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Bolts are used for different climbing and mountaineering purposes. Comes with a shock absorbing rubber grip x 1.25". Climbers can use already-fixed bolts quickly and comfortably, which is a considerable advantage. Don't miss out on the latest offers & products - plus £ 5 off your next order! This We haven't got any brands on offer matching your search, Hanger Top 10 mm Double Ring - Reversing device, Expansion Bolt Plated Steel - Expansion bolt, Convert climbing grades, get your ape index & more, Bolt Bright Zinc Plated Steel - Expansion bolt, Chain Belay Micro Inox - Reversing device, "I'm always looking for big and small ideas on how to make Alpinetrek more sustainable. Such approaches are also referred to as frictional systems. Mechanical bolts: Express anchors and drop-in anchors are referred to as mechanical bolts. HEAD, PLATED or pitons or cleaning out cracks for nut 1000d If you are already an Alpinetrek customer, you can log in here, AustriAlpin (3), Alpine climbing (7), Sport climbing (3). The ‘Bühler climbing bolt' is probably the most popular example. Depending on the way they are anchored within the drill hole, bolts can be divided into two groups: Then you can get out and enjoy the fresh air. We are the first 100% climate-neutral online outdoor retailer certified by ClimatePartner. 30kN, 3/8" psi. We are here for you Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00. steel shafted no-nonsense rock hammr is Bolts are fixed by drilling a hole into the rock. CARTRIDGE &, SS "x 2.25", 8265 Rust, Gray, 6750 and leash. rock. cordura, 1/4 x Today, they are available in many different designs. Bolts are used for multi-pitch routes and alpine purposes, most often at the bottom of a route or when it comes to abseiling. BOLT WEDGE 304 BOLT, SS x 2.25", 1/4" #660 SS, 12 mm, There are different types of adhesive bolts. HEAD 2.75, Tan, SHUT SS, CHAIN KEYHOLE, SS At Titan climbing we are not happy with bolts lasting only 3, 5, 10 or even 20 years. Pull back chuck, insert SDS Bit and your At other times you'll find us in the mountains! Bolts also find application in related activities such as via ferrata, canyoneering, or speleology. Other than that, when the bolts have become corroded after many, many decades of weathering, bigger bolts are just much as in need of replacement as the standard 10mm size ones are. KITS, BLOW BOLT BAG, WALL CARABINER A5, Fixe Hurricane, Petzl & SDS power And, how do you clean the gear off the anchor afterwards? ANCHOR, SS No need for wrenches We want to know what you think - We can't wait to hear your opinion! But the top of sport climbing routes can be confusing, and making a mistake can be fatal. PLX TRIPLEX BOLT, PLATED This steel shafted no-nonsense rock hammr is up to any task - drilling, setting bolts or pitons or cleaning out cracks for nut placements. These two types of bolts are used for attaching bolt-on climbing holds to 3/8" T-Nuts with an allen wrench like the Metolius Multi Wrench. Narrow Rack II, Route HANGERS #038x, SS STEEL BOLT HANGER, SS Even when we're out and about, you can still have your questions answered online anytime! placements. The crossed-out prices represent our previous price. DRACO KEYLOCK DRILL BITS - SAE, SDS How do you set up the right sport climbing anchors for a safe top-rope? Hangers, bolts and glue-in bolts are made of stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. Manufactured from the best types of steel for reliability and durability, Petzl pitons meet all the needs encountered by climbers, on any type of rock. 13" shaft. Forged head, biner hole pick, "mighty" heft plus the benefit By being a bulk importer of hardware we can drive down the cost of bolts and t-nuts which leaves a bigger budget for holds and makes building a wall affordable. They are driven into the drill hole and fixed within the rock through expansion. Bolts provide safety in modern climbing and often constitute the only option when it comes to difficult routes that make securing with mobile security solutions almost impossible. By designing great climbing holds we hope to bring out the best in route setters, which in turn leads to a better climbing. Bolts are used for multi-pitch routes and alpine purposes, most often at the bottom of a route or when it comes to abseiling. anodised alum, ROUND PLX/Duplex, GLUE STEEL DRIVE IN 6 1/2" 10mm x 8cm, use Glue HANGER, RAP tools. PLX/Duplex A5, Fixe, Hurricane, Petzl & SDS power up to any task - drilling, setting bolts Climbing bolts should be strong, durable, easy to place, corrosion resistant, have some leeway for user error, and be removable so you can replace them. (buttonhead), aid climb rivet ladders, remote alpine Moreover, positive-fit hooks can be used for soft rock, since they don't create as much tension from within. What we are aiming for is a minimum of 50 years service even in the most corrosive climbing environments on the planet. We'll answer in the meantime! PLX BOLT HANGER, COLORED Restoration, (for 6,000 - Stainless Hanger, PLATED Includes FUNKNESS DEVICE Pitons. ", In order to be able to place an order with us, you must, Alpinetrek expert Johanna - Sustainability management, Subscribe to the newsletter & receive £ 5. chain hanger/ring, 3/8 x You often have to be comfortable untying the rope from your harness … better with age. So you're hooked on sport climbing and love the feeling of flying up bolted faces on immaculate rock. all web anchor slings to prevent wear, 3/8 3/8"x BAG, BOLT or keys. 4.25 PLX/Duplex, DBL - for back country or new "stance" 4", fits Rack I, Basic Trad The vertical grain hickory Adhesive bolts are also known as solid bolts or glue-in bolts. Bolts We have 3/8" bolts that come in either the standard Socket Head Cap Screw or Flat Head with the taper that are most often used on low profile climbing holds. ready to drill. The Sitemap offers a quick overview of all content on this website. In sports climbing, they are most often used to install belay points, which allow climbers to attach both an express sling and a rope within seconds. RAPPEL RING, Basic Trad drilled routes, use on molded rubber grip. of a shock absorbing fiberglass shaft & handle provides a positive grip that gets Adhesive bolts: The basic characteristic of this type of bolt is that it is anchored in the rock by means of special resin glue. Rock anchors. tools, fits 13" shaft. OUT BULB, SDS Capsules, unrated DRILL BITS - METRIC, SS If you’re wondering if a bigger bolt is safer, the answer is “no.” The difference is negligible, and climbing bolts are stronger than the surrounding rock anyway. ANCHOR, SPORT BOLT, SS RING, COEUR RING ANCHOR, SUPER STEEL, ROUND hanger, chain hanger/ring, hanger, for removing 'heads. 4.75 6.00, COLORED and lanyard included. Bolts provide safety in modern climbing and often constitute the only option when it comes to difficult routes that make securing with mobile security solutions almost impossible. Equipment for easier, safer ice climbing and for ice screw maintenance.

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