abortive used in a sentence

16.the results showed that there were three types of flower, including normal, Abortive pistil and abnormal flowers. 20.it was the functional, not the geographical, limitations of the government that rendered them Abortive. 23.study on the Abortive processes of pollen in male sterile rice. abortion example sentences. 12.this last attempt proved to be Abortive. 4.nevertheless they did not succeed, can regard Abortive, ok and light punishment. 2. Failing to accomplish an intended objective; fruitless. 2.he'd abscond himself to a secret lair, from which he would lead an Abortive raid to free slaves from a wealthy landowner's plantation. 13.while i had the technician on the ie, i e-mailed him a pdf of my Abortive scan. 6.division of mature pollens Abortive stage and shape were also discussed in this paper. Learn more. And not abortive meaning unsuccessful. 28.most refer to his role in the Abortive 2001 talks to save swiss-air, switzerland's cherished national airline. Translations of the word ABORTIVE from english to finnish and examples of the use of "ABORTIVE" in a sentence with their translations: What has happened since that abortive summit? 1- Their effort proved abortive. 7.affecting factors for maize seed and its characteristics changes in Abortive procession. An abortive attempt or plan has to be stopped because it has failed: 2. [Attested only in the 17, First attested in 1382, with the meaning "causing stillbirth or miscarriage". The definition is, "interrupted while incomplete." 11.an Abortive attempt to climb mt qomolangma. 8.a finance ministry spokesman said the Abortive auction did not mean the government has refinancing problems. HomePage; Games to Learn; Academic Words; abortive in a sentence. 17.he even went so far as to break up the party bureaus that oversaw the economy, prompting an Abortive coup by hardliners. How to use abortive in a sentence is shown in this page. "4- The decline of Jacobitism left Charles making futile attempts to enlist assistance, and another abortive plot to raise support in England.5- The Congress was followed by an abortive insurrection that Bakunin had sought to promote and intensify but which was violently suppressed.6- Prognosis Patients with abortive polio infections recover completely.7- The campaign of 1761 was almost as abortive as the campaign of 1760.8- Their effort proved abortive. abortive in a sentence, 1- Their effort proved abortive .2- The RSP was the acronym of the elite presidential guard behind an

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