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6 of 12 Saje Natural Wellness Freshening Mat Spray ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner Organic, Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray. It is handy with any type of yoga mat regardless of the material and cleans while maintaining its integrity. Made with coconut, olive, jojoba, geranium, bergamot, and rosemary oils, this yoga mat cleaner by Luna will revitalize your mat (and you!) Capable of being used with any type of yoga mat, Removes sweat, germs, and bacteria from your yoga mat. The eight-ounce bottle can be recycled once it has been cleaned. With a clean damp cloth and this solution, you can effectively clean your yoga mat and let it dry to prepare your next yoga class. You're not the only one who needs a wipe-down after a heated flow. Just like sage can clear out bad energy, this sage and rosemary yoga mat cleaner spray clears your workout equipment of both bacteria and odors. This product is not tested on animals, and it is paraben-free, eco-friendly, and made in the USA. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. The formula is simple (the best ones are) with a combination of purified water, alcohol, and essential oils coming together to create a fantastic blend for your mat. The cleaning spray is non-toxic and safe for all mats and props. You … This yoga mat cleaner is safe for all yoga mats. The yoga mat cleaning spray efficiently breaks down dirt and sweat while killing all germs and odors in your yoga mat. Lingering odors, germs, dirt, and sweat marks could affect your yoga experience, so getting an effective yoga mat cleaning spray with minimum fuss is essential. This yoga mat cleaning spray is animal cruelty-free, formulated by an expert team using vegan and organic materials. The Gaiam spray contains tea tree extract, blended with coconut oil, olive oil, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil to make a potent cleaning spray. The wipes are biodegradable, safe for the environment, and made in the USA. A: Using a yoga mat cleaning spray doesn't involve any complicated steps; apply it directly to the yoga mat, then use a damp cloth to wipe down the yoga mat, then leave it to dry. This spray is made with 100% natural ingredients and has a fresh smell that clears the mind while practicing yoga. Let your yoga mat air dry before you roll it up, and it’s ready for your next practice. Additionally, these wipes are free of tea tree oil, so they are safe to use around pets. The free cleaning cloth means you are safe in the knowledge that you are using the best fabric to clean the yoga mat. The organic oils in this cleanser are gentle on your yoga mat. It rids your yoga mat of bacteria, dirt, and dust and leaves it smelling fresh. This completely plant-based spray will freshen your mat with the scent of orange, spearmint, bergamot, and earthy patchouli. Opt for cleaning sprays made with natural ingredients; they tend to be safer to use and care to avoid allergens and unwanted elements. Thanks to all its features, it makes a useful gift for yoga lovers. It will not damage equipment, and you can use the Vapor Fresh spray on any gear, from boxing gloves to hockey sticks, to gym bags and yoga mats. The Mind Over Lather spray has an all-natural sweet fragrance to relax you. Larger containers pose inconveniences of carrying around the extra weight and bulk. Simple Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipes & Tips Simple Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray. Ingredients - The components of a yoga mat cleaner can drive the decision of whether to buy the product or not. This non-toxic cleaning spray uses natural ingredients, including tea tree essential oil, witch hazel, and more, to disinfect your yoga mat and leave it residue-free. What’s more, Asutra believes strongly in caring for the environment and everything in it, which is why none of their products are tested on animals. The bottle can fit into most yoga bags. If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. Versatility - The best yoga mat cleaners are those useful on yoga mats and other surfaces, adding versatility and value. For daily or regular upkeep, the best yoga mat cleaners … The Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner ensures your yoga mat always smells fresh and looks clean. With over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, you can feel confident that this natural and organic yoga mat cleaner will get the job done. Shop Yoga Accessories for the best yoga mat disinfectants and yoga mat cleaners. For the best results, you'll want to let it stand for a few minutes before wiping and flowing on the mat. Using it is comfortable, with a grip that allows you to hold it for long periods. We liked that this cleaning spray is safe for all mats, residue-free, provides antibacterial and antiviral cleaning naturally, and has a nozzle lock to prevent leaks. We liked that these yoga mat cleaners are safe for the environment, pets, and clean your yoga mat with natural ingredients that leave a calming white lavender scent. This cleaning spray disinfects your yoga mat with natural ingredients and provides a light, refreshing lavender mint scent. Depending on your preference, cleaners can come as a spray or a wipe. Made with antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients like tea tree oil, a few sprays of this yoga mat cleaner ensures your gear is germ-free. This fresh eucalyptus mint-scented cleaning product will deodorize not only your mat, but