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Cook the rice up just before you are ready to serve so it is warm and fluffy. Mussels, clams, shrimps and prawns go into this tasty mix – and it’s even better if you have collected them yourself. Most of the ingredients for this recipe are canned but you’ll need some red and yellow peppers, carrots, and courgettes which may need transporting in a cooler box, and it uses plenty of herbs and spices which can be transported dry – no need for fresh. See how to slow roast pork in a Dutch oven, below. You can swap out ingredients and get creative with the toppings underpinned by that delicious roasted banana. When it comes to substituting for butter you need to look at the recipe – for griddle cakes coconut oil is good. Another pancake recipe but quite different. Find out how to make them here. The cast iron skillet is what IMHO gives this its special taste, plus of course the spices. The ingredients are mostly dry – flour, baking powder, and rolled oats, the only ingredients you will have to keep cool are the butter and the double cream yoghurt. Yum! All you need besides the ingredients is a warm cast iron skillet over the fire and you are ready to start creating your persona as the pancake king or queen. Zucchini, onions, sweet peppers and chickpeas make this a healthy option that will keep campers satisfied. You can find the recipe here. This is a vegan recipe with loads of spices and really healthy ingredients. If you think the mushrooms aren’t a good idea for camping and won’t keep fresh then leave them out, and just use the onion and bell peppers as well as the tomatoes threaded with the chicken. These are so versatile – great for breakfast with a fried or scrambled egg and a little of the left-over BBQ meat chopped up – in the recipe you can follow here chopped up Kassler pork chops were used, but you could fry up some bacon or sausages. Pancakes are a great morning dish and these blueberry ones are definitely moreish! The fresh mint and cilantro called for may be a little more difficult on a camping trip. See all the steps here. If it’s in a can you can take it camping, so campfire food doesn’t just have be about beans and bacon. For anyone who has spent time trying to bake a whole potato on the fire and ended up with a charred outside and just a bit of edible potato in the middle this one will make everyone much happier. As the recipe mentions you can add all sorts of other meltable treats to rev up the taste sensation. Watch here to see how easy it is: Add some bacon and toast and you have a filling breakfast meal. These are super easy and kids will love getting them toasted over the fire. Dutch oven bread brings campers together over the deliciously warm slices slathered with butter and maybe some homemade jam you have brought along. This recipe calls for a refrigerated biscuit dough but you can serve it with rice, cornmeal mush (see #7), mashed potatoes, or couscous if you do not have room to keep dough cool. The onion, parsley, cheese and Worcestershire sauce all add to the flavor. To make grilling the fish easy you’ll need a campfire broiler basket – the wire frame opens up for placing the fish, clamps shut and makes for easy turning. Nulla porta venenatis viverra. Then all you have to do at camp is add the bananas, eggs, and butter – the bourbon they say is optional! Campfire Hobo Stew Recipe In Foil Packets. Take along a small pot of fresh basil for your camping needs so you always have fresh, or if you don’t have space then use dried basil. Make in a Dutch oven and cook over a slow fire. The sour cream and Monterey Jack cheese will need to be kept in the cooler. This recipe makes oats the usual way over the fire but adds baked apples in foil sprinkled with cinnamon, and pecans and pumpkin seeds toasted in a pan over the fire – all dumped over the oats with some maple syrup. The recipe does suggest keeping the marinaded steak cool but that can be popped into a cooler bag in its zip lock bag until you are ready for threading. We said these recipes were relatively easy and delicious and this one fits the bill for fish you may have caught on the trip. Your email address will not be published. The rolls are frozen and will need to kept cool until you are ready to take them out to cook over the fire. The filling suggested here can be swapped out. These make the cut because the ingredients are fairly easy to transport, and most of them only need a cooler for the meat options. This technique makes grilling bacon for a bunch of people a breeze – heck they can even turn their skewers of bacon themselves, so everyone has it how they like it – done but not crispy, crispy but not burnt – you know how fussy people get about the ‘doneness’ of their bacon. Follow the recipe here and remember a very low heat will cook it to perfection otherwise you will have a nasty burnt pot to scrape out! Get as creative as you like with these – graham crackers, s’mores and chocolate melted in an aluminium tray over the fire.

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