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(Read more: How Chinese people appease the dead). A package for babies and toddlers, it not only has infant formulas, milk bottles and a full set of baby clothes – but also toys to keep the little ones occupied in the afterlife. Pretty old school, but this set’s got the 1980s -1990s version of our favourite McDonald’s classics. Bo Wah, founded in the 1960s, is one of the last papercraft shops in Hong Kong that still custom-makes replicas of items from daily life. This is one of the most typical offerings in Mexico. We’ve been warned to stay out of the water, avoid whistling once the sun has set, and to only dry our laundry in the day or risk spending the night with some uninvited guests. Au-yeung Ping-chi, 37, took over Bo Wah from his father after he graduated college. Phone: 6514 0510, The opinions expressed by our users do not reflect the official position of or its staff. You can use an embroidered white cloth as a basis and then place several different colored embroidered tablecloths on top. Don't worry too much about their appearance because you can use a tablecloth to cover them. Lilac, purple, pink, yellow or orange are the most popular choices. Burning offerings for them is a way to avoid misfortune and ward off evil. You might have seen them before, but what was truly intriguing was how legit these canned soft-drinks looked. Hidden between wads of hell money with numbers too inflated for someone not blessed in the Math department like myself, I had to do a double take to register what this really was. Cigarettes are also common in modern kimzuas. Luckily in the realm of the Living, we still have Burger King to count on. Even though trendy kimzuas are more popular during the Qing Ming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day), people also purchase them in the 7th month hoping that the wandering ghosts get to enjoy them as well. The family was so pleased with the work that they later commissioned another guitar for the 20th anniversary of Wong’s death. In order to ensure that ancestors or ghosts have proper items in the afterlife, their relatives send them paper and papier-mâché presents. Besides, just because they sell things for the dead, doesn’t mean the dead do the shopping – pay Ban Kah Hiang Trading a visit the next time you’re around Bukit Merah! Once your altar is ready, you need to include some essential traditional elements in your Day of the Dead offering. “They used to have clothes made from cloth,” he says. It’s not all they burn. Adapted from an article first published in the South China Morning Post. These ordinary material replicas of everyday items are intended to keep spirits happy. Whatever intriguing, whatever noteworthy, and whatever outrageous, will find their way into her blog. Address: Ban Kah Hiang Trading, 107 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1834 / 1836 Tiong Bahru Orchid, Singapore 160107  If you want to read similar articles to Traditional Day of the Dead Offerings, we recommend you visit our Festivities & Celebrations category. Traditionally, altars have three levels to represent heaven, earth and the underworld. When we saw their descendants of Cetaphil and Crest Whitening toothpaste, we knew we had to feature this in our top 10. You’ll now be able to sleep in peace without worrying about the sound of marbles rolling around in the unit above you. I even recognised that Subway’s drinks dispenser had Seasons Ice Tea when the labels were not done up yet. In Singapore, getai or concert-like performances are held throughout the duration of the whole month for the living and the dead. This was only one out of the many items in Ban Kah Hiang’s Children’s Department. Even the buttons in his paper garment sets are real. The leaf-wrapped lo mai kai (steamed chicken with glutinous rice) and classic chee cheong fun are also dimsum favourites that weren’t left out. “I feel a duty to preserve these traditions,” he says, “so that people later on will still have a chance to appreciate this unique art form.”. Cultural shifts have also affected the business. Au-yeung Ping-chi made a name for himself when the brother of Hong Kong rock legend Wong Ka-kui asked him to make a paper guitar for the anniversary of Wong’s death. Ban Kah Hiang Trading, 107 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1834 / 1836 Tiong Bahru Orchid, 10 Unexpected Paper Gifts You Can Burn For The Dead This Hungry Ghost Festival, 5 New Things To Do In November In Kallang and Geylang – Mural Trails, Light Projections & Dance Films, ChopeDeals 11.11 Sale Has 1-For-1 Deals, 70% Off Staycations & 40% Off TungLok, Guide To A Countryside Getaway In Singapore: 7 Rural Gems Accessible By $3 Shuttle, You Can Now Dine In Dreamy Bubble Domes At Capitol Singapore, With Free Board Games & Musical Instruments, 20 Best Deals In November 2020 - 1-for-1 Haidilao Hotpot, 50% Off Dyson & Free McDonald's Burgers, You Can Now Enjoy $3 Cable Car Rides & 1-For-1 Sky Dining At Sentosa. Wong was the lead vocalist of the Hong Kong rock band Beyond and died in 1993 after falling from a stage in Japan. Within minutes of entering the shop, we found ourselves ushered into a tiny air-conditioned office by a bubbly Mr Alex Teo, who just took over his father’s business at the start of the year. An arch is an ideal choice if you intend to make a more elaborate Day of the Dead offering. Just ignore the fact that it has got an iPad interface and you’re good to go. PAPER OFFERINGS FOR THE DEAD During the Ching Ming festival, one might not be too surprised to see paper replicas of computers, laptops and other modern day items being burnt by the living