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Moment woman is 'robbed' in the street, 'What is happening?' Best-selling... Ivana Trump says ex-husband Donald is 'not a good loser' and will 'fight and fight' but pleads: 'I just want... Estonian cabinet minister quits after calling Joe Biden and his son 'corrupt'. According to The Chinese family were fabricating many of those amazing paper effigies, presumably for use by ethnic Chinese living in that region of Thailand. ► White Iris is the traditional funeral flower in China, so make sure that you take an elaborate wreath made of these flowers, if you are visiting during the “wake”. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. Burying grave goods and giving food offerings has always been part of the Chinese funeral ritual, and this has evolved into the practice of burning Joss paper at Chinese funerals. Therefore, the money is an offering to keep their ancestors happy in return for blessings. Of course, burning real money is deemed unacceptable and is considered unlucky in most Asian cultures. Sometimes, the guests may also be presented with a handkerchief. ► The family members of the deceased wear mourning clothes. ► Red, in Chinese culture, is the color of happiness. It is worth noting that in Chinese culture, the funeral customs and rites vary from person to person, depending on the social status of the deceased and/or also his/her position in the family. ► The arm on which the band is worn depends on the gender of the deceased. However, the etiquette that needs to be followed during these ceremonies is worth noting. Zen: Tea, a popular gift in life, is also available. Chinese Paper. Mourners will fold the paper as an important part of the burning ceremony, as it distinguishes joss paper from actual money. According to an 2014 report by People's Daily Online, the cardboard version of the iPhone 5S was one of the most popular items for offering that year. ► It should be noted that the three items mentioned above viz., the envelope with a coin, the handkerchief, and the candy, should not be carried home by the guests. He thinks young people have little interest in them. The Hungry Ghost Festival, or Yu Lan, is a particularly popular time for joss paper burning in Hong Kong, though road-side offerings can be seen daily around the city. They are followed by other family members and guests. For the Chinese, the funeral rites are an important part, not only of their religious lives, but also social lives. That proved too expensive for commoners and so, for centuries, the Chinese have burned joss paper to provide the dead with "money" allowing them to live well in the afterlife (or, some say, to bribe their way to a swifter reincarnation). Chinese Funeral Stuff - Burning Paper House Effigy - YouTube Jan 30, 2013 - made from joss paper used in traditional Chinese funerals. And like China's voracious consumerism, these extravagant offerings don't appear to be slowing or stopping. ► Once the elaborate funeral ceremony is over, a funeral procession to the final resting place of the deceased, the crematorium or the cemetery, is held. These could go alongside the household appliances and kitchen equipment. Cai Lun’s coffin suddenly opened and voila, he was alive again. Funeral rites differ from country to country and from culture to culture, but all of them are unanimously aimed at ensuring that the soul of the deceased enters the afterlife without any hurdle. Traditionally, the Chinese people are known to host lavish funeral ceremonies for their deceased near and dear ones because elaborateness of the funeral ceremony determines the status of the family in the society. The comments below have not been moderated. The Chinese believe that a joss paper offering is conveyed into the spirit world. Held either in the family home or local temple, this period lasts for several days, wherein family members and close friends are expected to bring flowers for the deceased. He plotted with his wife and faked his own death. Traditionally, the period called “wake” precedes the actual funeral. Such items are burned to symbolically provide the deceased with a place to live, clothing to wear and people to take care of them in the afterlife. It is believed that the one who fails to adhere to the rules and etiquette of the funeral invites bad luck to his/her family. Origami. ► The Chinese funeral involves a lot of rites which have to be completed properly. ► For this, a special band is hired and loud music is played until the place is reached. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Chinese have burned paper for the dead for centuries, but have only recently begun sculpting iPods, aeroplanes and dentures - as Kurt Tong 's pictures show This SocialMettle write-up features some of the important etiquette to be followed during a traditional Chinese funeral. Each of these envelopes contains a coin. In days gone by, the offering might have been seen as a way to appease ghosts but it was also a way for people to continue their filial duties into the afterlife. They kindly let me take photos of their back room. ► Whether the deceased is cremated or buried, depends on the personal preference of the deceased himself/herself and/or his/her family. Therefore, such a death (if it is natural), calls for a celebration, and shades symbolizing happiness are acceptable to a certain extent. If a family of the deceased is poor this period can be short, lasting for only 3 days. On Chinese online shops such as Taobao, China's equivalent to Ebay, it's possible to buy everything from stacks of paper money for less than one Yuan (10p) to extravagant paper palaces that cost up to 2,000 Yuan (£200). Held either in the family home or local temple, this period lasts for several days, wherein family members and close friends are expected to bring flowers for the deceased. Some are made to size as welll, Details: Inside, the laptop has everything you might need, including printed keyboard and screen (above), Leisure: Mah Jong, a popular game in China, is one of the items for sale. Published: 11:14 GMT, 1 April 2016 | Updated: 11:25 GMT, 1 April 2016. This can be directly handed over to one of the family members (or put into a donation box, if there is one), either on the day of the funeral or one day before. According to The World of Chinese, there was even a retailer offering to carry out the tomb-sweeping duties on behalf of anyone who can't make the event. The funeral or death ceremony is one of the most important rites of passage that virtually every human being has to go through. DIY Projects. Chinese mourners have been burning joss paper – known as “ghost money” – for centuries. People of today’s China value their age-old customs and traditions as much as they value advancements in technology and modernization. ► Apart from joss paper, other miniature items such as houses, cars, televisions, utensils, etc., are also burned. Therefore, such a death (if it is natural), calls for a celebration, and shades symbolizing happiness are acceptable to a certain extent. Others are testament to modern consumerism: we see a rice cooker and gas canisters; a washing machine and laptop. Traditional Chinese funeral is an elaborate ceremony that involves a number of rites and rituals. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. There's even documents like passports, driving licence and health insurance available for purchase. Complete Article HERE! But while the tradition is some 2,500 years old, the somber celebration has become an increasingly lucrative business, according to People's Daily Online. However, the etiquette that needs to be followed during these ceremonies is worth noting. The practice of Feng Shui, prayer and sacrifice of more tangible items (like food, fruit, incense and candles) also form part of ancestor veneration in tradtional Chinese culture. ► White Iris is the traditional funeral flower in China, so make sure that you take an elaborate wreath made of these flowers, if you are visiting during the “wake”. Copyright © Social Mettle &, Inc. Traditional Chinese culture believes that evil spirits can be kept away by means of loud music. During the funeral, offerings of food items, incense, and joss paper are commonly presented. 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Brazil halts trials of Chinese Covid-19 vaccine following 'unrelated' death of a volunteer recipient. DIY and Crafts. There are Buddhist ceremonies that last at least for 49 days. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I'm a straight talking Northern guy... how could I be crippled by anxiety? While enclosing money into the white envelope, ensure that you are donating in odd numbers. Millions of people of Chinese descent visit the graves of their ancestors to burn paper money as an offering as part of the annual Qingming Festival, or Tomb-sweeping Day, which takes place on April 4 this year.

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