overwhelms them – don’t be afraid of his presence. In every nation on the earth people testify of experiencing the power of God, that touched their body, to bring healing, deliverance or new strength. It is like asking, “Who made the unmade maker?”. You have probably heard testimonies of people who have seen, felt or heard an angel, who helped them, saved them or delivered a message from God. An angel!’ But besides these nonsense-stories there are countless testimonies that are obviously real. #Science #Faith #TSF #Th, The Barrier between the two seas This is also strong evidence for the existence of God. Very targeted to women of all ages. Enjoyed this book! Millions of christians all over the world have stories of prayers that have been wonderfully answered by God. . Second, the cosmos appears to be fine-tuned to support life on earth. Not only in so called ‘pentecostal or charismatic’ churches but in every possible denomination. This happens everywhere – not just in the remote areas of Africa, where missionaries work, but also in the western world. Over the last several decades, scientists have discovered hundreds of fine-tuning parameters necessary to provide habitable conditions for a planet. Even on a planet with the perfect external conditions for life, naturalistic science cannot explain how life began. Is there proof that God exists? Medical doctors all over the world are working together to document the countless healing miracles that are happening in our time. Kelly Willie feels most like herself when she is sharing stories, laughing, singing, "sparkling" and sharing the love of Jesus with people. First John 3:24 says, “Whoever keeps his commandments abides in God, and God in him. With Kelly, from first page to last, there’s a sense of sitting back in an easy chair in her living room, while sipping a cup of coffee as she speaks to you from her heart—a kind of intimacy that pulls you in from beginning to end as she relates the many challenges she’s faced throughout her life and how God pulled her through them. Don’t hold anything back, don’t try to stop him from working in you. Jesus Christ said that every one who believes in him would be filled with the holy Spirit. In the book of Genesis, Eden is the … I can tell you a lot about the gift of prophecy too. When … Big bang cosmology has been decried by many Christians who assume that this theory is always an attempt to explain away the creation of the universe by God.

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