clifford possum tjapaltjarri 'warlugulong

The white blotches near the edge of the painting indicate that he passed through limestone country. Lungkata created the first bushfire that swept across the land and engulfed the boys at Warlugulong. Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri had access to this subject through his mother and his cousin Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa. The painting is shown as an enlargeable image and in a video. Lungkata and his two sons reside at the site where the fire began, nearly 300 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs. In 1976 a BBC documentary crew traveled deep into Australia's Northern Territory to watch Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and his brother Tim Leura paint a masterpiece. [8] The two images are amongst five that the artist created between 1976 and 1979 that linked the iconography of sacred stories to geographic representation of his country – the land to which he belonged and about which he had traditional knowledge. An established wood-carver and a skilled painter, in the early 1970’s Clifford along with his brother Time Leura Tjapaltjarri joined the ‘painting men’ which soon transformed into the Papunya Tula Artists. The line of sites on the right-hand side of the painting (unlike most, they are not depicted as linked) show the route of a terrified euro (hill-dwelling 'cousin' of the kangaroo) as he was chased by a wedge-tailed eagle. Margo Neale, Yiribana: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection, Sydney, 1994, 64, 65 (colour illus. 146, Sydney, 2004, 146, 147 (colour illus.). The work is about one of the artist’s favourite themes: the ancestral narrative of Lungkata the Blue-Tongued Lizard, who punished his two sons for not sharing their catch with him. The main story Warlugulong (Bushfire Dreaming) relates to a father (Lungkata, the Blue-Tongue Lizard Man) who discovers his two sons had killed, cooked and eaten a kangaroo without sharing it (as is customary). Vivien Johnson., Australian Collection Focus: Warlugulong 1976, Untitled article by Hetti Perkins, unpaginated; 'The place of fire', Sydney, 1999, cover (colour illus.). The father, wondering why his sons were so long, suddenly sensed what had happened. Hetti Perkins, Education Kit - Papunya Tula: genesis and genius, 'Anmatyerre icons', pg. [17], Johnson's analysis of the painting emphasises the relationship between the representation of geographical sites in the Yuendumu region and the dreaming stories associated with those sites. The purchase of Warlugulong 1977 has been made possible by the generous assistance of Roslynne Bracher and the Paspaley Family, David Coe and Michelle Coe, and Charles Curran and Eva Curran. Vivien Johnson, Once upon a time in Papunya, Sydney, 2010, 139, 140, 248.

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