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It may not seem like much, but in the last four years-for the first time in the history of the Northern Territory-a small but growing number of kids are graduating from Year 12 from Aboriginal communities in the Territory. Aboriginal men have been universally condemned as uncaring, substance-abusing vicious molesters; while women have been portrayed as hopelessly weak, pathetic creatures, incapable of caring for their families or their children.And woe betide anyone-Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal-who dares criticise the second Intervention. “The future was about how many chairs we could get for the communities,” she said. Mark Werner, Sharon Bunyan, lecturer Sharon Galleguillos, Brianna Waddell and University of Sydney Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson. Tragically, she has been proven largely right ... and the Little children are sacred report has documented elements of that crisis-elements on which the Australian Government has palpably failed to act, and over which the Australian Government has refused to countenance any meaningful dialogue, let alone action. Mind you, this was not the first time the Howard - and other governments - had been made aware of child abuse and neglect in Aboriginal communities. At least federal Labor has been persuaded by its Territory representatives to resurrect a reformed CDEP if they are elected. The times should be changing, not reverting to a colonial past. In this lecture, she questions the Commonwealth's moral authority to undertake the intervention, condemning its motivations and operations. Citizen Science. For only the third time since the introduction of the Race Discrimination Act, legislation has been introduced that specifically excludes the operation of that Act. In the context of the Northern Territory, and noting that the Commonwealth has "reinserted itself into the affairs of the Northern Territory", economist Will Sanders has pointed out that places such as the Northern Territory are perennially disadvantaged in funding "catch up". The first version of it was established near the Police Station in Alice Springs, and it attracted critical comment from journalists and other concerned citizens. "We can call on our non-Indigenous brothers and sisters to join us to imagine a future that deals with the unfinished business of the stolen generations through telling the truth about our history, and to continue what the apology started.”. Search for courses, people, events and everything else ... Charles Perkins' fire in the belly: we need to reignite it, The Dr Charles Perkins AO Memorial Oration and Prize 2016. Like philosophers debating the numbers of angels on the head of a pin, or physicists counting exotic sub-atomic quarks and hadrons in particle accelerators, the Commonwealth has documented all this and more-but to less effect. John Howard likened it to Australia's "Hurricane Katrina".The "national emergency" was in response to an inquiry commissioned in August last year, carried out by Pat Anderson and Rex Wild-the Little children are sacred report-into child abuse on Aboriginal townships and communities.

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