beauty industry timeline

Noxzema Chemical Company founded by Dr. George A. Bunting in Baltimore, Maryland. The Polly Bergen Company established by Polly Bergen. Madame C. J. Walker establishes a factory, hair and manicure salon; opens another training school in Indianapolis. Pompeian moves from Emira, New York to Bloomfield, New Jersey. Johnson & Johnson lists on the New York Stock Exchange. Harriet Hubbard Ayer Company founded by Vincent Benjamin Thomas after he acquired the rights to her name. The classic example of this ideal woman’s body is Marilyn Monroe, the Golden Girl of Hollywood. International Laytex Company founded; later known as International Playtex, Inc. Lady Esther Inc. renamed as Lady Esther Ltd.; Cosmetics, Inc. founded. International Icilma Trading Company Ltd. established to distribute Icilma products. And that beauty has a price. For example, African-American actors were rarely seen on television before 1960. & E. Atkinson (France) Ltd. We argue that the celebrity culture spawned by entertainment media has facilitated the normalisation of cosmetic surgery to the extent that it is commonly viewed, quite unproblematically, as a form of human physiological enhancement. BioBelle creates a holographic unicorn face mask; Starbucks creates the unicorn frappuccino; we officially give up. Revlon acquires Bressard Hair Products Corporation and Bressard Distributors, Inc.; opens the House of Revlon salon in New York. Orlane founded by Guillaume d’Ornano and his two sons Hubert and Michel. James Atkinson moves or expands his business to 44 Gerrard Street, Soho. Floris established in London by Juan Famenias Floris. They perceive two competing or complementary prototypes of beauty one white and one Latina. Richardson-Merrell, Inc. acquired by Dow Chemical Company; name changed to Richardson-Vicks, Inc. Warner-Lambert acquires the Schick dry shave products and trademarks from Schick, Inc. Rose Laird Ltd. (U.K.) sold to Innoxa (England) Ltd. Shiseido begins marketing cosmetics in China. Boots, The Chemists founded by John Boot (U.K.). established in Paris. John Robert Powers Products Co., Inc. bought by The Borden Company. William R. Warner opens a drug store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. becomes a public company. The Ideal Woman is thin with flawless skin, no matter her age. Elyure opens the ‘Let’s Face It’ make-up centre in Grosvenor Street, London. Gordon Gordon Ltd. established in Chicago by Max Martin Gordon and Fannie Gordon. Acetylated lanolin, made by American Cholesterol Products (later Amerchol) becomes commercially available. Dell Laboratories (formerly Maradel Products) acquires Mary Chess, Inc. and Schiaparelli, Inc. S. A. Française Alfred Dunhill acquires Les Parfums de Molyneux S.A. Eve of Roma acquired by American Gillette. Purchase Tax on cosmetics dropped from 90 to 60% (U.K.). managed to clean the color off the little Black boy! In 1837 a pair of immigrants to the US, one British and one, Irish came down the Ohio River, independently, on rafts, looking for work. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) founded. Shulton moves its headquarters to larger offices in the Rockefeller Center; establishes a subsidiary in Venezuela. The emerging monoculture: Assimilation and the ‘model minority’. “Girls aged 5 on diet in quest for the 'ideal' figure”, Eating Disorder Foundation, (2012) retrieved 9/02/12,, Frith, K. T., Shaw, P. & Cheng, H. (2005). Chambre Syndicale de la Parfumerie Française established by Aimé Guerlain and Charles Gallet. London: Miller Freeman [etc.]. Beauty in the 1920s featured an androgynous look for women. Goon, P., & Craven, A. House of Westmore (New York) acquired by Syntex, Inc. L’Oréal signs agreement with Nestlé introduces the Lancôme brand into the U.S. Vileda buys Lady Esther Kosmetik GmbH and the worldwide rights to Lady Esther outside the U.S.A. Warner-Lambert merges Du Barry with Texas Pharmacal. Thus, the idea that a woman’s personal happiness or unhappiness is brought about by her beauty or. Today, for example, more than 35 international women’s magazine titles, such, magazine racks of shops throughout the world. Dorothy Gray installs her first salon on a Grace Line ship, the Santa Rosa. Sales Affiliates, Inc. established to sell the products of Marinello and Inecto, Inc. W. J. Bush & Co. founded in London by William John Bush. Kryolan opens its first subsidiary in Van Nuys, California. television advertising messages that equate beauty with being fair. Vick Family Remedies Company established by Lunsford Richardson. Roger & Gallet introduce their perfumes into the U.S. First temporary make-up departments used on Hollywood film lots. Korean cosmetic surgery and digital publicity: Beauty by Korean, Dillard, S. (2006). Proctor & Gamble creates a drug division to sell its toilet goods. A. Pozzoni Pharmacal Company. Coty creates Omnium de Participations Industries de Luxe S.A. (Panama) and Bema Corporation S.A. (Panama). Germaine Monteil closes her couture business and concentrates on cosmetics. Mrs. Pomeroy Ltd. moves from Carnaby Street to 115 Waltham Road, Harwood Green. Nestle-LeMur buys the Canadian branch of Harriet Hubbard Ayer from Lever Brother; acquires Milkmaid, Inc. which is integrated with the Harriet Hubbard Ayer division. Parfums Corday, Inc. established in New York by Benson Storfer after he acquired the assets of the bankrupt Lionel Trading Company. Peggy Sage buys the building at 54 East 57th Street, New York to house the Peggy Sage Salon. personality evaluations, and perceived life success of African Americans. House of Westmore (Hollywood) closes the Westmore Salon of Beauty. 