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Look for a harness that has at least 2 ice clipper slots and adjustable leg loops to accommodate extra bulk that comes from wearing winter clothing. Alpine climbing involves going fast and light in the mountains. Read more, Privacy policy Alpine climbing harnesses offer similar features as ice climbing harnesses, but are extremely lightweight. It’s good to note that anyone who has large legs in proportion to their waist may find it hard to fit fixed leg loop harnesses. Up to 30 days after purchase – we’ll match it. There are no rules, not even generally speaking. Accessibility. © 2020 Outdoor Gear Exchange, Inc., All Rights Reserved. … You'll find real-world experience, decades of outdoor knowledge, and exceptional products that won't ever let you down. Climbing Harness. 3. Sign up for our eNewsletter and hear about special offers, new product releases, and stories for our ambassadors around the country. More expensive harnesses have more ventilation, lighter padding, and are more comfortable to wear for extended periods. Fixed leg loops (left) and adjustable leg loops (right). This is often on the advice of shop assistants (who, if they are any good, will be intermediate/advance & therefore down-sizing) or friends who insist that "at least one size down" is the way. © 2020. Because of that, you should look for a beefier harness with 4 or more gear loops to help with effective racking of all your protection. This climbing harness is also a lot cheaper than any harness designed for archery. Trad climbing and multi-pitch climbing means carrying more gear than on a sport climb or in the gym. Sign up for our monthly eNewsletter to hear about special offers, new products, and stories from Misty ambassadors around the country. Custom Sizing Form. Fixed leg loops offer less to deal with, are good for sport climbing, and some people actually prefer the fixed fit. If you buy a harness and a pair of rock shoes at the same time from MEC, you can save 10% off your purchase of both. On a Type C sit harness, the belay loop is tested to 15kN (3,372 lbs.). Gear loops – These loops are designed to carry your gear, such as cams, nuts, and quickdraws. It’s even more minimalist than the Alpine Bod harness, because it doesn’t have any extra gear loops and just has standard leg straps. It's not like choosing the right shirt size; just because you wear an X-Large shirt doesn't mean you need a X-Large harness or even a large harness. Adjustable leg loops are an excellent choice for anyone who’ll be climbing in a range of climates, because you can adjust the loops to accommodate extra layers of clothing. Product Description. Color: Custom. Leg Loops should be comfortable but do not need to be super tight. We design and make the finest climbing gear in the world, and it's all done in the Appalachian Mountains of Western NC. These are small loops of fabric that hold ice clippers – special carabiners that attach to a harness to help with racking ice screws. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 15 things I wish I knew before I started climbing. If you are going rock climbing, there is a good chance you’ll want one of these! Harnesses with two gear loops are most suited for gym climbing, top roping, and sport climbing, while harness with 4+ gear loops are also suited for trad, multipitch, and ice climbing. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. A harness that fits correctly cannot be pulled down over your hipbones. If you’re a new climber buying your first climbing harness, you’re likely starting out at an indoor gym or may be taking intro classes to learn about sport climbing outside. Depending on your body shape, you may want to look at women’s specific harnesses. 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Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Fortunately, all climbing harnesses have to meet a set of safety regulations, so every harness on this list will keep you safe. 2. Women’s specific harnesses are similar to unisex harnesses, but the difference is in the leg loops and waist belt proportions. An example of ice clipper slots, circled in green above. When you’re choosing a harness, it’s important to make sure it’s supportive and comfortable since you’ll be doing lots of hanging in it. A full–body harness that is child–specific is considered a Type B small–body harness and is designed for weights ≤ 40 Kg (≤ 88 lbs. Mondopoint: What is it, and how is it measured? Harness Features. If you’re climbing indoors, you may not need to carry any gear. You could be indoor or sport climbing; doing adventurous big-wall trad climbs or multi-pitch routes; ice climbing; or going fast and light on alpine climbs. Climbing harnesses have multiple functions, most important of which is safety. LOVE THE LAND, MAKE A PLAN. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Your purchases help conserve the places where we play and support all Canadians getting active outside. For this list, we’ve been searching for the best climbing harness, and we’ve selected our best eight. These are small loops of fabric that hold ice clippers – special carabiners that attach to a harness to help with racking ice screws. Black Diamond Equipment. Gear loops – These loops are designed to carry your gear, such as cams, nuts, and quickdraws. According to harness brands, the range of an XL could be anything from 26-59 inches (66 – 150 cm). The leg loops are fixed, and although they are elasticized, they are still more limited in sizing than adjustable leg loops. The place Canadians trust for outdoor advice. As sport routes continue to get longer and longer, some routes demand upwards of 30 quickdraws just to get to the top. Ice climbing harnesses look similar to rock climbing harnesses, but with one key added feature: ice clipper slots. About us | Contact |, © Black Diamond Equipment Europe GmbH  | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Imprint | Cancellation Terms | Shipping | Site Map, {"isPro":"NON-PRO","registered":false,"customerID":"abX2p8eW1QeSUTXufVmp9hlw4I","email":"","cookiesAccepted":false}, {"tagManagerID":"GTM-NHCGF2S","currency":"EUR","siteID":"bdag","resouces":{"logUrl":"/on/"}}. Look for a harness with 2 to 4 gear loops and fixed leg loops. Until you consider yourself at the intermediate or advanced stage, nearly everyone buys a pair too small at some point. Look for a harness that has at least 2 ice clipper slots and adjustable leg loops to accommodate extra bulk that comes from wearing winter clothing. The Ten Essentials For Any Outdoor Adventure, How to Get the Most Out of Your Resort Day. Tried and true gift picks from an MEC store staffer – all guaranteed hits. A harness with 4 gear loops is more ideal for sport climbing to accommodate the increase in gear. Look for a harness that has a low profile so you can wear it comfortably under a backpack. 1. Sizing. They also feature handy little loops that allow you to clip a ton of additional gear into your harness for easy access while on the move. All rights reserved. They are used to rack ice screws, picks, and other ice tools. Ideally the buckle adjustment should be halfway through its range and not maxed out at either end. The Sama might just be the perfect sport climbing harness – provided it fits your legs. Getting high off the ground on a rock climb is a feeling unlike any other. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. To help you find the best rock climbing harness for you, here are some things to think about: The first thing is to think about is the type of climbing you plan to do, so you can choose a harness with the features you need. You should just be able to slip a hand between the leg loop and the upper thigh. Getting your first rock climbing harness is a big step in to the climbing world. View at Backcountry. Why You Should Take Your Kids Rock Climbing, How I Ended Up Bouldering in Bahrain: Part 2, The Doing, How I Ended Up Bouldering in Bahrain: Part 1, The Planning, Full Circle: What Coaching Youth Climbing Has Taught Me. All climbing harnesses mentioned in this article that consist of a waistbelt and 2 leg loops are classified as a Type C sit harness.

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