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UVA Law professors Naomi Cahn, Michael Gilbert and Saikrishna Prakash discuss key legal issues emerging out of the presidential election in a panel moderated by Micah Schwartzman ’05, director of the Karsh Center for Law and Democracy. Regular listening will help you master vocabulary and everyday phrases. The panel was sponsored by the Karsh Center. Italian Podcast - Improve your Italian language skills by listening to conversations about Australian culture. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, c'est ce que nous allons travailler aujourd'hui grâce à cette vidéo! My Instagram: https://www.instagram…, Verse of the Day: "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." If it isn’t excellent storytelling and bringing communities together through trust and transparency, you may want to give today’s episode a listen. This is the slow speed version. Long, short, curly, straight, permed, dyed? Coming in second in the vote for the most popular lesson is BEP 83 – Job Interviews: Discussing Previous Experience. It can help you understand tone of voice and speech patterns, so that you can imitate these features in your own speech. Chinese Podcast - Improve your Chinese language skills by listening to conversations about Australian culture. Psalm 46:10 ESV This verse has provided comfort for multitudes of believers. Some of the world's leading inventors and researchers share demos, breakthroughs and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. And as an English language learner, do you know the difference between bangs and a fringe? Learn English Vocabulary is a short format podcast that teaches English vocabulary, one word a day, seven days a week!To read the transcript and complete interactive activities, visit, Discover the strategies that convert data into insights and action. They have several business English listening exercises that cover everything from customer calls, sales talk, workplace discussions and everyday conversations with an executive or colleague. Finally, listen to the explanation and discussion of the vocabulary and see if you guessed correctly. Until you hear a word spoken many times, you’ll be left unsure of how it should sound. You can read the transcript, complete an interactive language activity to test your understanding and practise using the language and complete a task in the comments section on Learn English > B2 - US election vocabulary. We produced this short piece earlier in the pandemic for Jacobin's podcast The Dig and their series Antibody: thanks so much to everyone at The Dig, and especially Liza Yaeger, for allowing us to share this with you all. A fun, interactive website, English Media Lab caters to learners of all ages and skill levels. We hear how people communicate at work and the different factors that can affect how communication takes place. Understanding native speakers in real life will become easy! Why? If you’re listening to improve your English skills, … Any re-transmission/transcript without the written permission of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS and its owner is expressly forbidden. They’re conducted on a one-to-one basis and are about 50 minutes long. Due to the structure of the English language, pronunciation can be tricky. Episode transcript can be found here: shorturl ... Business English Skills 360 podcast lessons provide essential tips and language for communicating in English. Each conversation is complemented with a full transcript and a page of language exercises that may be downloaded from the website Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in several key Midwest states. Market research in healthcare is overdue for a change. It makes for ideal self-study material. We posed this question to some of the most dynamic young voices of our time, including musician Alex Aiono and Good Call NYC founder Jelani Anglin who joined Tonya Mosley to talk about fighting for social justice in the midst of a pandemic and an election year unlike any other. That means you’ll be practicing listening with real English content.

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