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Is Coast Professional a scam? Making the payment 20 days earlier can stop a wage garnishment quicker. If you default a second time, your only way out of default may be to apply for student loan consolidation. You must make your payment within 20 days of the due date. I'm a student loan lawyer that helps people like you with their federal and private student loans wherever they live. They’re legit. Q: Should I sign the loan rehabilitation agreement letter? COVID-19 Information President Trump has directed the Secretary of Education to extend federal student loan flexibilities for the COVID-19 emergency through Dec. 31, 2020. regain eligibility for federal student aid. h�b``�```*b``��r�01��$a (f`afu`�Ux����a �=�T��+��#�BKC_�`���p�� ���5LL��Q���ۂi��@�����m�^n�/ �� և� Even after you make your required payments, you’ll still need to keep making payments until your loan is sent to your new loan servicer. This letter confirms my acceptance into the loan rehabilitation program and my agreement to repay my defaulted Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program, Federal Perkins, National Direct, National Defense and/or Direct Loan program student loan(s) held by the U.S. Department of Education (ED). The 9 out of 10 rule basically allows you to miss your I understand that compliance with this �B��{!^��0R+L&ӄR�B����� (a) General. While I’m good at my job as a student loan lawyer, run the letter by a lawyer if you have questions. %%EOF endstream endobj 12 0 obj <> endobj 13 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 14 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF]>>>>stream If you fail to return the signed rehabilitation agreement, it is null and void. 5. 0 Upon the debtor’s signing of this agreement, OGSLP and the debtor agree that the pending Request for Hearing (if any) on this matter is waived and a hearing will not be held under 20 U.S.C. You should sign the student loan rehabilitation agreement letter if you want to get out of default. 69 0 obj <>stream h�bbd```b``Y"��H�� �aXd/���N����^��S`�L�ˊ�����Ă�:e ɸ� ,�6SL&�ķ����`�x�T$Ψ7�`6S#�����$�&?��b��6�%�`�Y`��| V�̆��� ��&0�;��&���rM&FFq�����(IMR`.Q*�30��` ��"� %PDF-1.6 %���� Don’t simply rely on my interpretation. For starters, the header typically will list your name, address, phone number, and account number with the Department of Education. The loan rehabilitation program requires you make 9 monthly payments and turn in all necessary documents. It’s effectively a take it or leave it contract. The preamble will go on to identify where you should return it to and your monthly payment amount. No matter which collection agency the Department of Education sent your loans to the letter typically has the same language. 8am-5pm.CST Fri. To qualify for FFEL or Direct Loan rehabilitation, you have to make 9 monthly payments within 20 days of the due date during a period of 10 consecutive months. Speak with your new loan servicer about getting an affordable payment under one an income-based repayment plan. Please contact New York Office Collection Services if you need additional services: 1-800-965-8066 The loan rehabilitation program requires you make 9 monthly payments and turn in all necessary documents. %PDF-1.6 %���� After that, you still need to make your remaining payments. H���Pp�uV�r�u�0 �� H�� t�w���������o���Qk��̄fb���$Kb07C�D6��$&CP1Z Z3T�U��(�m�X�:��c�PC-�I�\�9�{��y���'yԨd``��2�ڠ,c� ��ā��a� b. z�X-!mHRO�>� �ꤔ䴵�֔ �~`uqR���nK�ס ][��"����Z�0(��T�9�σbC���deN~ux�n������������B��9%����J�������S�OS ��̐Ofd �VM��CX6��������! Unless you’re willing to stay in a default status forever or can afford a federal student loan settlement, signing the letter is likely going to be your best move. Before getting to the terms, you’ll be reminded again of the core of your agreement: You’re agreeing to get the default status removed from your federal loan by making 9 monthly loan payments of a certain dollar amount starting on a date you decided and continuing each month thereafter. It will typically state that you’re agreeing to rehabilitate your defaulted federal student loans (Federal Family Education Loans, Perkins, or Direct Loans). UB}H}D�P��M�.ju�:G]���G�sh�� m�]�h�=�N��љt]D@Ϥ+�t5���@羅����ҿ28#1aL&�Όcr����_�Zf3���g�0����e����e2ϘVciVdu�=۝��Ʋ��6��N`s�"���d?a����Fv��=�eO�����W�f�>��}�!��ɜ�u�qQ\,�%r#�tn"���q�\7�[�Us�qk�:n��k�Npg��� ���{����]~ ?�O���A>�/����| ����7�_�{����$���������?�[A�: Box 2876 West Monroe, LA 71294 Toll Free: 888.815.2843 Fax: 318.807.4884 (1) A guaranty agency that has a basic program agreement must enter into a loan rehabilitation agreement with the Secretary. Debtor must sign and return this letter to OGSLP to enter the rehabilitation program. m��@[��j_h۵�Z�֤��~֞i�:��u^�tW�w�{�}���`=Y�O�'�yz�^����������:}��C߫ҏ��&����~O���_^�6$�4�]�#ƈ3��F��a�l�Иn�s�*��Xn��-�.c��`�0��kF���xj���$M�TM��`��Qf���L2G��͠�m���rs�YeV���u�V��. endstream endobj startxref 389 0 obj <> endobj Read a bit about me & how I got started with student loans. Once you get past the preliminary information, you move on to the actual terms of the agreement. )���T��,SV)��ʷJ�Ҥ\U~V^�H���j�悔�?�I�h5S����3�y�u��N�Sw� �y��zO}����D���i���Z���i��m�6\K�ҵq�xm���ekS�"�X+�ʵ You will need to come to a payment plan agreement with Coast Professional regarding how much you will pay in exchange for deletion. If you agree to make monthly payment of this amount, sign the attached agreement and return it to us by one of the following methods: National Recovery Solutions, LLC. The interest that accrues while you’re in the rehabilitation program will be, Here’s the big one. �hJ�¨�T4՗@ ��PAj 9. EPM Written Permission to Disclose. %%EOF In my opinion, it’s a no-brainer that you sign it if you want to get your federal student loans out of default. You should sign the student loan rehabilitation agreement letter if you want to get out of default. They have a loan rehabilitation program, requiring you to make 9 consecutive monthly payments over a 10 month period. 4. Coast Professional, Inc, P.O. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Coast Professional Inc. is a collection agency. That means you can take out new loans and get other financial aid to go back to school even before you get your loans out of default. C/O Coast Professional, Inc. PO Box 2899 West Monroe, LA 71294 Toll Free Telephone Number: (800) 963-5941 Fax Number (716)235-2568 Payment Address: U.S. Department of Education National Payment Center h�bbd```b``z"}��?0yH29 I���`�e �a%�m�"�����`s���h0{*��f���)@������6-,�6SLƀHw3 ����� ��`��C����$� � �x� If you ask to change the payment amount, you’ll need to provide updated paperwork of your financial circumstances.

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