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However, if you are open to other options other than LastPass and Bitwarden, I highly recommend opting for Dashlane Premium for individual use. LastPass Families costs $4.00 per month for 6 users. The Enterprise plan costs $3/user/month (billed annually) and includes a wealth of added features such as user groups and RESTful API access. Although both methods of two-step login are arguably as easy as each other to set up, I strongly recommend using an authentication app over email. Business and team account are also available. This is helpful because in the event that a password is ever compromise and exposed to the world along with your login details (e.g. SHA-256 is the acronym for Cryptographic Hash Algorithm. Optional on-premises hosting available for complete control. The premium account is also excellent value at only $10 / year providing everything in the free account along with 1GB of cloud storage, use of advanced 2FA options (YubiKey, U2F and Duo), premium security reports and TOTP authenticator features. Bitwarden doesn't go that route, which is fine. More than that, though, it provides a lot of options. If you’re concerned about security and authentication, you can host your own passwords, which cuts out any risk of a data breach on Bitwarden’s end. Imagine if your username and password (as per above) had been leaked and it turned out the username (email) and password were used regularly use across many different websites! This is a very useful way to keep copies of bank cards, personal IDs and other important documents which you might need to securely access whilst on the go! However, all things considered, if you decide to opt for this password manager, you won’t regret it – Bitwarden will keep your passwords safe and sound. Create your free account on the platform with end-to-end encryption and flexible integration options for you or your business. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Bitwarden is one of the top password managers around. Open source and affordable password management for all. One popular technique for two-factor authentication relies on Google Authenticator or work-alike apps that generate TOTPs (time-based one-time passwords). Is Bitwarden protected from hacks? It’s also the only U.S. patented password manager. You can also choose when your vault will timeout, stretching from every 1 minute to 4 hours, as well as other options that aren’t time-based such as on browser restart, and even the choice to set it to ‘never’. As standard, you can store unlimited items in your vault across an unlimited number of devices, make use of all vault health reports for increased online safety, and store up to 1GB of files per user. It’s dirt cheap at only $10 per year, but it adds little in the way of features. If a hacker guessed your master password, they would still need access to your mobile device to authenticate the login and gain access. Bitwarden doesn’t ever see your master password, though. Bitwarden is a 100% open-source password manager. The difference is that collections can be used by companies to control user access, while folders are used by individual users to organize items in their vaults. You need to enter the code when prompted by Bitwarden where it will be validated before granting access. Bitwarden have both a free account and a premium account priced at $10 / year for individuals. Still, the forums are helpful. When you go to enable 2FA in Bitwarden, it offers an unlock code and strongly advises you to store it in a safe place. Bitwarden may be the cheapest password manager but the cost is reflected in the level of help and support. You must create the folders you want first, and then edit each item to put it in the desired folder. You can also view your entire password collection by clicking the toolbar button and opening your vault. Furthermore, the development team invites security analysis from researchers. Only you can unlock and decrypt the passwords stored in your vault using your master password. I often like to make the comparison of password vaults to brick and mortar bank vaults where safety deposit boxes are kept. You'll have to scout out the bad ones yourself; Bitwarden does include analysis tools to find passwords that need changing, but it reserves that feature for paying customers. Free users get just two collections; those paying cash have no limit. RESTful API access to allow integration with other tools and systems. Auto-filling credentials when logging into accounts is also straightforward. Bitwarden has also been audited for 2020 by a third party to ensure it's secure. As such Bitwarden will not only store the logins for any websites and apps you might use but also allows credit card, PIN umbers and secure personal notes to be stored alongside them and synchronised across all devices automatically.

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