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Preparing for the holiday sales season isn’t something that happens in the weeks leading up to the holidays. BigCommerce is by far our biggest revenue source. The Google Ad campaigns we have in place were a very big factor to customers landing on our store. Labor Day sales kick off early in September, and they've been known to include discounts that rival Black Friday sales — because, Money magazine explains, Labor Day sales draw the remnants of the back-to-school shopping crowd and clear the shelves for holiday shopping. However, we’ve done extensive research and analysis into our transactional and ad platform data to ensure that our pricing architecture, placement, and positioning were fully optimized to maximize value. More emphasis on segmentation and targeting. We’ll reposition our funnel and reach to prime our position for the start of 2020. As part of your planning, use our guide of dates for the best holiday sales as you craft promotions in your department stores, strip outlet stores that feature retail sales, and one of the most popular places for sales growth, especially during Cyber Week – online sales. Selling on or through Facebook & Instagram. We’ll take what we’ve learned from sales numbers, website/channel performance, and customer feedback as an opportunity to improve our customer experience and offers from start to finish. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission to support our work. This is the holiday when consumers are supposed to take advantage of shopping at work or at home in pajamas on the Monday after Thanksgiving — yet more and more retailers are blurring the one-day concept to become a Cyber Week. Historically, Black Friday has been known to have some of the biggest holiday sales in the U.S. Some bargain shoppers are on the hunt all year long, and others take to the store for special occasions and when prodded by suddenly ubiquitous sales fliers and banner ads. This is only our third Cyber Monday as a company, so our data points are few. Just make sure you increase the ceiling of your budgets because, with a successful launch, you’re likely to reach them very early on the largest of shopping days. This isn’t different than what we saw last year, but it was more pronounced this year. This year we started planning months earlier than previous years. Some parts of the roadside are not conducive to setting up vendor booths, either because of deep ditches, landscape issues, or limited access, but it’s unusual to drive far without the sale picking back up. Looking ahead to 2018, here are some predictions for dates when specific product sales and small business activities will peak. As a gear and events company, we will transition to offers that don’t rely on shipping (our events and gift cards) to keep the momentum going as we get closer to Christmas. Then next year, a few months before Black Friday, I’ll remind myself on the key points to take advantage of and mistakes to make sure they won’t happen again. All information shared in this report includes only data from stores that were online and selling on BigCommerce over Cyber Week 2018 so that we can look at year-over-year trends. The Wednesday before Easter is typically the peak day for bakery sales as shoppers place their order for the upcoming weekend. Ecommerce for sure. Researchers say consumer confidence will lead to more sales for... E-Commerce Websites: How to Start an Online Business. Some are probably obvious and others may be a bit of a surprise to everyone except the businesses selling in those niches (and the online platforms that support those sales). [Read related article: How to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday]. As an ecommerce business, we continued to see more customers wait to make their purchases on Cyber Monday as opposed to Black Friday. With Small Business Saturday celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, we are seeing an even bigger push by AmEx and retailers to shop small. It is the largest offline and online shopping day in the world. Content and commerce integration and strategies. Knowles recognized that retailers could ship orders much later in the month and they would still arrive before Christmas. On this holiday, most people are thinking about spending their dollars on food and entertainment, to the tune of close to $7 billion, according to the NRF. Our goal is to provide an accurate view of the aggregate success of existing retailers during Cyber Week 2019 as compared to Cyber Week 2018 — to see what grew and what didn’t grow by industry and vertical. Each yard sale is organized a little bit differently, but the general idea is that the entire rural highway becomes a yard sale. Top Level U.S Reports: By Manufacturer / By Brand / By Model / Best Sellers Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover will release their numbers later this month. Customers globally spend more than $40 billion during the 24 hours, according to data from Salesforce. Keep an eye out for deals on these items even if you're buying for someone besides Mom, such as a high school or college graduate (or yourself!). Get ready to conquer retail’s busiest time of year. Communication and personal touch is going to be the key to driving repeat business. The Automotive and Fashion & Jewelry verticals saw the highest YoY GMV increases. 5 Best Ways to Find Yard Sales in Your Area, 10 Best Shrubs That Flower in Early Summer, Antique Yard Sale Trail in Eastern Michigan, The Best Maryland Flea and Antique Markets, How to Find and Host Facebook Garage Sales, A State-by-State Guide to Deer Resistant Plants, 12 Garage Sale Tips That Will Make You Money, Mesa Market Place Swap Meet and Flea Market. Yard sale junkies, put on your walking shoes! Merchants are encouraged to visit AmEx's website for personalized Small Business Saturday marketing materials, which include signage and social media content. While you can find all-up industry data and stats on a variety of media sites, we focus on reporting same-store sales year-over-year and breaking those down by verticals so you can benchmark your success. It was started in 2008 by internet entrepreneur Luke Knowles, who noticed that online shopping dropped off around Dec. 10, since shoppers were concerned that orders placed any later would not be delivered on time (or would charge excessive shipping fees). Averaged across all days of Cyber 5, the Food & Beverage vertical earned around 0.5% less in GMV YoY. Travel deals have become a big part of Cyber Monday, with airlines and travel sites offering bargain flights, and hotels and cruise lines promoting extra amenities and discounted packages. The third Monday in February is officially designated Washington's Birthday, but department stores advertise big Presidents' Day sales over the three-day weekend. Many retailers plan to offer promotional items, one-day sales, competitive pricing and extended hours to attract customers looking to check off those last few names from their gift lists. That's an average $1,007 per consumer over the holiday season this year, up 4.1 percent. Grills, for instance, won't see their lowest prices until the end of the summer. We did notice a slightly lower average order value, which we are still trying to evaluate and find out why that was. Due to the popularity of Cyber Monday and the consumer demand for even more sales, many businesses extend their Cyber Monday promotions for a week, known as Cyber Week. The arrival of new model TV's, digital cameras and furniture also means you can take advantage of department stores' willingness to unload their old inventory at bargain prices. We’re on a mission to provide businesses like yours marketing and sales tips, tricks and industry leading knowledge to build the next house-hold name brand. Alibaba reported sales of more than US$25.4 billion on 11 November 2017. The official date for 2020 won't be announced until a few weeks prior, but Prime Day … The official Free Shipping Day website states that the day will be Dec. 14 this year. However, for peak promotional periods with sales that people expect, most sales are captured through bottom funnel channels such as branded search. We caught up with GORUCK Director of Digital Marketing & IT Nathan Thompson to get a first-hand take on Cyber Week for a sports & outdoors brand. Both online and in-store shopping activity increased across verticals on Black Friday — in a move that solidified it as the most profitable day during Cyber 5 in 2019. Focusing on taking care of all of the customers that you just interacted with to make sure they have a good experience moving forward. We also love what the children's apparel company Cubcoats plans to offer: extended deals on Nov. 29 and Nov. 30 for buy two, save 20%; buy three, save 30%; and buy four, save 40%. While it may never be as popular as Black Friday in the States, many U.S. retailers, especially those looking to purge seasonal merchandise, drastically cut their prices on the Dec. 26.

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