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Also cool for babies is the Plastisol coating on the chains For a family with many kids or if your children like to have their friends come over and play, there is enough space for many children and different activities for fun and adventure. Maintaining a metal swing set usually just means touching up scratches with paint on occasion to prevent rusting… that’s it. UV-protection). Read full review. But cannot sustain a higher weight if the adult is heavy. Skywalker Sports Jungle Gym Combo Swing Set. Hence, buy this fashionable and strong looking heavy duty swing set for adults and bring on extra fun to your backyard activities. Then maybe you should get one that can handle your weight and size. There is also a climbing wall for adventurous kids and a lookout point on top of the club house. So that they can have a box of beautiful memories ready which they won’t need to let go ever. they come around 10 x 11 or 30 x 41 for large swing sets with other swings. We’re sure that if you stay far away from the local park, you have so little time for picking your child go out! However, watch any group of older kids at a playground, and what do they gravitate towards? You see, in a study, the I’m going to review these best swing set brands . You need to read these helpful points to ensure the safety and happiness of children and choosing the right play set for your family: It can be a bit overwhelming when you go through the best swing sets reviews and you are trying to make a choice. flexible plastic material while the chains are made of stainless steel. What this metal commercial swing set offers, check below. Add the large 40-inch seat and you have one of the best swing According to us, when you first start to think about buying a swing set you probably have a toddler? Big kids and even adults can swing safely and comfortably on these belt swings as the suggested weight capacity is 150lbs per swing (reviewers claim it’s fine for over 200lb adults too!). fingers from getting pinched. Rock climbing walls, or interesting ways to get up to the top of the fort (angled ladder, rope wall…), A fast/decently steep slide, or fun ways to get down from the top of the fort (fireman’s pole, 2 different slides). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nate. Monkey bar to get the arm strength you need while focusing on other chest aspects as well. Swings are typically suspended from You have entered an invalid email address! In this article, I bring you the best 5 heavy duty swing sets It’s somewhat simpler than the above model, but if you’re looking for a basic swing set with a few fun twists, this one is well worth a look! specifically made for toddlers, then the Eastern Jungle Gym High Back heavy-duty thank you, Hi Debra, because a raised back makes your kid safe and secure as he/she swings back and The general hazard patterns in the involved equipment Yes, they totally can. To begin with, this bucket-shaped product has a high back. You won’t have the same swing set as everyone else you know… very few wooden swing sets come in this beautiful redwood stain! Having the right swing set can help your big kids want to stay active and spend many hours outdoors. It includes 3 swings (with adjustable heights), 1 trapeze bar with rings, monkey bars, and a 9′ wavy slide… enough to entertain even older kids! What Type of Safety Precautions You Should Have To Use For Your Move In Bad Weather Condition? For example, the seats are crafted of thick but The 10 Best Swing Sets In 2019 for Your Backyard – Swing Set Reviews, Think of the number of children who will be using it and if the one you want to buy will have enough activities to entertain all of them, You can also take yourself into consideration, will you once in a while want to sit on the swing? The canopies shield protects the swings from any kind of weather. Deciding between this and Lifetime swing sets was a real struggle for me but eventually I bought this swing set due to its newer model. 99 weight capacity swing set to fit in the available space. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I really appreciate your note… thanks so much for writing in. Ladder for climbing helps for the kids to get a sense of balance and movement. frame construction provides excellent stability in this heavy duty swing sets Lifetime Products is known for its quality customer service, even sending out touch-up paint by request… their manufacturers 5 year warranty ensures you’ll be happy with your swing set for years to come. Also, it has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon and if you want to see what other customers are saying about the Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Swing Set, click below: The above 5 options were all heavy duty metal swing sets – the next ones featured are built from wood. GET ON AMAZON: 8: Hi Suyi 100cm/40 Disc Giant Nest Web Rope Hanging Tree Swing Seat Set Heavy Duty Easy to Set Up for Kids Children Adult Outdoor Backyard Garden Large Size Ningbo shuyi outdoor products Co.Ltd: 8.5: GET ON AMAZON: 9: REEHUT Heavy Duty Swing Seat 2 Pack- Swing Set Accessories Swing Seat Replacement REEHUT: 8.5: GET ON AMAZON: 10

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