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too many. 4 Closing the health equity gap Policy options and opportunities for action . 22. in policy areas fundamental to Closing the Gap. These representatives will have broad geographic and subject matter coverage. 7. 21. not confined to the worst-off populations. Closing the Gap: Rights-based solutions for tackling deforestation 4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper aims to inform forest policy makers, governments, businesses and others developing policies, standards and initiatives to reform global supply chains to tackle forest loss and uphold human rights. the current Prime Minister had announced his support for a ‘Closing the Gap’ campaign—championed by Oxfam, and over 40 other Indigenous and non-Indigenous non-government organisations—that focuses on eliminating the 17 year life expectancy gap between Indigenous and other Australians. Closing the Gap has always been a . Social care: pay, recruitment and retention 117 Key messages 117 Pay 119 Closing the Health Inequalities Gap: An International Perspective Written by: Iain K Crombie Linda Irvine Lawrence Elliott Hilary Wallace . Effective policies can: 1. The WHO Regional Office for Europe is one of six regional offices throughout the world, each with its own programme geared to the particular health problems of the countries it serves. Ministers will be chosen by their respective governments. Provide More and Better Learning Time during the School Year and Summer. In acknowledging our successes and failures, the Government will not be taking credit or casting blame. The Coalition of Peaks will nominate twelve representatives to the Joint Council. Policy Goal: Promote Engaging and Enriching Learning Outside of School The way students spend their time in school, after school and during the summer can help promote their success at school. Poor health outcomes are . While progress has been made in some objectives, it is clear that we are still failing in . Closing the gap: modelling the impact of reform and funding on nursing and GP shortages 102 Nurses in NHS trusts 103 Reducing the nursing gap 105 The outlook for GPs 110 Implications for the HEE Budget in Spending Review 2019 113 Conclusion 115 8. This is the sixth Closing the Gap Report. Closing the Gap Policy Reviewed by: Well-being Committee Version: 1 Reviewed on: 20th January 2015 Adopted by FGB on: 4th March 2015 Signed by: (Chair of Governors) Next Review Date: 20th January 2016.

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