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As a result, the state stepped in to provide funding to the tribe for a short-term fix. “And even though the present moment is cloaked in politics, I think it has much the same sort of rejection of the old and ushering in of a new kind of way of thinking about life.”. Many displaced people are facing additional health risks due to the smoke caused by the blazes. The film, part of the acclaimed American Experience series, is now contending for Emmy nominations in multiple nonfiction categories including directing, writing, picture editing and sound. “These organizers who were so in over their heads, they really didn’t know what they were getting into. “They were fighting all the time to keep it from falling off the precipice,” observes Goodman. Umtuch began hauling about 1,000 gallons of water, plus hundreds  of dollars’ worth of personal protection equipment and emergency supplies, from Portland, Oregon, to the Warm Springs Reservation. “We gave up a lot of acreage, 10 million acres, for these obligations of the feds to live up to and one of (those) is good, clean drinking water.”, Under the federal Indian trust responsibility, the U.S. government is obligated to protect treaty rights, lands, assets and resources for Indigenous communities. Portland, United States – Hunter Bombadier has spent the better part of the past year protesting for an end to police violence and anti-Black racism – and supporting communities hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Will Portland’s summer of unrest reshape city politics? Umtuch, “The environment is (that) our first needs are not being met.”, Seattle volunteers look out for Black Lives Matter demonstrators. To accomplish that, Goodman conducted new interviewees with many people who attended Woodstock when they were young, as well as surviving organizers, supplementing those with archival interviews of key figures who conceived of Woodstock or played a role in pulling it off. Now, as wildfires ravage the Western U.S., Umtuch and Goodman are making several supply runs a week to the Indigenous communities affected by the fires up and down the I-5 corridor. 2003), and La Casa Latina Student Center (est. Barak Goodman, a volunteer for Don’t Shoot PDX, and Umtuch met at Portland’s anti-Indepence Day rally, which celebrated the shared histories … “We're keeping the Bureau of Indian Affairs always on the hook,” Louie Pitt said, director of government affairs and planning for the tribe. Rosenbluth, a resident of the rural community of Talent, Oregon was evacuated from her home. The group had a system in place to provide needed supplies to communities affected by COVID-19, Bombadier explained, and had created relationships with other activist organisations to coordinate their efforts. “A vision came to me: Our cities can support our reservations,” said Jason Umtuch, founder of Fire Igniting the Spirit and a member of Warm Springs, a reservation in northern Oregon. And for many tribal communities, mutual aid networks like Umtuch and Don’t Shoot PDX’s are one of the few viable options to fill in the gaps left by state and federal governments. COVID-19 hit the Warm Springs community hard; out of the 3,400 members living on the reservation, at least 330 tested positive. Goodman and Umtuch have expanded their network; they now provide emergency aid to the Yakama Nation, the Klamath Tribes in Oregon, and the Colville tribes in Washington, and they’ve set up donation sites at local businesses throughout Portland. Our Story In 2012, the Student Fee Committee brought together the Multicultural Student Center (est. 2011) to form the Cultural Resource Centers. If they can engineer a community response, those most in need don’t have to wait for the state and federal government to respond. The director of the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, Andrew Phelps, said more than 3,000 people were in need of shelter support as of September 16. While the fires are slowly being contained across Oregon, the entire state will be managing their aftermath for years to come – and activists said they would continue to help their neighbours rebuild their communities. The Warm Springs Tribe is not just facing the social, health and economic inequalities most Indigenous communities do, as shown by the pandemic; there’s also a distressing water crisis. If they can engineer a community response, those most in need no longer have to wait for the state or federal government to respond. “Mutual aid is all about encouraging people to help each other and doing exactly that,” Goodman said. Those volunteers work every day, often late into the night, receiving and distributing donated supplies in coordination with people in areas affected by the wildfires. Local officials and the FBI debunked those theories. As for the Emmys, Goodman keeps talk of such honors in perspective. Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation, PBS's 'A Capitol Fourth' Plans Virtual Event With Tribute To First Responders, Essential Workers, 'A Thousand Cuts': Frontline Acquires Ramona S. Diaz's Docu About War Between Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte And Press, "We Stand On His Shoulders": 'American Masters' Doc Reveals Historic Impact Of "Out" Playwright Terrence McNally. They lost a home or had a home damaged or, in some cases, lost a family member,” Phelps told Al Jazeera. ‘A huge difference’: Volunteers mobilise in Oregon fire aftermath. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. This dire situation was repeated throughout Indian Country, including on the Navajo Nation. Barak Goodman, a volunteer for Don’t Shoot PDX, and Umtuch met at Portland’s anti-Indepence Day rally, which celebrated the shared histories of Indigenous and Black movements for justice. When the wildfires escalated in Oregon in early September, Portland had seen more than 100 days of protests against police violence. “Woodstock is in many ways a story of restraint. But when push came to shove, it wasn’t about money for them, and it wasn’t about kind of capitalist values, even though that may have been their original motivation.”. Woodstock situates the event in its time—coming in the aftermath of the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, and a society convulsed by protests over the Vietnam War. In Jackson County, a fire-ravaged area that neighbours California, an ad hoc coalition called, Rogue Valley Mutual Aid, came together; activists call their mobilisation “mutual aid”, and they said it is an alternative to charity that aims to empower communities. The tribe’s water system, built in the mid-1900s, was set up by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to support the reservation’s boarding school with the understanding that the BIA would maintain it. “Everyone is coming together and realizing how important this solidarity is,” Goodman said. Other family members and associates include Barak Goodman, David Haim, Rachel Goodman, Orit Ofri and Ilan Goodman. The immense challenges and constant setbacks endured at every stage of mounting the concert have become legendary: the original site in Wallkill, New York fell through after locals grew uneasy about the size of the concert; there was not enough time to build the stage, fencing and gates at the substitute location in Bethel, New York; the expected crowd of 50,000 swelled to a sea approaching half a million; roads leading to the site were so choked with cars the artists had to be helicoptered to the stage. To further complicate matters,  in June, a pipe burst in the community’s water system, leaving 60% of residents without water for almost two months. “[We] believe in a more just and generous world, and we are trying to live that,” said Stella Fiore, a member of a collective known as The Witches, which formed in support of the local protests. Thank you for signing up for Indian Country News, an HCN newsletter service. “It went from two donation hubs and working out of my garage,” said Barak Goodman, a member of the group, who said that “the community came together in a huge way” as the fires raged. These new alliances in Oregon have now expanded to include wildfire relief as well as aid to additional tribal nations, such as the Yakama Nation and the Oglala Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. A temporary fix restored water for most, but during those weeks without it, many tribal members faced an increased risk for spreading the coronavirus disease. They were in a vault in their basement,” Goodman comments. New legislation helps connect private and public parcels for wildlife flow. “We’re seeing it all around us now.”. As glaciers retreat and permafrost thaws, massive landslides threaten coastal communities.

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