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55.2 km from DART Systems. Big Lake 2020-11-09 21:47:57 UTC at 23:51 November 08, 2020 UTC, Location: We were able to achieve it by acquiring 96 of 158 temporary USArray sites in Alaska. Earthquakes. Small tsunami waves observed at Sand Point, King Cove, Unalaska, Chignik Bay, Nikolski, and Atka. 71.2 km from at 04:13 November 09, 2020 UTC, Location: The #tsunami Advisory continues for South Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula. at 17:30 November 08, 2020 UTC, Location: [15][16][17][18], Within the first 5 hours proceeding the mainshock, there were 6 aftershocks at or above M 4.5, including a mb 6.1 occurring less than 4 minutes later. Anchor Point Epicenter at 61.424, -149.68 67.2 km from He said, “This is an area where the Pacific Plate is subducting underneath the North American Plate. [7] On average, the rate at which these plates converge is about 64 mm/year. [8], The earthquake ruptured an area of about 120 mi × 60 mi (193 km × 97 km), equal to about 7,200 sq mi (19,000 km2). Epicenter at 61.532, -149.909 About 20 minutes later, a magnitude-3.9 quake shook nearby. Three earthquakes shook north of Anchorage, Alaska Saturday morning. Epicenter at 61.356, -146.779 Click on a given earthquake to view the … Travel Time. at 15:32 November 08, 2020 UTC, Location: Observations. 2.2 km from (5.2 miles), Today Y Nov. 9 (UPI) -- President Donald Trump will lose special Twitter privileges he has as a government official when President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office on Jan. 20. Epicenter at 61.281, -146.794 Epicenter at 61.53, -149.909 (34.2 miles), Today Nov. 9 (UPI) -- General Motors said Monday it plans to hire 3,000 new tech employees amid a rising market for development of autonomous and electric vehicles. The center says all three quakes were felt in the greater Anchorage area and in Wasilla, about 45 miles north of Anchorage. at 19:58 November 08, 2020 UTC, Location: The warning was rescinded about four hours later, as the maximum measured run-up height of 9.4 inches (0.24 m) was negligible. (7.2 miles), Today 2020-11-09 04:13:20 UTC (2.2 miles), Today The strongest of the three, at magnitude 5.0, was recorded just before 3:30 a.m. Inundation Mapping Project ; Maritime Response Guidance; Pedestrian Travel Time Maps; Tsunami Hazard Map Tool; Tsunami Animations; Volcanoes. at 18:17 November 08, 2020 UTC, Location: 12.2 km from at 20:06 November 08, 2020 UTC, Location: … 61.2 km from (0.2 miles), 2020-11-08 20:06:48 UTC Epicenter at 60.073, -152.636 (31.2 miles), Today In July, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck off Alaska's south coast, initiating a tsunami warning that was later canceled. DART Systems. On July 21, at 10:12 p.m. local time, a magnitude 7.8 undersea earthquake struck ~65 miles south-southeast of the small town of Perryville, Alaska.It caused no severe damage or injuries due to its location relative to the sparsely-populated Alaska Peninsula, but managed to trigger a negligible tsunami that prompted evacuation of coastal residences. 2.2 km from He added that the school bus was sent to a fishing facility to bring in workers to school since it is a risky area. [10][11], There have been no reports of severe damage or injuries. Alerts/Threats . (37.2 miles), 2020-11-08 18:19:10 UTC Alaska Earthquake Center’s seismic network covers new ground. 2020-11-09 17:03:33 UTC Y All rights reserved. The third earthquake was magnitude 4.4 and was recorded just after 6 … (35.2 miles), 2020-11-08 14:20:04 UTC 2020-11-09 20:36:21 UTC The US National Tsunami Warning Center said it did not anticipate a tsunami after the quake. 2020-11-09 21:38:15 UTC The third earthquake was magnitude 4.4 and was recorded just after 6 a.m. Other aftershocks, many of which were too small to feel, were recorded throughout the morning. Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has tested positive for COVID-19, a longtime adviser confirmed Monday. Initially, the intensity of the earthquake was reported 7.4 but then changed to 7.5 magnitude. at 00:01 November 09, 2020 UTC, Location: (2.2 miles), Today [5], The shallow earthquake was the result of thrust faulting[1] on the Aleutian subduction zone[6] where the Pacific plate subducts underneath the North American plate, forming the Aleutian Trench and Arc. Lat: 18.3° N Lon: 68.2° W Location: ABOUT 18 MILES NORTHWEST OF ISLA MONA Note: Times are local to your browser, unless otherwise indicated See the map or table below for more information.

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