3 (pp] ). My Little Pony introduces unicorns to their toy line. Mennen Company founded by Gerhard Mennen. Moeran, B. Arden Chemical Company founded in New York; and Elizabeth Arden opens a salon in Old Bond Street, London. Innoxa (England) Ltd. acquires L. Leichner (London) Ltd. Jean Patou, Inc., the U.S. affiliate of Jean Patou, Paris, bought by The Borden Company. Albright & Wilson form Bush Boake Allen Ltd. from the merger of W. J. Bush & Co. Ltd. (including Potter & Moore), A. Boake Roberts & Co. Ltd. and Stafford Allen & Sons Ltd. Andrew Jergens Company (U.K.) Ltd. liquidated. The procedure is largely commercialized as a cosmetic surgery to boost maleness and to “satisfy” the sexual desires of Japanese women. They landed in, Cincinnati where they married sisters and got into the candle and soap business. Max Factor opens the renovated Max Factor Make-up Studio in North Highland Avenue, Hollywood. Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company renamed as the Colgate-Palmolive Company. L. Leichner (London) Ltd. founded at 11-12 Pollen Street, London. “The Cosmo girl as global citizen: Magazine's 64 editions test cultural, ... For women, looking good is important, especially in the social media era [2]. Alexandra de Markoff cosmetics launched in the U.S. Lifebuoy Soap starts its B. O. marketing campaign. nation’s female population, many of whom could only ever dream of a visit to one of these fashionable establishments. By the 1960s. By the 1920s the industry, now concentrated in Southern California, was able to benefit from the size of its home market and its control of distribution markets to dominate both the American and international markets. Toni Home Permanent Company dissolved and becomes a division of Gillette. The conference was a well-funded aair, with substantial support from the European Union and the Greek Ministry of Culture. This study fills a gap in the literature on beauty and the body by examining a non-U.S. sample that does not fit into the usual Black-white dichotomy, of race. Max Factor executive offices moved to the Max Factor building at 6922 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. 23 Movie theaters reached almost every American town, diffusing new lifestyles and creating a new celebrity culture around movie stars that exercised a powerful influence on how … A. Benckiser GmbH. Kao gains controlling interest in Goldwell GmbH. Chas. Hope in a jar: The making of America’s beauty culture. Mary Chess purchased by Saunders P. Jones. Field Ltd. to form the Fields-Goya Cosmetic Group. travels to India and buys "unicorn horn" (probably from a rhino). Dana Perfumes Corporation founded (Spain). Vick Chemical Company formed by Lunsford Richardson. But Millennial American girls had unicorns in their lives way before 2010. Richards & Appleby Ltd. appointed U.K. distributors of Maybelline. Reality television shows like “The Swan”, “Nip and Tuck”, and “Extreme Makeover” have, become extremely popular worldwide. Plough, Inc. buys the Coppertone Sales Company of Miami. House of Roger & Gallet founded by Armand Roger and Charles Gallet. V. Vivaudou Company, Inc. established by Victor Vivaudou and a group of investors in New York. & E. Atkinson after James Atkinson’s brother, Edward, is made a partner. Max Factor develops Panchromatic make-up. Icilma St. Pancras factory closed; manufacturing moves to A. Sterling Drug, Inc. (includes Lehn & Fink) acquired by Eastman Kodak. Lanvin-Charles of the Ritz, Inc. (including Alexandra de Markoff and Bain de Soleil tanning products but excluding Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Charles of the Ritz perfumes) sold to Revlon. Twelve years ago you had Oil of Olay promising to erase fine lines and wrinkles. Mrs. Pomeroy Ltd. engages F. W. Hampshire & Co. Ltd. to manufacture and retail Pomeroy beauty products. Elder Co. introduces Benoquin (containing a monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone) to inhibit melanin production, the first preparation of its kind. V. Vivavidou acquires Alfred H. Smith Company, importers of Djer-Kiss. I, discuss the evolution of commodified global beauty by using current and historical examples of. The story goes viral, mostly because the. Fashion models, “weigh about 23% less than the average female; the typical model size is 5’11” with a weight of. Atkinsons rebuilds the building at 24 Old Bond Street. Bonetti Frères (Bonetti Brothers) established by the brothers Giovanni Battista Bonetti and Cornelio Bonetti (Paris). Charles Yardley takes on a partner to form Yardley & Statham. Vick Chemical Company organised to acquire all of the assets of the old Vick Chemical Company to enable national distribution. In China and much of East and Southeast Asia, the possession of a fair complexion is, perceived as a desirable quality in a woman (Johansson, 1998). Franz Ströher-Rothenkirchen (later Wella) founded by German hairdresser Franz Ströher.

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