for their dead ancestors. The Communist Party was suppressing ancestor worship in mainland China, giving much of the world’s effigy business to Hong Kong. During the lunar 7th month, generic kimzuas such as hell notes and paper clothing are burnt to appease wandering spirits widely known as ho hia ti or Hao Xiong Di (Good Brothers). How much money should a godparent give for a baptism? Open this, and you will be greeted with a full-keyboard panel. They are an essential part of every altar. Surrounded by waist-high stacks of multicoloured joss paper and an inventory of paper items so extensive it almost felt like a downsized Robinsons departmental store, the shop is well stocked and ready to tackle the crowd this 7th month. “Look at these. Some people, especially younger folks, don’t believe in the afterlife anymore. As a video reporter for the Post, Hedy spends most of her time roaming the streets talking to locals with interesting viewpoints. The Day of the Dead is one of the most important celebrations in Mexico, where millions of people meet up on 2nd November to pay tribute to those who have physically departed.They visit the graves of descendants and loved ones on this date. The store is also home to a fine range of perfumes, grooming sets, and bathroom must-haves. You can also just use colorful tablecloths, as in the previous image. Some people use seven levels to represent the various states through which the human soul transits when it dies. Available in four colours (blue / pink / gold / silver), this $4 Apple Macbook Pro dupe proves that paper product suppliers are trendy as hell. 219 Kallang Bahru, #04-00 Chutex Building, Singapore 339348. So the next time you walk past a kimzua shop, don’t feel afraid to linger. But for the less fortunate, life’s simple pleasures don’t come easy. His past commissions have included smartphones, cars, and even a giant racecourse complete with paper thoroughbreds. Other people choose to decorate their levels with confetti to represent air, an important element in Day of the Dead offerings. Joss paper burning during the Hungry Ghost Festival in Hong Kong in 1998. This bustling little shop, is the face of not only a fast-dying trade but a cradle of many stories waiting to be told. The Importance of Fasting During Navratri, How Should the Godmother Dress at the Baptism, What to Wear on Sangeet Night - Women and Men. Different levels are a fundamental part of your Day of the Dead offering. “Our best times ended when the mainland opened up,” Au-yeung says, pointing to things around the shop. However, the symbolism of burning kimzuas has since evolved to today’s popular subscription where people burn paper gifts so their ancestors could receive and use them in the netherworld. Unlike avant-garde names like Oreo or Fluffy today, these names were simple enough for your ancestors to understand. “Now it’s all cheap paper.”, (Read more: These paper iPhones for the dead are surprisingly realistic), Even some of Au-yeung’s most loyal customers have gone north for paper goods. The tomb sweepers (the relatives of the dead) are really spoilt for choice when choosing what paper offerings to burn for the dearly departed. Au-yeung Ping-chi now organizes papier-mache workshops for kids in Hong Kong. Taro and pineapple pies were also a hit when I was in primary school – they should totally bring these back. With this legal-tender in the netherworld, it’ll be easy spotting a Singaporean. This ain’t Swee Choon but it’s close enough. © 2020 South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. As mentioned, it's time to cover up each level. Mr Teo explains that the meaning of burning paper offerings have changed a lot from it’s ancient origins. It stars the popular har gau (shrimp dumpling), siew mai , fried spring-rolls, braised chicken feet, and even the classic egg tart. Nothing seasonal or slathered in salted-egg yolk, just what we’ve known the fast food chain for. I remember the days they had fried drumsticks on the menu. You’ll never miss these cuties on the rack. They visit the graves of descendants and loved ones on this date. The range is not as extensive to include the usual brands like Marlboro and you don’t get to choose a menthol of choice, but the effort that goes into making each single cigarette for this set is worth commending. Telephone: 6276 4103, Singapore Office Mr Li owns Yew Chye Religious Goods Trading, an old trade that makes paper offerings for the dead, offerings sold mainly to Buddhists and Taoists during high-demand periods like the Hungry Ghost Month and Qing Ming (the annual tomb sweeping of graves). The last artisans in Hong Kong that still hand-make paper offerings for the dead. For joss paper merchants, the Hungry Ghost Festival means serious business. This OneHowTo explains the essential and most traditional elements, including the decorative aspects that can be individually tailored or created in accordance with the popular traditions of the area you may live in. All rights reserved 2012 — 2020 These are all from China, machine-made, printed.”, He points to a set of dolls. Sporting a cool bag is not something only exclusive to the Living. “People care more about the environment now,” says Au-yeung Ping-chi, the son. “A paper skateboard that he created caught customers’ attention,” says Au-yeung Wai-kin, his father, “and before long, he was being asked to make more quirky offerings, from high-heel shoes to toothbrushes and dim sum.”. This was our last – yet most Singaporean – find at Ban Kah Hiang. An original Ban Kah Hiang creation, you won’t find this gem in any other kimzua store.

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