also your gym bag — plus any other yoga props like blankets, blocks, and straps. Buy Now on Amazon. OKIEOKIE 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner - Safe for All Mats, No Sticky Or Slimy Residue - Cleans, Re… There are no artificial fragrances, ammonia, or other harmful substances in this cleaner. Buy Today. in an instant. It uses natural essential oils for a light, pleasant scent. The spray also comes with a free microfiber cleaning towel. Mind Over Lather 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray. This yoga mat cleaning spray will take care of germs, dust, and sweat without leaving a slippery residue. Cleaning is simple; you need a small amount of the natural formula and a damp cloth and a few minutes to dry. If you're taking a yoga class — especially one where they're cranking up the temperature — you're bound to sweat it out during your practice. The bottle itself has a spray nozzle that locks to prevent any unfortunate leaks, and at 8oz, the solution will last a decent amount of time. Stash these individually-wrapped, portable scented wipes in your gym bag. These wipes are non-toxic and 100 percent safe to use. Consider which system works for your practice before you make a purchase. Best Natural Yoga Mat Cleaners Everyone knows it’s important to keep your yoga mat clean and sanitary, but harsh chemical cleaners can be unnecessarily rough on your skin and equipment. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or someone who is trying the sacred discipline, we can all agree on one thing: yoga mats go through a lot. It uses essential oils to provide a fresh, light lavender scent. We liked that these affordable, large fitness wipes work on a variety of surfaces, including yoga mats, and they clean with natural ingredients. It is fast drying—a wet yoga mat makes a slippery mat that can hamper your yoga session. Here are five different yoga mat cleaners so you can find the right one for you. When purchasing a yoga mat cleaning spray, consider what you'd like to smell while breathing through your flow. This cleaning spray uses organic and natural ingredients such as witch hazel, tea tree oil, and more to clean, disinfect, and refresh your yoga mat. These biodegradable cleaning wipes are non-toxic, safe for all yoga mats, residue-free, and free of tea tree oil, making them pet-safe. Few yoga mat cleaners come in larger quantities than the Naturama, Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray. The therapeutic eucalyptus aroma adds to the sense of serenity and relaxation the discipline of yoga aims to accomplish. Keeping your yoga mat free of unwanted odors and germs will not only make your practice more hygienic but more pleasant overall. The Saucha Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray is a versatile, gentle formula that kills bacteria and fungus, removes mildew, and dissolves sweat accumulated on your yoga mat. Non-toxic eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils create a pleasant smell while added mint and witch hazel have antibacterial properties for a clean, fresh yoga mat. It is free from a lot of the chemicals that you often find in yoga mat sprays, such as parabens, phthalates and petroleum. These wipes are made with natural ingredients and do not leave a residue on the mat. A homemade spray with an original concoction will work as well. We will take you through the best yoga mat cleaning sprays so you can make an informed decision on what you need. Trusted by sports equipment managers all over the country, It comes in a large container that is sure to last for a long time. The bottle is compact and leak-proof and easy to carry about in a small pocket of your yoga bag. It cleans and disinfects the mat with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and witch hazel without leaving a slippery residue. Why trust us? Fortunately, cleaning a mat isn’t hard, thanks to a selection of available cleaners. The spray has a light, refreshing lavender mint scent. The cleaning spray is on par with its contenders, and it includes a cleaning cloth. For more cool products for yoga lovers, check out our selection of the best yoga towels, and pick your favorite. With yoga mat disinfectant wipes, you can be sure your yoga mat is clean after every yoga class The Vapor Fresh Natural Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray isn’t specific to yoga mats, but it does an excellent job of keeping your yoga mat clean. More: We Tested the Top Yoga Pants and Leggings. Some yoga mat cleaning sprays come with a towel if you worry about the best type of fabric to use on your yoga mat. ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner, Vapor Fresh Natural Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray. It’s made from all-natural ingredients, and the manufacturers guarantee there are no harsh or toxic elements in the formula. A sweet lavender smell, from the addition of lavender essential oils, is gentle on your nose and those of the other yogis practicing with you. This all-purpose mat wash contains certified organic essential oils, water, a vegetable oil-based surfactant to allow for a deeper clean, and phosphate-free chelating agents to help with cleaning. You'll want to keep this eco-friendly glass bottle of chemical-free cleaner in your locker at the studio, or at home to clean your mat after you get back from yoga. Each canister contains 75 wipes. Then use a damp cloth to scrub the yoga mat to get rid of stubborn dirt and stains.

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